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The cost-of-living crisis is so bleak that some Gen Zers genuinely fear becoming homeless
  • If you don't do a lot of highway driving a Subaru Sambar van is awesome and they're dirt cheap to import. Next year the 1999 models will be available and they're very improved for safety features compared to the 1998 ones.

    When the Kei Vans were first made they made being able to fold the seats down flat into a bed a big priority because of how high rent was in the 80s and 90s in Japan.

    Edit: I should mention that the improved safety features is that a front crumple zone exists at all, it's still not safe, but it is a lot better than the older ones.

  • Never Forget
  • It's also likely that he was never intending to share them. One of the things he was looking to do is aquire a large dataset to analyze trends.

    In other words, he was charged for entirely legit use.

  • After announcing increased prices, Spotify to Pay Songwriters About $150 Million Less Next Year
  • If I still used Apple products I'd still be using Apple Music. Good sound with the ability to upload my own music library to mesh with it seamlessly to cover the gaps of what wasn't available? It was my ideal music streaming service.

    Now I'm on Deezer but every streaming service has gaps in their catalog for what I listen to.

    Slowly working on getting my own music library together to get rid of streaming services entirely. Plan on using Plex for now, but eventually I'll just move to a phone that has an SD card slot.

    Mix of purchases and stuff downloaded and saved from Deezer.

  • The more things change, the more they stay the same
  • They were most likely made by women, the proportions make sense when you think of a woman looking down at herself. It is just that when the first men to uncover the artifacts looked at them they said "wow, these were obviously made by men and are ancient porn!"

    There are ones that have been found at various stages of pregnancy so were likely an educational tool.

  • Three monitors, and i feel insulted
  • I got a bunch of rgb in order to set it all to purple on my desktop. But then I started using Linux full time on it so I lost the windows rgb software, and was too lazy to fix it. So it went from looking amazing to this ugly clashing thing for the last 3 years I used the system as each part eventually reverted to its demo mode.

  • Once again back on Garuda.

    I tend to distro hop quite a bit but over the past year I keep finding myself gravitating back to Garuda. Jumped through a few distros recently, CachyOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (would have stayed on Tumbleweed but I was having pipewire problems that I couldn't figure out how to fix). And so, I jumped back to Garuda Gnome

    Garuda gets the most press for the UI design but that isn't what keeps me coming back. I love the system tools, easy kernel management, preset snapper, the other tools.

    Garuda and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed are only two that really give me everything I personally want out of the box.


    Framework 16 Deep Dive. Memory and Storage Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - Memory and Storage

    We’ve taken both memory and storage to the next level on Framework Laptop 16. As always, we want to empower you to choose what you want your computer to be, from minimal, functional configurations all the way to extreme overkill!

    Steam Deck Evrala

    Finally pulled the plug on upgrading my ssd.

    For the longest time I resisted, but I snagged a 2 tb sabrent drive.

    What did it for me is I needed a new thumbdrive, and instead of doing the smart thing and spending $30 for a random generic thumb drive, I instead decided that a small nvme enclosure would be a neat thing to have. So I've got the new drive coming from Amazon and a neat little enclosure coming from aliexpress To shove the original 512 deck drive into.

    Also just got tired of the dance of "What do I need on the ssd for performance, and what will be fine on the SD card"