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Sleep is good for the body though...
  • It doesn't "cause it" in the sense that you must eat to gain weight.

    The laws of thermodynamics will not be denied by a nap.

    However, your passive caloric consumption is lessened at rest, so sleeping too much without changing your diet will absolutely lead to more fat being stored from the excess calories.

    Think of it like this: if your current weight is stable, you are at caloric equilibrium. If you change that equation, in any way, you will eventually reach a new equilibrium.

    You're burning less calories? More will be stored (as fat).

    You're taking in less calories? Fat cells take calories to maintain. Excess fat will burned until a new equilibrium is reached.

    But the equation that is the human metabolism is complicated. Cortisol causes weight gain by increasing appetite, aka, "stress eating."

    You very well might "lose weight by sleeping" if more sleep helps fix unhealthy eating habits by removing stress.

    Tl;Dr Calories in=calories out is a fact of universal law. Where it gets complicated is managing appetite and passive burn.

  • Appeal
  • I can call myself a Professional Moron Noticer and point to you but that doesn't make it true or fair.

    If you were to buck the odds and say something intelligent in response it would even attack my "expertise" publicly, like a "DEI Expert" saying some racist nonsense in a published article.

  • A map of the shooting
  • He used an AR-15 which in theory is accurate to about 300m for a proficient shooter, but amateur shooters shouldn't really expect more than 100m. If he hadn't fallen for the marketing campaign he'd have just used a deer rifle and probably gotten the bastard for half the cost.

    That all said, a lot of rifles have theoretical effective ranges that only apply to top marksmen, so anything would have worked if he'd had a steadier aim, but that's easier said than done.

  • Political Memes DragonTypeWyvern

    Coulda, shoulda, did nota

    Vote anyways