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FIA and Formula 1 announce 2025 Sprint calendar
  • Race promoters wanted to sell more tickets on the Friday. So instead of the two practice sessions, we get a competitive qualifying session.

    Spa, being in the middle of nowhere has always had trouble getting fans into the track. That's why you get all those overreaction "Spa's getting dropped for a race in North Korea" articles every couple years.

  • Toyota rumored to make an F1 comeback with Haas
  • With how much Ferrari is involved with the car. I do not see this happening without major changes in how Haas operates.

    Although with the Andretti situation I could also see them being pushed to make changes in how they operate.

  • A Driverless Car in China Hit a Pedestrian. Social Media Users Are Siding With the Car
    1. Crush the people outside to save the people inside.
    1. Intentionally crash into a large object or veer off road and risk crashing into a ditch.


    That's not what happened here, and I struggle to imagine any situation where that's the only two options.