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June Pixel feature drop + predictive back
  • Been driving me crazy

    Device information

    Sync version: v24.03.26-14:56    
    Sync flavor: googlePlay    
    Ultra user: false    
    View type: Slides    
    Push enabled: false    
    Device: husky    
    Model: Google Pixel 8 Pro    
    Android: 14
  • What's your most favorite place you've ever been to?

    Amazon Customers Get One Step Closer to Drone Deliveries in US
  • IIRC, in the original showoff years ago, it would just deliver to a common area that you can walk to to pick it up.

    In the event that you're not home to pick it up, I would hope there is some sort of scheduling option?

  • Do 9-5 jobs still exist in the U.S.?

    Ever since I graduated, everywhere I've worked has been 8-5. My current company is going to soon start expecting us to be in 7-5.

    How many of you here work a 9-5 with a paid lunch?

    Productivity keeps going up but so do working hours.


    Why do some 3D printer beds require turning knobs on the bottom for leveling?

    On my ender 3 I have to turn the knobs on the bottom for leveling.

    I just picked up a Bambu Lab P1S and it doesn't.

    Fundamentally, what is different that allows the P1S and other printers to get away without it?


    Why does my printer suck so much?

    I have an Ender 3 S1 that I use every couple of months at this point because it's just such a pain to use. I have to adjust the bed tramming and z offset and run auto bed leveling for every single print and often times that's still not good enough.

    It will often take 30+ minutes just to get the first layer going down successfully.

    Is this a me problem or did I lose the creality lottery?


    What are some structures today that you think will become "anceint" structures in the future

    Something like the pyramids, or colosseum


    Google Messages marks 1 billion RCS users with Photomoji Google Messages marks 1 billion RCS users with Photomoji, Custom Bubble colors, more

    There are now over 1 billion monthly active users with RCS enabled in Messages, and Google is celebrating with Photomoji...

    Google Messages marks 1 billion RCS users with Photomoji, Custom Bubble colors, more

    Can't upload images?

    I can't seem to upload images when using my account. I have no problems on other instances.

    Does anyone know about this?


    Why am I having to level my Ender 3 s1 after every print?

    I purchased an Ender 3S1 about two weeks ago now, and it seems like I'm having to level the bed after almost every single print.

    The prints themselves are turning out fine, I just don't know how to get my bed to stay level.

    I purchased these as I thought they were supposed to help keep the bed in place