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What's computer architecture?
  • What you mean is the processor instruction set, which does affect the physical structure of the processor. You cannot just change the programming/microcode of the processor to have it use a different instruction set.

    Because how can linux ARM run on a device that used to run windows x86?

    I don't think that's possible. It is possible to have a translation layer, so that individual programs that are compiled for one instruction set (e.g. x86) can be run on a different instruction set (e.g. ARM).

    But I can't imagine such a translation layer working for the whole OS, as something still needs to tell the processor how to do the translation. Theoretically, the translation layer could be baked into the processor, but I have not heard of that being a thing, so far.

    Is your question inspired by something specific?

  • Only telling people my height in cm from now on
  • Yeah, the adult range is roughly 150cm for a tiny woman, up to 200cm for a towering man. 170cm is pretty average for a woman. 180cm is pretty average for a man.

    So, 188cm is already a rather tall man.

  • Only telling people my height in cm from now on
  • Here's my favorite German boomer humor, because it's just so crude:

    Shirt which says "Liebe vergeht, Hektar besteht".

    Verbatim translated, it says: Love fades, hectare stays.

    Basically, it's saying you should marry someone not for love, but rather for how many hectare of farmland they have, because in a long marriage, you'll supposedly benefit more from the latter.

  • Red lentils <3
  • Interesting, I had been wondering why they looked relatively uneven around the edges. I guess, that's also why they're comparatively small and need less time for cooking.

  • Timmy the Pencil
  • I mean, yeah, it's possible that it's not as important of a factor for the hype. I'm a software engineer, and even before the advent of generative AI, we were riding on a (smaller) wave of hype for discriminative AI.

    Basically, we had a project which would detect that certain audio cues happened. And it was a very real problem, that if it fucked up once every few minutes, it would cause a lot of problems.

    But when you actually used it, when you'd snap your finger and half a second later the screen turned green, it was all too easy to forget these objective problems, even though it didn't really have any anthropomorphic features.

    I'm guessing, it was a combination of people being used to computers making objective decisions, so they'd be more willing to believe that they just snapped badly or something.
    But probably also just general optimism, because if the fuck-ups you notice are far enough apart, then you'll forget about them.

    Alas, that project got cancelled for political reasons before anyone realized that this very real limitation is not solvable.

  • lol
  • Yeah, then you're a person that's grossed out by any kissing. That makes sense to me.

    Calling them "male lips" was kind of tongue-in-cheek, similar to how a male nipple is perfectly a-ok, but a female nipple needs to be censored, even though they're visually generally indistinguishable.

  • Opossum moms are the real MVPs
  • Through a long history of meme culture, I believe it actually originates from this:

    So, the guy was given an award for Most Valuable Player on his team, but in his speech, he basically said that his mum should get the award, and therefore is the 'real' MVP, the person that actually contributed the most to the success of the team.

  • What's something weird and mostly useless that you can do with your body?
  • I've got a tooth gap through which I can whistle. And it's working so well, that I can also audibly whistle while breathing in. So, I can actually whistle pretty much continuously for like 10+ minutes, until my cheeks start hurting. Only really useful getting on someone's nerves...

  • Timmy the Pencil
  • My interpretation was that they're exactly talking about anthropomorphization, that's what we're good at. Put googly eyes on a random object and people will immediately ascribe it human properties, even though it's just three objects in a certain arrangement.

    In the case of LLMs, the googly eyes are our language and the chat interface that it's displayed in. The anthropomorphization isn't inherently bad, but it does mean that people subconsciously ascribe human properties, like intelligence, to an object that's stringing words together in a certain way.

  • Timmy the Pencil
  • I wouldn't say he's implying Turing himself was wrong. Turing merely formulated a test for indistinguishability, and it still shows that.
    It's just that indistinguishability is not useful anymore as a metric, so we should stop using Turing tests.

  • lol
  • If said straight guy is also grossed out by kissing of other pairings of humans, then definitely, yeah.

    I also imagine that some people are not actually gay, but rather are just worried that it might invoke something in them, which would cause social problems for them. So, to block out any such impression, they develop this grossness reaction. I used to have that, too, when I was young / socially dependent on people inaccepting of homosexuality.

    I do not see why else someone should be grossed out by two male lips touching.

  • Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things

    Somehow we forgot how to center rectangles and must find our way back

    Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things
    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! Ephera
    Full documentation for APT?

    Hi, I just read online that you can apparently run apt --fix-broken install.

    I wanted to know, what that really does, but both apt --help and man apt only show a high-level summary of the subcommands and flags. The --fix-broken flag is never mentioned, and presumably many others neither.

    Is there some way to access documentation for all subcommands and flags?

    When you support package managers from A to Z...

    Real screenshot from (crappy) personal project...

    Tweaking the Font?

    Hi, the default Roboto font is boring me out of my mind and I'd like to change it.

    In the past, I've done so by just replacing the font file in the OS, which worked well, but meant that it would reset after every OS update. I'm considering scripting that with ADB to make it less of a pain, but figured I should ask, if there's a better way.

    I'm on LineageOS which has a font styling system, but it only applies to the OS, not the user-installed apps...

    Gold Dragon Scales on D:1

    Of course, I'm playing a race that can't wear them. 🙂

    Favorite race?

    Recently gave Hill Orcs more of a chance and realized, they're quite cool. Any others I should be looking at?

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