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Next explain cars
  • (lol)
    You may have a point.
    But Im yanking that spoon right out of his peasant mouth if he'll keep spewing those dry ass buckweed seeds all over the board game.

    And don't tell me it's not a bit suspicious how all of his family, even the rats and the fleas from his house, are in heaven, but not Geoff. He's here. Explaining to be how we should make v Jerusalem great again. And that literally eating a non-Christian child or two is an acceptable means to that end.

    You are right tho, we should be kind and make the best of the situation. It could be worse, in fact Bill has it worse, he really got screwed last week when he spun the penance wheel & got the task to teach Geoff how C++ works and make him solo dev a modern furry rpg game.

  • TIL that the House of Representatives once investigated TV quiz shows to see if they were rigged
  • Rigging quiz shows is capitalist free speech (quiz shows are people). They needed to be investigated if they by chance weren't rigged & the shows were not achieving their full financial potential (which is an obligation, not a right).


  • The truth...
  • The Republic turned on and tried to assassinate the democratically elected leader because of his religion, and because they didn't want to stop all the wars Republic was constantly fighting, supporting crime syndicates etc.

  • Killer sporting Nazi face tattoos is found guilty of brutal strangling of two Florida women hours apart
  • Aww, look how professional and all grown up he looks in his lil suit!

    But it's not Hugo Boss black, as required by the nazi specs, so I guess it's jail for him. Fashion secret police can be brutal sometimes, but can't argue with the results.

  • When you require more 'mechanical' in your keebler

    ... someone linked this in a Discord server and it's just too horrible not to repost.

    Would have turned the switches the other way around tho.