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I mostly dabble with AI generation for role-play purposes using SillyTavern + KoboldCpp + MythoMax 13B

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Smallest Security/Privacy Focused Distro Help?
  • Trim down is perhaps a strong work. I went in to heavily limit it's performance capabilities, limit the amount of cache it could hold, number of threads it could use and so on. I also stripped out a lot of bloat like pocket and other features that if they couldn't be removed I could turn them off.

    AntiX uses IceWM which is much lighter than LXQt apparently. I haven't yet tried Alpine so can't compare the two. AntiX (64bit) barely uses 300MB RAM. AntiX by the way is based on Debian.

    SimpleX now has a bin in the AUR, which I believe was made from a .deb file. Fk appimage and the horse it rode in on.

    Does Calligra have BASIC capabilities?

  • Smallest Security/Privacy Focused Distro Help?
  • Arch linux is too big even as base. I'm currently using 64-bit AntiX which runs (base) half of what Arch-Linux does according to it's own guide. It's using IceWM (which is its heaviest DE). It took a while to investigate believe me, it's also Debian so focuses more on security than Arch does (due in part to Arch's bleeding edge status new vulnerabilities are being added all the time, they're being fixed of course, it's just a natural consequence of their methodology).

    I don't believe AbiWord or Gnumeric have BASIC capabilities?

    Deluge takes up a tiny amount of ram, I'd recommend investigating the thin client mode. It's smaller than Transmission for me. The non-daemonized client has a memory leak.

    Thanks for the tip about X2Go. I'll take a look.

  • Smallest Security/Privacy Focused Distro Help?
  • Following the comments and response so far, I looked around quite extensively over a broad range of linux distributions. Arch, Alpine, Debian, even Gentoo booting them up and seeing what worked and what didn't.

    I found AntiX which appears to meet many of my requirements.

    AntiX as a base install comes in at under 2GB HDD and 300MB RAM. By using lighter desktop environments I can push this down even further, admittedly sacrificing some usability.

    It does not, sadly, have access to the AUR as it is Debian, however, there is the Sid repository, which I guess will have to do. It comes pre-loaded with RSync, LibreOffice and Firefox (which I will be booting shortly).

    Even with the base of 300MB, I'm not sure I could manage to run Whonix through it, so I'm going to have to look at a different method to achieve my goals. If you have more RAM, this would be idea.

  • Smallest Security/Privacy Focused Distro Help?
  • I usually use rustdesk on this smaller device to log into my main, which is a decidedly tough nut to otherwise get back to as it's not on a static or exposed ip address. I've tried everything else, VNC cannot access my system, which is unfortunate.

    Wayland is not a huge thing for me I can take it or leave it. I'm not expecting performance here for example gaming or such (beyond ZSnes which I swear would work on a suitably grown potato).

    I had manjaro on the machine with operated at around 800MB, I was able to run Firefox and Rust desk on it, though I did have to trim some fat off Firefox to get that to work without setting the system into thrash mode.

    All good tips!

  • Smallest Security/Privacy Focused Distro Help?
  • This is fair and I am willing to look at other distributions. I looked at some of the commands for alpine linux and baulked, worst comes to worst I can alias things though.

    I'll take a look at it thanks.

  • Smallest Security/Privacy Focused Distro Help?

    I've been doing some scouring and my search results are coming back confusing. Usually either incomplete information, or some kind of sales spam, so I'm reaching out in the hopes of recommendations for actual linux users and fans. I am looking for a very small, tiny even, security/privacy focused distro. I don't mind doing some work to set it up (though LFS may kill me!)

    Here is what I have.

    • RAM: 2GB (yep. Seriously. None-upgradable).
    • HDD: 20GB (say 19GB)
    • Processor: Intel Celeron N3350 (2334Mhz average)
    • GPU (hah): Intel HD Graphics 500 (Integrated)


    • Graphical user interface (I appreciate it's going to be very basic)
    • Arch based (I love the AUR and pacman)
    • Base runs on less than 512MB of RAM, Arch Linux is a minimum of 512MB.

    The software I plan to run on said device, so to give some kind of guidance of how much RAM we're working with.

    • Tor Expert and Tor Browser bundles or Mull.
    • Virtual machine (of some kind) with Whonix
    • MariaDB
    • RClone
    • VLC/Smplayer (which ever is smaller)
    • VPN client
    • Rustdesk (I can't find anything smaller than actually works)
    • ZSnes
    • SimpleX
    • Deluge (DelugeD with thin-client)
    • LibreOffice (until I can find a lighter alternative, but I need the BASIC capabilities).


    SillyTavern Unofficial ErrantRoleplayer

    How do I set up character so that it actually provides an antagonist

    Or basically some challenge or other. At the moment the AI just seems to go along with whatever I say and doesn't provide any resistance at all.

    Is there anything I can do to improve my instruct or character card?

    Using MythoMax L2 13B on SillyTavern via KoboldCPP.

    UK ban on selling arms to Israel would strengthen Hamas, says Cameron - BBC News
  • "One side" both sides outright lied. So have to disagree on at least that point.

    As I keep being told the UK is a 'representative democracy', it is generally your MP who decides the specifics, as the voting electorate it's your job to decide which strategy should be followed. This is why manifestos are presented and that they are not complete covering every policy. The EU also made it abundantly clear (as they threw their toys out of the pram) that the UK could not 'cherry pick' parts of the EU, they were either in or out. There was no option of remaining part of the single market so it would be silly to offer that to the public.

    Yes or No, was a legally non-binding way to advise government. What the government did with that information was their own effort. The referendum was sound. That someone lied should not preclude us from voting on things, because all politicians lie... except perhaps in wales where it might actually be a criminal offense for politicians to lie soon(tm)...

    There actually was a deal with the EU, several of them, however, the public then elected Boris Johnson deciding by electoral mandate that they wanted out and leave meant leave, not half in half out, just fuck 'em. It's rather sweet to pretend that there wasn't a general election before we actually left. There was a chance for the public to opt towards trying to remain in the single market, whether via Theresa May's deal or by electing Labour.

  • JK Rowling slammed for asking if she can be Black if she likes “Motown & fancy myself in cornrows”
  • The reason I mention prison, is because when someone is convicted of racism, that's generally what happens. Depending on your country blackface can land you in prison.

    Legal issues are Human Decency issues boiled down. I think you do have to have intent or some awareness to be racist. Whether you recognize that as racism or not is a different matter. Is it human decency to want to emulate what you like? I think it is. So I don't mind people wanting to change the color of their skin if that's what they want to do, as much as I don't mind them wanting to change their gender, if that's what suits them, great.

    Since race is 100% a social construct much more so than Gender (the difference between the genes are stupidly small). The ethnicity argument is largely one about cultural appropriation: You can't have my skin color because you weren't born with it, you're actually another color, you don't know what it means to be my skin color. (Just replace skin color with gender). You can't listen to X music or wear X hair style because it's X skin color thing.

    You enjoy R&B, love black hair styles, love black skin tones, maybe you believe in your heart you were always black, go right ahead have at. I'm not going to judge you.

    You want to mock black people and dance around in full minstrel while doing a monkey dance with bananas just for laughs... I'm not cool with that. Just as I'm not a huge far of people dressing up as women to caricaturize/mock them as part of a stand up act.

  • JK Rowling slammed for asking if she can be Black if she likes “Motown & fancy myself in cornrows”
  • No. I'm very much are of why the genders are separated to begin with. These people are not very well educated, they don't have a great never mind positive peer group, they are riddled with attitudes that you would expect of prisoners, drugs, mental health issues and so on... this applies to both men and women.

    As long as the inmate has human contact, whether staff, visitors, volunteers etcetera they do not need to be in gen pop. For their own safety and rehabilitation.

    The whole reason why they're in prison, is because the judge believes they are a risk to society, whether trans, male/female or whatever. I think everyone should have a fair chance of being rehabilitated without the additional problems that come from them being trans. Whether this is caused from the inmate themselves, or because the fears that the population has. Their best chance of rehabilitation is to be among other trans prisoners (best option) with possible supervised interactions with their adopted gender to ensure that they will be able to adapt to life outside of prison.

    Putting them in gen pop is usually a bad idea.

    Prison is at least 10x worse for trans bashing, no matter which gender.

  • JK Rowling slammed for asking if she can be Black if she likes “Motown & fancy myself in cornrows”
  • It's a little more equivalent than most seem to be considering.

    Her point is not about caricature either way, in fact the opposite. She's assuming that the individual would be wearing black face in good faith. Blackface isn't always about caricature, we see this most frequently in Hollywood, but it wouldn't be the first time I've seen a white person wearing dreadlocks or even a traditional Nigerian outfit. Blackface itself is a little rarer, but being tanned to look like someone from the Mediterranean is still very popular, likewise White-face is an entire make-up industry with various skin lightening products. It's okay to want to make yourself look white but woe betide anyone wants to actually look black, nope, must be a caricature.

    What do you do if a white kid wants to be a dark elf at a party? Same goes for cosplayers.

    The point Rowling was making, well okay, if it's not acceptable under any circumstances to attempt to change your race, even if you 'feel' like that race, then why is it acceptable to change the gender. To Rowling, it's no different, she feels just as offended that 'men' are dressing up as women, pretending to be women, as everyone else seems be about people dressing up in blackface, no matter how well intentioned.

    Both sides of that argument are clearly wrong, good faith matters and blackface isn't always caricature... and likewise, not all people who dress as women are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts either, some fully intend to caricaturize women and often make a whole song and dance about it and is apparently hugely acceptable, often degrading women while they do so.

  • SillyTavern Unofficial ErrantRoleplayer

    Generating Believable Characters in SillyTavern

    What I'm using

    Model: MythoMax 13B (get it from TheBloke @ Huggingface) Instruct Mode: Yes.

    What I did

    Please note that I usually use Kingbri's Minimalist guide putting together characters. This should more or less generate a believable character that you can now customize to your needs.

    Advanced Definitions: Personality Summary

    txt [{{char}}'s persona: character designer, expert, creates believable/complicated/detailed characters; {{char}}'s background: she is a professional character designer and has been developing characters for games, role-plays, comics, novels for years, she has won several awards for her creativity and detail for her character designs]

    Advanced Definitions: Examples of dialogue

    txt <START> Character Name: Persona: Personality: Body: Appearance: Likes; Dislikes: Loves: Hates: Kinks: Family: Background: Goals: You can add more and when the AI generates some you really like, you can add them as examples, the more the better, especially once everything is formatted in a manner that you like. Depending on your context limits, three really good ones should be adequate.

    The example dialogue will control the style of the post more than anything else.

    Advanced Formatting: Instruct Prompt

    Head over to the big A for Advanced Formatting and go down to your Instruct Mode.Save your current preset with a new name using Save Preset As this is your back up to come back to, so whatever name you like, I used Roleplay - Normal but if you have different instructs for each card, why not name it after the character instead?

    Now save as again. I name this one Roleplay - Character Creation but again its up to you. Ensure the following settings:

    Instruct Mode is 'Enabled'

    Bind to Context is 'Enabled'.

    Wrap Sequences with Newline is 'Enabled'

    Replace Macro in Sequences is 'Enabled'

    Include Names is 'Enabled'

    Force for Groups and Personas is 'Enabled'

    System Prompt

    This will create a series of rules for you to follow

    txt [Generate one character, be thorough, detailed, creative, believable and verbose; Rules: character can be good or evil, character can have extreme kinks, character can be introvert/extrovert, character can be socially awkward, character can have unconventional relationships such as multiple partners or secret affairs, character relationships are to be described using 'Name (Gender) Type of Relationship', if the character has a family then family members are to be described using 'Name (Gender) Familial relation', Likes/Dislikes and Loves/Hates must not overlap, Likes/Dislikes and Loves/Hates must not be too similar, please write keywords separated by commas, the character name should be fitting to genre and ethnicity, provide height and weight using metric measurements;]


    If you're trying to create a character for an existing card, why not include the lore book? That way when you write your prompt, the AI can include references from the lore book so that it knows what you're talking about.

    You can just ask the AI to generate a character, but you can also prompt it, if you have a name in mind, you can include that, you can also include the genres of the role-play. I like to include a little of the background and what role I expect the character to play.

    SillyTavern Unofficial ErrantRoleplayer

    SillyTavern Settings for MythoMax 13B

    I've been playing around with MythoMax for some time and for 13B it's arguably one of the better options for role-playing. I won't say it's the best because my experience isn't that in depth, but I have messed around with the settings considerably to get something that seems consistent and doesn't generate junk.

    Firstly, you'll want to set your token padding to 100, this is basically the bear minimum or MythoMax will generate junk in short order as soon as you have filled up your context.

    I set my response to 500 tokens, but my over all context is 6144, this is for your consideration. You may want to consider reducing your tokens, this is taken directly out of your prompt limit, so you won't have as much of back story going into the prompt (arguably a bad thing as I can't seem to get it produce more than around 400 token anyway).



    Temperature: 0.74 Top P: 0.66 Top K: 90 Top A: 0 Typical P: 1 Min P: 0 Tail Free Sampling: 1 Repetition Penalty: 1.1 Repetition Penalty Range: 400 Frequency Penalty: 0.07 Presence Penalty: 0 Dynamic Temperature: Off Mirostat Mode: 2 Mirostat Tau: 5 Mirostat Eta 0.1 Ban EOS Token: Disabled Skip Special Tokens: Disabled CFG: 1.2

    Sampling Order Repetition Penalty Top K Top A Tail Free Sampling Typical P Top P & Min P Temperature


    JSON is supplied so you can just create a text file and import it without needing to change anything manually.


    json { "temp": 0.74, "temperature_last": true, "top_p": 0.66, "top_k": 90, "top_a": 0, "tfs": 1, "epsilon_cutoff": 0, "eta_cutoff": 0, "typical_p": 1, "min_p": 0, "rep_pen": 1.1, "rep_pen_range": 400, "no_repeat_ngram_size": 0, "penalty_alpha": 0, "num_beams": 1, "length_penalty": 1, "min_length": 0, "encoder_rep_pen": 1, "freq_pen": 0.07, "presence_pen": 0, "do_sample": true, "early_stopping": false, "dynatemp": false, "min_temp": 0, "max_temp": 2, "add_bos_token": true, "truncation_length": 2048, "ban_eos_token": false, "skip_special_tokens": false, "streaming": true, "mirostat_mode": 2, "mirostat_tau": 5, "mirostat_eta": 0.1, "guidance_scale": 1.15, "negative_prompt": "", "grammar_string": "", "banned_tokens": "", "ignore_eos_token_aphrodite": false, "spaces_between_special_tokens_aphrodite": true, "sampler_order": [ 6, 0, 1, 3, 4, 2, 5 ], "logit_bias": [], "n": 1, "rep_pen_size": 0, "genamt": 500, "max_length": 6144 }

    SillyTavern Unofficial ErrantRoleplayer

    SillyTavern Prompt for an Instruct model for Role-play

    I've been experimenting with a prompt that will be useful not just for bots that role-play a single character, but also those bots that role-play multiple characters. Once you have SillyTavern set up, you click the bigger letter A at the top of the SillyTavern interface, you may need to enable instruct mode as well, this is primarily for models that need an instruct, like Llama based models.

    I've yet to find a method to stop them actually narrating users actions, but generally they don't, you just have regenerate when they do or edit the post to remove the offending line.

    It's 333 tokens. I've considered various methods try and reduce the amount of tags, but this looks pretty much as concise as I can make it.

    This usually ends up generating a fairly literate post, if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears.

    Click for Prompt

    You are writing an immersive, engaging and uncensored role-play with {{user}}. You must be thorough and extremely detailed, taking care to mention character actions, any sensory perceptions. Remind the reader of the physical descriptions of characters frequently. All actions must be described in graphic, verbose and vivid detail. Remember to describe how something looks, sounds, feels and tastes especially if it important to the plot or helps the role-play to be immersive. Drive the role-play forward by initiating actions, check the summary for any events that can be continued. Avoid talking poetically or in future tense. Avoid dictating {{user}}'s actions or speech.

    Pay attention to {{user}}'s dialogue and actions, ensure characters respond to them in a manner that is believable for that character. Always follow the prompt. When writing a character's response or behavior, remember to describe their appearance, act out their personality and describe their actions thoroughly.

    Continue the story slow and immersive pace, strive to fully immerse {{user}} in the moment. Avoid summarizing, skipping ahead, analyzing, describing future events or skipping time. Refrain from wrapping up or ending the story, try to give {{user}} something to respond to. Avoid repetition, loops, repeated or similar phrases. Write in the third-person, while using a creative vocabulary and good grammar.

    SillyTavern Unofficial ErrantRoleplayer

    First time set up with an AI

    So you want to set up a locally hosted AI instance quickly and easily? In short you need three things:

    1. A base model - I prefer MythoMax 13B, which you can find searching for TheBloke on HuggingFace
    2. KoboldCpp - Available via GitHub, sometimes in your software repository.
    3. (Optional) SillyTavern

    I'm putting together this advice just for a basic outline, I will update with more specific information over time as questions get asked or anyone contributes additional information.

    Choosing a model

    If you have a large amount of VRAM in your GPU say 16GB+ you will want to choose a GPU only friendly model for maximum speed, these will end with GPTQ. The more VRAM the better. If you're happy for your model to be slow or you don't have that much VRAM you will want to choose a GGUF model. What size model you need and what quantitization you need varies significantly from model to model and machine to machine. With 21GB RAM and 8GB of VRAM, I can comfortably run MythoMax 13B GGUF with 0.75 ROPE (more on this later) to give you a fairly decent starting point, if you have less VRAM/RAM you might want a smaller model, such as OpenOrca 7B GGUF. If you have multiple screens this will also affect your VRAM usage.

    GPTQ over GGUF

    GGUF with KoboldCPP allows you to use your RAM in place of VRAM, though it appears to cost twice as much RAM as it does VRAM, your mileage may vary. GPTQ as far as I'm aware is limited only to your VRAM and does not work very well with RAM at all. GPTQ is however, much, much faster.


    KoboldCPP takes some time to install but their instructions are reasonably clear. You will need some additional software to get it to work appropriately and I'll update this guide as and when I understand which software is needed. All of the software is free, just takes some research to track down which ones you need.

    You can select the model you want to use with KoboldCPP this is why you have to download the model. KoboldCPP works best with GGUF models. KoboldCPP also comes with its own web interface, which is why SillyTavern (despite being highly recommended) is optional.

    Once installed, if your VRAM is good enough, you can offload all layers to your GPU if it isn't only offload what the GPU can handle, this varies so you'll need to use software like RadeonTop to track check, try aiming for around 80-90% of your VRAM/GTT, this should give your system enough to run other activities. Maxing your GPU can cause it not to properly offload and causes additional slow down.

    RoPE, if you have enough RAM, you can choose to use it to increase the amount of context you can use. It basically extends a models maximum context size beyond what it would normally allow. With MythoMax I can set the rope config to 0.75 and it will give me 6144 max context (ish).


    Once KoboldCPP is installed, it's time to install SillyTavern, again this is a fairly simple affair, what is not necessarily simple is linking KoboldCPP.

    Once installed head to the plug icon and select "Text Completion", I started with Chat Completion which was a big mistake on my part.

    Padding, if you don't have padding set properly it can cause your model to generate junk once it has reached the maximum context. I set my padding to 100 and it appears to work great (most of the time).

    Disclaimer: I am running GNU/Linux (Manjaro), with an AMD GPU RX590 with 8GB VRAM and ~21GB RAM

    SillyTavern Unofficial ErrantRoleplayer

    Birth of SillyTavern on Lemmy!

    Having noticed that there appeared to be no community here for SillyTavern users and needing a home myself, I decided to create a community for those that wanted to discuss SillyTavern, get help, share tips or content or otherwise discuss locally hosted AI.

    This isn't an official community and I have no relationship with Cohee or anyone else along those lines.

    By all means, please feel free to get stuck in.