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'Zionist-free zone': Israelis are increasingly unwanted at global tourism sites
  • They are banned for possible connections to a country and an organization (IDF) that have been confirmed to perform war crimes.

    If you willfully target children no matter your skin colour, creed, religion or whatever arbitrary set of parameters you are a criminal.

    Israelis are now discovering the price of being associated with war criminals.

  • Who needs Skynet
  • I don't like to use relative numbers to illustrate the increase. 48% can be miniscule or enormous based on the emission last year.

    While I don't think the increase is miniscule it's still an unessesary ambiguity.

  • Tory student group apologises after dancing to Nazi marching song
  • While I think it is sus, Once saw a documentary on the battle and occupation of Narvik that used a germam march for "allied victory" (it was "unser Rommel") The strange thing was that this march was used as a melody for a Norwegian nazi propaganda song.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • I installed Mint (no idea mint was old tbh) looked into Gentoo and tried the live boot USB option. 'This looks nice, no how do I install" The install option opened a web page (gentoo wiki) with several options for guides based on various permutations. All options send you in a ring without actually telling me how to install.

    I went back to Mint as it does the few things I need a PC to do these days:

    Some kind of office suite with spreadsheet and word processor, Steam, Netflix and Prime, Firefox

    Added bonus is that it runs MegaMek natively AND i don't need to read pages of documentation, just click install.

  • Someone appreciates you at least
  • The white chair is TripTrap made by Stokke (At least the original design, guess it's been pirated by other makers) This could have been any Nordic country as well apart from the details ofc :) I blame IKEA for that

    So the Norwegian Forest Cat is sitting on the Norwegian children chair :)

    Edit. Think it might be a siberian actually...

  • What does the world think of India?
  • Norwegian here. Not that often I think of India tbh, but here is a short bullet point list

    • Massive overpopulation
    • Rich and dirt poor at the same time
    • Castes
    • Politically governed by nationalists
    • Rape stories
    • Massive market thats the only reason we care about India
    • Good tech industry (moon landing?)
    • Don't go to Kashmir
    • Holi
    • Bollywood
    • "Indian" food (know that some protein in some sauce with nan and rice is not all an entire subcontinent can offer)

    Last show I saw about India was that James May show on Amazon

  • Europeans, do you take the train to travel to other countries?
  • I am from Norway Just to make the point even more clear. That pink line up north. It's mostly for shipping iron ore from Kiruna to the port in Narvik. It can take passengers but it's not its main purpose. And the rest of the Norwegian rail system stops in Bodø. So from Narvik to Bodø you need a six hour+ bus drive. (This is an map of the EU system I think so Norway and the UK are left out)

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • I installed Linux on my gfs (now wife) old laptop years ago when the beginner distros was way less user friendly. When I asked on a forum for help it was just the sound of crickets. When she made her first post starting with "my boyfriend installed Linux and I don't understand how to..." They fucking fell out trees to answer her questions

  • Norway, Ireland and Spain recognize a Palestinian state in a historic move
  • There is also the fact that thousands of Norwegians served in Lebanon for 20 years and witnessed IDF first hand. They took their stories home with them. I served in Kosovo and most of my colleagues had spent years in Lebanon. One time a very Christian solider watching the news in a joint TV room comments loudly and negativeo on palestinians in a news story and it almost came to blows. No one liked Hezbollah, but many hated the IDF. I heard the story of the Qana massacre from a Norwegian patrol that was present (the wiki article dosent mention them.) To hear the story how they had to shut the shelter door on civilians as there was no more room is enough to break your heart.

    Fuck IDF it took them less than 80 years to turn in to the SS