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10-year-old swept into storm drain to become an organ donor, dad says
  • Those are big enough for kids to fit in? I've seen them, but I think the ones I've seen were still narrower then that.

    People are talking about needing more inspectors, but they shouldn't even be manufacturing these with wide openings.

  • FBI Arrests Man For Generating AI Child Sexual Abuse Imagery
  • Simulated crimes aren't crimes. Would you arrest every couple that finds health ways to simulate rape fetishes? Would you arrest every person who watches Fast and The Furious or The Godfather?

    If no one is being hurt, if no real CSAM is being fed into the model, if no pornographic images are being sent to minors, it shouldn't be a crime. Just because it makes you uncomfortable, don't make it immoral.

  • China Uses Giant Rail Gun to Shoot a Smart Bomb Nine Miles Into the Sky
  • You can launch payloads into orbit with less pollution and for cheaper. You can build habitations with the material and bring humans up the traditional way.

    Of course though, the powers that be are going to be more interested in killing each other.

  • Questionable methods.
  • Approximate placement I guess. Stonework would survive, wooden structures would collapse, human and animal remains would naturally form a curved cavity that's relatively strong.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • Phone calls are for urgency and very often I do need to respond quickly. I also expect and am disappointed when people don't answer calls from me because I only call for urgent matters.

    Even if my father knew how to send text messages, his fat, dry fingers can't use the on screen keyboard.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I want a real software dev team for linux phones. I don't have programming knowledge, but I can pitch in for a reoccurring crowdfund to pay them. The Pinephone is nice hardware, but Pine64 has always said that they're leaving the software up to the community.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I want people to stop thinking that their little quip to me is of the utmost importance. I want people to wait a few hours to tell me something instead of calling me while I'm driving and act insulted when I tell them to hurry up because I'm either driving or pulled over.

  • Questionable methods.
  • The best place would probably be the first place you found. The archeologist wouldn't have any clue to the exact position the person was in and over digging could ruin the find

    The person making the illustration though knew what they were doing.

  • Why are Republicans so obsessed with finding Pedos when they can just look at their own party?
  • Morons who think being a contrarian makes them a free thinker.

    I was stuck in a car with a friend of the family who's a gay conservative. The absolute brain rot he said for that trip still hurt. He hates Metrosexuals for messing with his Gaydar and thinks his boyfriend works at a porn store secretly and will get him fired form his job as an organist for the... Catholic Church. From his childhood stories, it was an incredibly toxic upbringing where they just threw barbs at each other growing up.

  • VTubers Duamerthrax
    What exactly are the "mini sweet peppers" that grocery stores sell?

    I had a customer come into my garden center today and ask for "those mini sweet peppers. you know, the ones grocery stores sell". I have no idea what those peppers are. I suggested a sweet pimento, but they wanted the grocery store was selling.

    I linked to what I think the person was talking about.

    Some "old internet" brand of interesting.

    I was thinking of how people on the old internet would just create and share stuff for the simple sake of doing it, without trying to grind the algorithm. This woman in the mid 00's would bike through Chernoby, taking pictures and checking rad levels along the way.

    Her anglefire page is defunk, but she has a youtube page now.

    And for an added level of interesting, here's the slashdot page where I originally found it.

    Help creating a BoM for the Ring Accelerator?


    I'm creating a BoM for a youth group project. We're planning on building the Electromagnetic Ring Accelerator from Hyperspace Pirate. He's provided the 3d print files, but not the finer details on wire gauge, enamel wire gauge and ball size. I also want to confirm the photoresistor. Are there different photoresistors with with different sensitivities or ranges?

    I've included the wip of the BoM.

    Ways to improve academic standing without going to community college?

    I'm in a catch 22 situation. I want to go to a four year college, but I was previously placed in the remedial track and have a poor academic standing. If I go to a community college, I could improve my grades, but the material they cover is a replacement for high school classes and I'd be precluded from signing up for entry classes at the four year college. This seems like to would put me at a disadvantage when that finally happened and I would only be setting myself up for long term failure.

    I'd consider CC if I could "transfer" in as a freshman to a four year, but the colleges I looked into all have rules against applying as a freshman if you have two years worth of credits. When I tried CC, the material was absolutely high school level just with smaller font in the textbooks.

    27 Holmdel Now Owns Crawford Hill, With Historic Horn Antenna

    Holmdel Committee nods to history, looks ahead to how the landmark Horn antenna site will be preserved for science and future generations.

    Holmdel Now Owns Crawford Hill, With Historic Horn Antenna
    VTubers Duamerthrax
    What's the deal with the suspicious usernames on youtube?

    I've been seeing a lot of usernames formatted "[lowercase][fourdigits]" or "user-[randomletternumbers]".

    Normally, I'd assume that that just means the name was already taken and the numbers are manually entered to make it unique, but the formatting is too consistent. Is that something google is doing automatically?

    The other one is real weird. Is that something some proxy sites are doing for anonymous posting?

    VTubers Duamerthrax
    TVS: Nijisanji Announces Graduations, Anonymous Nijisanji VTuber Leak, Why Kuro & MataraKan Joined VShojo
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