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They say each rupee has a little magic inside it
  • It’s a good classic but now I think a better punch line would be “Well excuuuuuuuse me, princess!”

  • dumbass
  • Uh, the name is Butthead

  • What is a stupid question?
  • Obvious bait

    but to answer your stupid question: Things that could be easily answered by a google search are pretty stupid to post here. The implied intention of this community, and the subreddit it was inspired by, is to provide a space for people to ask questions that don’t have an immediately identifiable and/or definite answer and require certain social understanding to navigate.

    “How many gallons of water to fill a pool?”, for example, is a question that does not belong here because you could easily find that info using a search engine (or even better, your pool’s owner’s manual).

    “How do you know when you’ve been swindled?” is something that does belong however, because it’s asking for personal experience to help navigate a situation that cannot be provided by a search engine.

  • If I live in a red state, would it be better to vote for rfk to take votes away from trump?
  • If you want Biden to win vote for Biden. Jesus fucking Christ.

    Gaming primaries is a ~potentially valid~ idea but in what world do you think voting for the other candidate in a winner-takes-all election would help your desired candidate win?

  • My cake day is coming up in 4 days. Is that a bid deal on Lemmy?
  • Glad it’s doing something for ya.

  • The tradition these men have
  • I should hope so with that improper use of the word “I.”

  • Why do car repair shops always assume you can leave while they work on your car?
  • What this means is you actually can’t afford to own a car and are trapped in the corpse of a long dead society that once would have enabled you to own a car.

  • US-Donated Weapons Has No Chance Against Russian Jamming [08:10 | JUL 13 24 | Military TV]
  • Oh man, I am now support Russia becuase YouTube video shows superior to USoA technology. Wrong to think of NATO

  • Why are there "driveway connections by permit only" signs on roads?
  • It’s probably the end result of a Republican controlled legislature enacting laws to regulate nonexistent problems—I’m sure some state rep had a friend who owned a sign vendor so he pushed through a local ordinance requiring signage to declare that you can’t drive onto a road, all sold as blocking “illegals” from “getting drivers licenses.”

  • New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch
  • The newton comes to mind, a hand held touch screen device that was launched a decade before the palm pilot fulfilling no use and being extremely expensive. Flash forward 30 years and everyone has a touch screen mobile computer in their pocket, but the newton was a complete failure.

  • How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?
  • Donebrach deleted their comment :(

  • How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?
  • Texas can suck it. If there was a bugs bunny saw available I’d be first in line in cutting it off the map.

  • How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?
  • I find it highly unlikely that a human being is deciding their living situation based on whether or not their utility provider is regulated.

  • How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?
  • Clearly by forcing their underaged daughters to breed new children to bolster the workforce against the illegals coming to steal all the electricity / election.

  • New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch
  • Vr is so niche, and a huge pain in the ass. I usually just use it for MS Flight Sim or other PC gaming (not gonna happen on a walled garden Apple device)—I can’t imaging doing any work in a vr headset.

    It’s unfortunate because I’d really like to see a Vision Pro Display in person (I’ve had a lot of hmds over the years and the quest 3 is really fantastic for a cheap ass device so I’m certain the Vision Pro is other worldly but at that price point it ain’t gonna happen).

  • New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch
  • Until a headset is as unobtrusive as a pair of eyeglasses it will not see mass appeal, especially since we’re in a general cultural climate of being exhausted with tech bullshit.

    I would surmise that in 15-25 years, Apple (or whatever company it becomes) puts out a device that does what they were trying to do with the Vision Pro, and it is adopted by society as the new standard. It would not be the first time they put out a massively expensive and wholly useless product decades ahead of its need.

  • Pros and cons of folding e-bikes | Digital Trends
  • Con: asshole train conductors with a chip on their shoulder and a minor power trip will harass you for having one where it is explicitly allowed.

  • Why are birds so shitty?
  • I feel your pain, there is one asshole bird in my neighborhood that chirps literally 24 hours a day, not sure how the fucker hasn’t starved to death by now since it never shuts up.

  • A dictionary is more useful than Urban Dictionary


    Just finished season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy--it is absolutely criminal that Paramount (or CBS or whoever) cancelled it

    That show was already great and season 2 delivered and then some. Sure at points it feels kinda star wars-y but you can tell the creators really love Star Trek. The fact it was so unceremoniously cancelled then dumped really shows how out of touch studio executives are with the IP’s they own. Especially considering how god awful the final season of Discovery was (l mostly liked that show but Season 5 really leaned into every weak point of the series and jacked it up to 11).

    Anyway, I am annoyed we’ll likely never get a 3rd season of Prodigy—and even if we do it likely will lose the lightning they caught with the first two seasons. If y’all have been sleeping on it, please check it out.


    Shower thoughts are just thoughts but in a shower

    You can’t have a shower thought outside a shower so how can it be that thoughts in a shower are outside in the shower?

    Bear with me, if you have a shower thought outside is it in a shower if you’re showering?


    Really not liking the new "radio on foot" feature and I wish they made it optional.

    Don’t got not other social to complain on so here I am: I really am hating the on-foot radio. I honestly find most of the radio music in the game to be kinda annoying and I’m really annoyed that I have to manually turn it off now every single time I exit a vehicle. I like it when driving, I like it when its on a physical diegetic source in the game (like when there’s a radio turned on on a table in a scav den) but now having to just have the radio all or nothing is honestly just annoying. I wish they had implemented a way to toggle this option in the game settings (if there is and I haven’t found it PLEASE let me know).

    anyone else feeling this way? I am honestly kinda confused that this was an addition. I’d think car customization was a bigger community ask than “having a constant stream of generally annoying music” was big on the list.


    This game is literally unplayable

    Why would the devs do this to V?