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Best nest rule
  • Nah, they never had a need to build big fancy nests when they were in their natural habitat. Now many of them live in cities where they nest on the sides of buildings, which are very cliff like. I don't think they're a very intelligent bird, but the nest building behavior is instinctual, so I wouldn't expect them to dynamically adjust their nest building.

  • Best nest rule
  • I recently learned that since pigeons lived on cliffs, they really only need a bit of sticks to keep their eggs in one place. Unlike a bird, which builds its nest in a tree.

  • Voting for Biden should be a tragic act
  • Cutting off your nose to spite your face? I abhor what's going on in Gaza, but I won't welcome in fascism by either voting for trump, or just not voting. Especially after the ruling the supreme court handed down, which would let trump do what ever he wants with no worries of legal ramifications. A second trump term will be much much worse than his first term.

  • Introducing Docs in Proton Drive: end-to-end encrypted collaborative document editing, that puts your privacy first
  • I hope this works well! I'm trying to De-google my self, swapped of of gmail to proton mail. However I use a lot of spread sheets for tracking stuff and being able to access those from my desktop, from my phone, where ever via Google Docs was difficult to replace. I look forward to how people feel about this.

  • TIL a particular wealthy Roman named Spurius Maelius was executed and his house razed for giving discounted food to the poor
  • The linked article said he was executed after being accused of forming a plan to become king. It goes on to say he was buying up wheat during a famine and selling it cheaply to the poor. After his death, the wheat was distributed to the people. But whether he was guilty of what he was accused and executed isn't known.

  • Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Lands on September 19 - FullCleared
  • I would have loved Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 so much more if they didn't have the timer mechanic. Knowing that there were always a bunch of people who were going to die when timer bars reached zero was so stressful. It prevented me from just having fun in a huge zombie sandbox. In Dead Rising 2, the mechanic about needing to find medicine once a day was even MORE stressful on top of the other BS timer missions.

  • What joke, in otherwise great sitcoms, do you hate?
  • I couldn't agree more. The idea seemed to have been "Hey, lets take a joke that was just luke warm at best to begin with, and then over use it in an attempt to wring every single spec of amusement out of it until our audience gets physically sick when they hear it"

    Still a fun show though!

  • What's the worst invention of the 21st century?
  • That's good to hear that they took steps to make kcups recyclable. It's a whole other conversation if plastic recycling isn't pretty useless in of itself. I too don't use kcups, hell I don't even drink coffee. Thanks for the information!

  • Up is an illusion in space
  • This reminds me of how in a lot of sci-fi universes, every planet the characters go down to has earth standard gravity. When in reality there would be a ton of variance, some planets would have 20% stronger, or weaker, or crushing.

    Expeditionary Force book series was a breath of fresh air, portray space battles how they probably would play out, at such long ranges you could move your ship and avoid a directed energy weapon. The books also do a great job with there being more variety in planetary conditions too. I loved that series. The audio books are fantastic, R.C. Bray does a wonderful job!

  • All New Atlas | Boston Dynamics

    I'm not sure if they could picked a creeper way for it to stand up.


    House Speaker Mike Johnson Sure Is A Scary Little Freak – SOME MORE NEWS

    I vaguely knew that Mike Johnson was a weirdo, but this video really filled in a lot of details I didn't have. Now I find myself agree with the video's assessment: Mike Johnson is a scary little freak!


    Middle-aged and some what tongue tied (medical condition) anyone else in this situation, and go through with the procedure?

    I'm a middle aged guy, who, a few years ago, was off handedly told by a dental hygienist while getting my teeth cleaned, that I was tongue tied. I've had a flap of skin under my tongue which holds it down, it isn't severe, but it does restrict my tongues mobility. For instance, I can't really stick my tongue out very far (causes issues for... certain.... activities). And I can't reach the back of my rear molars, something I'm told normal people can do with ease. But it isn't a severe tongue tie by any means. I've also been told that when talking I use different mouth movements then other people for some words, I had no idea what that meant until I started working full time remote and was on camera all the time. I've seen out going video of my self and can spot the weirdness in talking that was referenced.

    The dentist has painted this whole story about how my level of tongue tie prevented my palette from widening like it should have as a baby, resulting in a higher palette which pushed up into the sinuses, and also made my face more narrow then it would have been. Obviously, they can't prove any of this, but it's interesting to consider.

    My dentist office has added a whole department dedicated to correcting tongue ties, and they push this very heavily. I'm just worried I'd regret having it corrected, but it sure would be nice to have more tongue mobility for the reasons I've described.

    Are there any other Lemmings who are in a similar scenario to me? Did you go through with correcting the issue, did you like the end result, did you regret it? What was recovery time like?


    Question for the Ergo Mechanical Keyboard community

    Hello adn welcome to my plea for help! I've been PC gaming for a very long time, and in the beginning I used a split dome keyboard, it was fine for what it was. I switched back to standard keyboards though and have been using them for years. I've been a fan of corsair mechanical keyboards for the last 15 years, the last 4 with rapid fire switches.

    My issue is, due to the angle my left hand tends to rest on WASD my pink is at an angle when I press shift or control, it never bothered me over the years. But it's starting to cause pain in the joint, probably do the pinky not lining up straight with the movement of the key press, so that the joint in the pinky and getting stress in a direction it isn't supposed to get.

    When I joined Lemmy I saw a lot of posts from this community, but after the pinky problem I started wondering if a split mechanical keyboard would help, I think a more ergonomic position for my hand helps with the pinky placement.

    Which brands are worth checking out? Do they have "rapid fire" or "silver" switches available? I got used to the very short key travel before it activates and I'd love to try out an ergo mechanical with the same type of switches.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, this problem is pretty damn distressing, I don't want to be hobbled in relation to my favorite hobbie.


    Google Drive, Google Docs Replacement: Is OneDrive and a subscription to M365 Personal the answer?

    Some background on me, I'm big on data privacy, I've stripped out a lot of services which harvest data and sell it. The last scummy bastion is Google Drive and Google Docs. I make use for G-Drive for backup redundancy and accessing things from any where, especially on my phone. Spreadsheet of my favorite horror movies, or a list of Genesis or PS1 games I'm still hunting for, stuff like that.

    So my question is, would OneDrive and M365 Personal paid subscriptions work for my use case? Anyone here have experience using those services?


    Old memes condensed down into an easy to consume format

    I still love this song and video!


    [Midjourney] To spark creativity I found a huge gallery of artistic styles

    I've found that when I'm faced with infinite possiblities, it's difficult to think of new things, sort of a "paralysis through analysis" type of thing. I found this great site which lists out artistic techniques and a ton of other things to try out.

    Andrei Kovalev's Midlibrary 2.0

    For example, I saw in the library how cool paper cut outs could be with Midjourney, so I tried paper cut out, female samurai and iterated a ton of times and got the image I've attached, and I adored how it turned out.

    What are some of your favorite artistic styles which have teased out the best results from Midjourney?


    [Midjourney] The Bone Queen on her throne

    I was trying for "Bone Queen" and in one of my iterations, I wanted to see if I could get a King and Queen, but got just a queen and I loved how it looked.

    Prompts: King and Queen of Bone::5 beautiful::5 nightmare::5 throne of bone::3 flowers::-3


    Questions on armor set visuals

    I'm a bit behind the curve here, I'm playing a druid and just got level 58 last night. I like to mess around with the appearance of my armor, but I noticed there is very few options available, even counting "looks" I haven't encountered yet. I just took a look at the cash shop, and it's just packed full of ultra cool looking armors. I generally don't mind cosmetic micro transactions, but it only makes sense to me in a game like PoE, where the developers are funded solely by the cash shop.

    In terms of Blizzard, is this just a case of blind greed, as in, we can't get any gear that looks super cool unless it's the case shop? I know there are some uniques that probably have special models, but I doubt anyone would be decked head to toe in uniques due to their hard coded special legendary effects. It's rubs me the wrong way when a developer purposely hamstrings something in game play in order to push you towards cash shop. Blizzard didn't give me D4 for free, so being shitty with armor sets not being cool unless you buy them is scum bag behavior. I won't buy anything from the cash shop, equipping that crap would feel hollow having only dropped cash, instead of beating some tough challenge.

    So what's everyone's thoughts on this? Do armor sets later on get cooler looking?


    [Midjourney] An attempt at Morticia Addams

    I wanted to try for a nice picture of Morticia Addams holding a rose, though Midjourney when set to "Very High" style just defaults to blindingly beautiful young women. I ended up liking the results, but used the Zoom Out 2x feature to pull back the view to filling more detail and make the women take up less space. Prompts:

    Morticia Addams, goth, pale skin, mature, older, gown, rose, evil, dark, beautiful, cartoon, devil --ar 16:9


    The best use case for Midjourney for myself is making wallpapers Best use case for Midjourney for me - Wallpapers! 4k+ 16:9

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like verrotten.

    Here's some wallpapers I've had a lot of fun making and iterating on to get what I was going for. these are over 4k so they should would for any monitor that's 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Work flow:

    1. Tweak and iterate in Midjourney, zooming out when needed to get more context (IE see DJ equipment)

    2. Save the chosen image, and open it in Upscayl to a res high enough for wallpaper usage

    3. Batch convert any upscaled images from PNG to JPG in photoshop (the PNGs were huge some were 23mb)

    If there is interest I can post the prompts used for each image.

    As I coax midjourney to make more nice looking wallpapers, I'm uploading them to