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Am I the only person who doesn't like memes?
  • Memes have been around possibly longer than written language in various forms.

    The definition of "meme" is:

    A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

    A lot of the memes on lemmy are shit, but still, they've been around.

  • It's Like They've Never Even Heard of Sarah Connor
  • The company I work for is testing out an AI phone answering service. The thing sends messages to the wrong people and thinks one of my coworkers only exists if you don't include her last name when asking for her.

    But sure, let's give them weapons.

  • What is your favorite pet?
  • My best buddy for about 18 years now: When I lay on my bed and she's sitting at the other end, I say to her, "you wanna sit next to me?" And she immediately starts walking toward me to give my arm a head-bump and receive a neck massage.

  • Wayfair's call center insists you give them your SSN before they'll file a report for credit fraud

    I just got a bill for a Wayfair credit card that was issued by Citi bank that I did not apply for. I never even shopped on that website.

    I tried contacting both Citi bank and Wayfair, but since I don't have the full account number, I couldn't get past Citi's automated phone menu.

    Wayfair's phone system was a fucking nightmare getting transferred to various departments, but eventually transferred me to a foreign call center where they insisted that they needed my social security number and birth date to file a report, but I'm not giving them that.

    The best thing is that the scammer managed to get a higher credit limit than I was able to get on my own card.


    Is there any type of garbage you keep around in case it might be useful, like some kind of crafting material?

    For example, I saved a bunch of these small cardboard sheets that were separating the rows of cans in a box of cat food. !

    Add some glue and you have a little tent for your cat.


    Spicy Pillows ExtraMedicated

    Should I be concerned about this mildly spicy pillow?

    I only ask because the bulging seems slight enough that I'm not 100% certain that's not just how the battery is supposed to look.

    This is inside a Lenovo ideapad flex 4. I only opened it to replace the hard drive.


    Just chillin', watching the birds on Youtube

    After I showed her one of the bird videos, she now eagerly waits while I turn on the tablet in the morning and she watches me open Youtube and pick a video.

    Sometimes she accidentally closes the video, or opens the comments and then I need to step in to make sure she doesn't post any offensive comments.



    The "I'm not dead" button: An alarm clock that automatically calls emergency services if it's not stopped within a certain number of hours.

    This isn't really meant to save anyone's life. But it would let someone know to come pick up your corpse before it melts into the carpet and your cat starves.


    Uniracers had the best instruction manual

    I don't remember why I originally bothered to read this manual 25 years ago, but I ended up reading it to enjoy the jokes and humorous writing it contained.

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


    How do you discourage a dog from biting while playing?

    She's clearly having fun, running around in circles, chewing sticks, and finding and eating cat poop. And I don't want to discourage her from having fun when I take her outside (except for the cat poop thing -- that needs to stop).

    But she seems to have the idea that jumping up and biting my wrists or my ankles is a fun game that we both enjoy, and she seems to be getting more agressive about it. !


    I just blew way too much money on MIDI adapters

    Let me preface this one by saying that the blame for this is entirely on me and my carelessness when shopping online. I did not get scammed. I was just being stupid.

    Several times.

    So I recently bought a synthesizer to connect to my MIDI controller (an 88 key keyboard with some knobs and blinking lights and shit).

    I saw that this new device has a 3.5mm MIDI port while I only had the classic 5-pin kind. No problem, I'll buy an adapter.

    The adapter arrives, and I discover that the one I bought has the female 5-pin connector and won't plug into the keyboard. Well, crap.

    Buy another adapter. Made sure the 5-pin side was male.

    Oops. Turns out that the 3.5mm MIDI cables come in type A or type B, and I chose poorly.

    So I search for "midi type a to b converter" and without thinking at all, I bought a converter that has two female connectors. Fuck me.

    At this point, a sane person would've just cut the first two adapters and soldered the correct ends together, but fuck it, I'm in too deep now. I gotta get a 3.5mm MIDI cable with two male ends to complete this daisy-chain of madness and find out how long it takes for me to get bored and find another hobby.


    Praying Mantises (3 photos)

    ! ! !

    Not sure what happened to this guy's wings.


    What are your favorite games that have very few reviews?

    I'm tired of hearing about popular games. Are there any games you played and were surprised by how little attention it got? A game you really enjoyed, but was only reviewed by five people?

    What's this Bug? ExtraMedicated

    Anyone know what kind of eggs these are? (Eastern Pennsylvania)

    (Quarter for scale) ! !


    Google Play is beyond annoying

    I have an app that I released a couple years ago (plus another legacy app that I maintain for one of my company's clients). My game has a long-ish title, but it was fine until some asshat at Google decides that 33 characters is too long. On top of that, every time I'm forced to update the target SDK, I need to spend several hours figuring out a bunch of new build errors. This is not how I wanted to spend my vacation time.