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Comments 214 down again? Are people moving to mbin instances (,
  • I would venture a guess there are at least 50 kbin users willing to pay $2 a year for a dedicated kbin/mbin app on iOS. I personally gave some money to the developer of Artemis back when she was active, but I have no idea what became of her.

    Does interstellar’s developer have a donation link where I might buy him some coffee and drop a request?

  • down again? Are people moving to mbin instances (,
  • I still keep Social on my Home Screen, but I’ve been using Run for a while now. I’m also starting to use lemmy world a bit more because I’m tired of waiting for a dedicated iOS app. I’ve seen like 3 come and go now and I just don’t think it’s going to happen anymore.

  • Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster now available for PC
  • Holy shit I did not expect this! This is a game I’ve been intending to buy for switch for some time, but I’m just tired of buying 3rd party games from Nintendo. Steam Deck it is!

    Edit: aaaand purchased. One of my favorites from the GameCube era.

  • In the light of Snowden's latest post: What are your FOSS-AIs?
  • Well, LLMs are quite literally trained on language, so asking it to simulate a conversation between a hotel clerk and a guest who is upset that they can’t find the hair dryer is pretty much what it’s best at doing.

    You can even build the dialogs with students. Have them introduce a scenario for the LLM to manufacture, then have the students suggest variables to apply, such as the clerk being hungry and in a bad mood while the guest is actually drunk after returning from a club in order to see how the language changes, then have the students act it out for laughs.

  • In the light of Snowden's latest post: What are your FOSS-AIs?
  • I teach language. I get paid for my time in front of students, not the time it takes to prepare their lessons and the materials. I use AI to quickly reference grammar rules, to fabricate example dialogs in specific scenarios to practice, and to suggest activities to do in class to practice the target grammar. I never do exactly as it says, just take it as kind of a source of suggestions for me to build from.

  • Tango Gameworks employee shares pictures from the Xbox studio’s final day. The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush studio has closed its doors
  • Spencer went on to say that while he personally didn’t like making the decision to close Tango, his job was ultimately to keep Xbox profitable.

    Fuck off, Spencer. I can imagine there are other reasons why Xbox is struggling with profitability. Keeping games pass afloat by pushing day-1 releases for one, then spending obscene globs of money to buy exclusivity from massive, globally recognized franchises instead of investing in innovative new studios to foster a stable of great, fresh exclusives in the future.

    Just curious, does anyone know which studios bought-out by Microsoft got better after being purchased?

  • Monster Hunter Wilds director aims to push hardware 'to the max' to bring the world to life: 'Any Monster Hunter game where I'm director is always going to be focusing on the ecosystem'
  • Cross play is confirmed? Hot damn! I'm much more inclined to get it on PlayStation if that's the case.

    Actually, we played through MHW:IB together on PlayStation. We ended up choosing PC&Deck for a replay of the game because there is a skippable cutscene mod, and he was able to manufacture a clone of my PS character for me using a save manager.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to imply you were making the morality argument, it’s just one I hear frequently. I meant to bring it up as an example.

    I honestly don’t mind ads as a business model. I just wish they were non-invasive and relevant to the content.

  • Microsoft accidentally lists the benefits of not using a Microsoft account on Windows 11
  • You’re not wrong or anything, but “on accident” is used commonly in American English, so the author isn’t wrong either. I think it might have come from an association with “on purpose”, as in “I didn’t do it on purpose, I did it on accident.”

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the rules of language only matter if people actually stick to them. Language shifts over time no matter who kicks or screams about it.

  • Tesla Shareholders Approve Musk's $56 Billion Pay Package in Early Voting
  • One, what an AI-written paragraph: "While some ... remained silent ... [others] abstained from public comment." Aren't those the same thing?

    Yes, but it works. The emphasis is that all of the richest were silent instead of just some, which was the case for the rest of the shareholders. We hate repeating words in general English (which is why we have such a ridiculous amount of vocabulary), so “silent” was replaced the second time.

    Still awkwardly worded, though, so you might be right with the AI thing.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Individually, no. But each view not generating ad revenue does still generate streaming costs. If no one would pay Google to host their ads on YT, I doubt they'd keep the platform online.

    Well this kind of renders the whole “if you don’t watch the ads, content creators can’y get paid” morality approach meaningless, don’t you think?

    Where is the money supposed to come from? Companies pay Google to put up ads expecting a return on the investment. If Google starts forcing people who inherently avoid advertisements to watch advertisements, what value is that actually supposed generate for either of Google’s customers? I’d just walk away from the screen like I do with regular television.

  • Siri automatically switched languages to read my wife's Japanese to me for the first time and I'm so happy.

    We've been married for more than five years and in all that time, whenever she would send me a message in Japanese while I was out and about with my headphones in, Siri would just say "(wife) just sent you a message I can't read" and be done with it.

    Today, for the first time ever, the Siri voice switched over to Japanese mode and actually read the message. Starting with English and ending in Japanese, Siri said, "(wife) just sent "牛乳も買って来て".

    I'm so elated over this change. It's such a small thing, but HUGE. I just thought it was cool and though it worth sharing.


    Tutorial: How I managed to install & play The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky (PC) on my M1 MBP.

    Unlike many other games, the biggest draw to the Trails franchise is its world. The entire franchise is divided several story arcs. One arc can come to a close, but then it becomes a part of the story for every game that follows. New protagonists may find themselves interacting with older protagonists, antagonists that had a minor role in one arc will have a major role in another... The story can keep going as long as you're willing to start the next arc in the series.

    If anyone is interested in getting into a JRPG series that isn't Final Fantasy, this is a superb candidate. Trails in the Sky is where it all kicks off.

    So let's get down to it.


    Tutorial: Trails in the Sky (FC) on M-series Macs


    • Download & Install Whisky (A wine wrapper thing that works with apple's translation stuff.)
    • Download Steam (Grab the windows ver)


    Mac Settings > Privacy & Security > App Management

    • Add Whiskey (Doing this helps prevent game installations in Steam from freezing later on.)

    --- Whiskey

    1. Add new bottle (I named it “Steam”)
    2. When finished: Bottle Configuration > Enhanced Sync = Off (Having this disabled also helps prevent game installations in Steam from freezing later on.)
    3. Select Winetricks > DLLs, find and run amstream, quartz, and Lavfilters. (This will provide codecs to allow videos to play.)
    4. Click the “Run” button, select SteamSetup.exe, give it a moment to launch.
    5. Go through the install process, login, sign in, the whole shebang. --- Steam
    6. Purchase/Install The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky.
    7. Launch the game by selecting “Play”, then select “Launch Configuration Tool”. Give it a moment.
    8. Display > Resolution = set whatever you prefer (M1 MBP = 3024 x 1964)
    9. Display > Windowed Mode = Off (In Windowed Mode at native resolution, mouse & keyboard tracking doesn’t work right for some reason. It might not be an issue if you use a gamepad. With Windowed Mode disabled, cmd+tab can minimize the game.)
    10. Input > Field Turbo Rate = 6x, Battle Turbo Rate = 6x; Default = "Run"
    11. Select “OK” to close the configuration tool.
    12. Select “Play”, “Play Legend of Heroes Trail in the Sky”

    Enjoy the game.

    Hope this works for you. Good luck.


    Was looking at Quest 3, maybe I'll get PSVR2 instead?

    Since the AVP came out I've been yearning for a path back into VR. Quest 3 is the obvious answer and I've even had it in my amazon cart, hovering over the "purchase" button at least twice now. However, I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger and now I'm starting to take a closer look at the PSVR2.

    So about me:

    • I already have a PS5.
    • I used to have a PSVR 1 back in the day, with an Oculus Go for "multimedia" purposes. (Giggity)
    • I don't have a gaming PC. (I use a Mac.)
    • I actually convinced my dad to get a Quest 2, so he's in there somewhere.
    • I wear glasses, if that matters.
    • I will probably be moving back to my forever country with whatever I end up buying.

    Quest 3 gives me...

    • No cables, lightweight, pancake lenses, colored pass-through AR, hand tracking (cool!), slightly higher resolution.
    • A LOT of games and new games entering the store regularly. (I'm keen on whatever that assassin's creed game is).
    • Could play golf or "go fishing" with the old man.
    • Would definitely watch multimedia. (wife might even use it from time to time) (also, giggity)
    • I can see myself playing around with productivity and virtual monitors for my Mac.
    • UI improvements are getting exciting now that Meta has some competition in Apple.
    • Side-loading, mods, alt stores, huzzah! (PS5 remote play?)
    • I might be able to put the old, horrendous Lenovo Mirage VR180 camera I bought to use with my Oculus Go back into use with this thing somehow. (I am skeptical, though)
    • Controller can be stowed when traveling with batteries removed, Headset is small enough to slip into a carry-on.

    PSVR2 gives me...

    • OLED, HDR, eye-tracking. tracked foveated rendering, cabled fidelity, comfortable out-of-the-box, haptic triggers, headset rumble. (omg these hardware features! Ugnh!)
    • More than €100 cheaper than a 512gb Quest 3 (which is the one I'd buy).
    • I already have some PSVR2 compatible games in my PS library. (I really want to replay No Man's Sky in VR, too)
    • Games on PSVR are more graphically impressive and haptics make them more immersive.
    • No concern for headset battery life, peripherals, battery packs, or other hidden costs (which makes that €100 price difference mentioned before more like a €200+ difference).
    • I won't have to feel weird about Meta being meta about everything I do in and out of the headset
    • I could use this for games and hold out for a something like a Vision "Air" or a Quest "Light" later on to use exclusively for media consumption. (Giggity)
    • Cable is probably long enough to reach my bed, meaning late night, big screen Flat PS5 gaming in HDR, OLED glory!
    • No battery in the headset Means it can be stowed in traveling. Controllers can be kept in the carry-on

    So yeah. My biggest gripe with the Quest 3 is that gobsmackingly absurd 1-2hr battery life, the comfort complaints, and the hidden costs/bulk associated with all of that. On the other hand, my biggest gripe with the PSVR2 is what looks to be a concerning lack of interest from Sony and the implications for the future of the platform. That said, there are already more than enough games for me on either platform, so maybe that wouldn't matter.

    Anyway, I'd like some outside perspective on the matter. Thank you to anyone willing to oblige.


    Is there any way to add latte-dock to steam deck desktop mode?

    Basically, I'd like to make desktop mode look and feel a little more like MacOS, and this app is kind of essential. Unfortunately I don't know anything about what's happening when it doesn't install. I've set a sudo password, I've disabled read-only, I've initialized the pacman keys (whatever that means), now it says "unknown trust"...

    Is there a straightforward tutorial somewhere on how to do something like this for an absolute beginner? I assumed changing the appearance and layout of my desktop should have been an easy and harmless first step for a Linux noob to try, but I already feel like I'm just smashing my head up against a wall.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.