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Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • And you just know the burden of that new criminalization won't come with the expensive and long legal procedures needed to bad all the ad blockers but instead will just be a piecemeal tax charged to consumers

  • This needs its own song
  • I would say it's actually pretty easy to find a handful of good ones. Go to the top downloaded podcasts and you'll get Stuff You Should Know, Behind The Bastards, a couple of Max Fun podcasts etc. its when you want a podcast on your specific hobby or niche interest where it falls off a cliff.

  • In this house we share the bananas
  • It's interesting that capital assets are only defined through example in the IMF definition and when you use it later. I know what they mean intuitively but it's interesting that it doesn't seem like there's any hard line for what counts. Even when I look it up the definition is pretty loose.

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • I agree that commodifying food, especially locking nutrition behind class walls is barbaric. I also get that the current iteration of industrial farming is scary (don't get me wrong, it sucks shit) and that "small scale farming solutions just haven't been tried!" but clearly small scale farming is a long term fantasy that would take many decades of work and public acceptance, not even to mention the process of decommodifying the agriculture industry. All I'm saying is that if I'm playing in the same space, the method that would be the most environmentally friendly and efficient (not in an economic sense) is large scale industrial farms.

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