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Z-Library admins on the lam ahead of US extradition; officials shocked
  • As it stands, they don't get paid when you pay for reading it anyways. They themselves pay to publish it to a journal, the journal then sells it to you.

    The scientists aren't paid by people reading their science, they are paid by grants, for doing the science in the first place.

    I wholeheartedly support academic "piracy", it only hurts the gatekeepers.

  • Is there a vnc client for android that supports forwarding special key combos, such as super+return?

    I’ve been looking around, and with every vnc cliend I can find, when I press for example super+return, the vnc client gets backgrounded and the android “desktop” is shown.

    Does anyone know of a client that actually captures the keyboard?


    Question: Is there a way in the settings to show separate upvote and downvote counts instead of the summed total?

    Reddit used to work like this but nuked it many years ago. I like it because it gives much more information about the consensus at a glance.