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What are the best Lemmy clients for iPhone?
  • Nothing beats Arctic.

  • Chai enjoying Caturday
  • Edited!

  • What notes do you find yourself on most often?
  • I have what I call an “Ivy Lee” note that opens in its own window at a particular location on my second monitor every time I open Obsidian. It contains a list of things that I “must do” that day, a second set of bullets for “stretch goals” for the day and some “no need to worry about” entries in case I get anxiety about those things. I edit it the previous evening. Part of the Ivy Lee methodology I’ve been following for quite a while now.

  • Korean corn dogs (potato and spicy) and an elote
  • Calling them what the store calls them.

  • McDonald's is getting rid of self-serve drinks and some locations may charge for refills
  • I wish had a dime for every time I’ve seen a homeless person walk into a McDonalds, Jack In The Box or similar, just fill up their skanky ass cup (I even saw one take a cup out of the trash can outside first) from the machine and walk out, of course without paying. Like it or not this move makes sense. I don’t mind asking an employee for a refill.

  • Brown headed cowbirds
  • My new insult.

  • The Serama is a tiny breed of chicken that weighs less than 500 grams
  • That’s the tiniest cock I ever done seen.

  • Calico coon
  • Bonus pic.

  • Calico coon
  • Confirming. She’s a she.

  • Is Memmy dead? No longer available on the Apple App Store
  • Biggest voyager issue for me is complete lack of notifications.

  • What todo app are you using?
  • Weird to not see (at the time I’m writing this) any mentions of “todoist” which people on forums have loved for ages. I’m not a fan at all so I’m glad to finally not see it as frequently. My preference for work, where I have multiple categories and statuses (including a “done and waiting for the other person to confirm” status) is Trello with some automations. For home, just simple reliable entry on phone and desktop, is Ticktick. I particularly love the natural date parsing built into Ticktick (can also be done in Trello with an automation), very useful for super fast task entry and due date/time scheduling.

  • "Loco Moco" from Over Easy in Phoenix AZ

    Rice, burger patty, over medium egg (my preference), mushroom gravy, crispy onion straws and micro greens.


    [General] Ketchup on Chicago-style hotdogs is delicious

    So many people have told me that it’s unacceptable to put ketchup on hotdogs, in particular Chicago-style ones. I’ve done it for years and highly enjoy the flavour. Absolutely S-tier topping AFAIC.

    What show are you re-watching?
  • I rewatch shows regularly. Right now I’m watching The Lost Room, Glitch (Australian), The Sandman and Penny Dreadful again. And a Korean food series on Netflix called “A Nation Of Broth”, because I love Korean food.

  • To those with 2+ monitors on your machine: What's your use case, and how much does it actually boost your productivity?
  • 2 27” 4k monitors. I do 98% of everything on the main monitor. The screen to the right contains a few sticky notes (I use Zhorn Stickies) and a Ticktick widget with all my tasks for the day. When I start up Obsidian, I have a saved Ivy Lee list that appears in a spot on the right side monitor as well. It’s just basically quick-glance scrap space.

  • Workers united!
  • Compare to the prices of double cheeseburgers at Five Guys. $12 each.

  • Garlic bagel w/ nova lox, tomato, cream cheese, onion and capers
  • It’s definitely an acquired taste but the flavor combo works really well. For me anyway. Full disclosure, I destroyed my tastebuds with high-chili curries during my youth so anything light in flavour isn’t always immediately appealing to me.

    Capers and salmon is a very common combo.