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Secret Pentagon Anti-Vax Campaign Discredited Chinese COVID Vaccine
  • Glenn Greenwald is a right-wing conspiracy huckster. He's demonstrated enough questionable beliefs to cast shadows on the rest of his work.

  • Options for equalizing temperature between the basement and the rest of the house in summer?
  • If you pull air from the basement, it's going to get replaced with warmer, wetter air from upstairs. As it cools the air is going to deposit that water on the coolest surfaces. You might be trading this problem for another, more damaging one.

  • Human to bat comparison
  • Looks like pro-vampire propaganda to me. Take it somewhere else, Renfield.

  • Supreme Court Upholds Law That Bans Domestic Abusers From Owning Guns
  • The could always just carry a pocket full of acorns.

  • Some kid near my house got the state to put up a cool sign

    and there are 5 signs on every post.

  • Researchers invent 100% biodegradable 'barley plastic'
  • We already have "biodegradable" plastic made from corn starch. It's not truly biodegradable, I reserve the right to wait for more information about whether barley starch is any better.

  • One stranger liked what I posted. I hope he liked it :)
  • I generally upvote everything in my feed, and I default to "everything". It's not you, it's me.

  • This union was not meant to be.
  • Integer multiples of prime factors?

    I think 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38.

  • This union was not meant to be.
  • Max volume in my Subaru is 38. So any whole number divisor of that is fine with me.

  • What if you drained the oceans?
  • I'm kinda interested in what Mars would look like with all that water. Small northern ocean, or small southern continent?

  • Doctor accused of illegally obtaining health data of Texas Children's patients, in crusade against Transgender medical treatments
  • No, see? It's okay because it's the truth. You're allowed to break any law in America as long as it's used to spread "the truth".

  • Looking for cable management advice
  • Gutters. Go to your local Home Depot clone, get 8 feet (or cut one shorter) of vinyl gutter and some clips to hang them under your desk. Cut to length, hang under your desk.

  • What are the most evil media corporations in the world?
  • Not evil enough. Can't even get good heroin anymore.

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • They have these in Amsterdam. Each room comes with its own maid.

  • A vaccine for bees has an unexpected effect.
  • Always associated vaccines with viruses. I guess i never really thought about it.

  • The Witcher III - Northern Realms
  • Todd, you sunuvabitch...

  • FTC Non-compete rule published in Federal Register

    This goes into effect September 4, 2024. Employers with existing non-compete agreements must post the notice on page 163 (38504). After that date you may accept a job offer from anybody, including a direct competitor, and not worry about violating any non-compete agreement.


    PCIe slots and compatibility MSI B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI, ATX - Intel 13th/12th Gen - 12 Phases, DDR5, PCIe 4.0, 2.5G LAN, Wi-Fi 6E

    B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI is designed with tons of connectivity, flexible tools, and convenient Wi-Fi solution with DDR5 memory version for gamers who want all.

    MSI B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI, ATX - Intel 13th/12th Gen - 12 Phases, DDR5, PCIe 4.0, 2.5G LAN, Wi-Fi 6E

    I recently bought this motherboard, based on descriptions on and B&H's website. Both sites claim the board has 5 PCIe x16 slots (2x version 4, and 3x version 3). But I have the board in front of me, and while it certainly has full length slots, most of the pins are missing in all but one of them. Closer examination of the MSI website has this to say:

    • 5x PCI-E x16 slot

    • PCI_E1 Gen PCIe 4.0 supports up to x16 (From CPU)

    • PCI_E2 Gen PCIe 3.0 supports up to x1 (From Chipset)

    • PCI_E3 Gen PCIe 4.0 supports up to x4 (From Chipset)

    • PCI_E4 Gen PCIe 3.0 supports up to x1 (From Chipset)

    • PCI_E5 Gen PCIe 3.0 supports up to x1 (From Chipset)

    Have I been swindled? Am I just stupid or ignorant?


    Followup on the vehicle "kill switch" mandated by the Infrastructure Bill

    From my previous comment, it looks like NHTSA is moving faster than I predicted. We're now at step 1, with this Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

    (edit: I jumped the gun, we're still at step '0' on my original list)

    Most of this notice seems to be a report on why 'impaired driving' is bad. I see alcohol, cannabis, mobile phone use, drowsiness...etc.

    >Due to technology immaturity and a lack of testing protocols, drugged driving is not being considered in this advance notice of proposed rulemaking.

    Makes sense.

    >There is no clear and consistent engineering or industry definition of ‘‘impairment.’’

    Yep, another unclear request by Congress.

    >NHTSA believes that Congress did not intend to limit NHTSA’s efforts under BIL to alcohol impairment.

    Okay, that's fair.

    >Camera-based-systems, however, are increasingly feasible and common in vehicles.


    >The Safety Act also contains a ‘‘make inoperative’’ provision, which prohibits certain entities from knowingly modifying or deactivating any part of a device or element of design installed in or on a motor vehicle in compliance with an applicable FMVSS. Those entities include vehicle manufacturers, distributors, dealers, rental companies, and repair businesses. Notably, the make inoperative prohibition does not apply to individual vehicle owners. While NHTSA encourages individual vehicle owners not to degrade the safety of their vehicles or equipment by removing, modifying, or deactivating a safety system, the Safety Act does not prohibit them from doing so. This creates a potential source of issues for solutions that lack consumer acceptance, since individual owners would not be prohibited by Federal law from removing or modifying those systems (i.e., using defeat mechanisms).

    Note that "make inoperative" does not apply to a "kill switch" in this case. NHTSA uses the term to mean "disabling required safety devices". For example, as an individual vehicle owner, it's perfectly legal for you to remove the seatbelts from your car, despite Federal requirements. But it's illegal for the entities listed above to do it. (This example doesn't extend to state regulations. It's legal for you to remove your seatbelts, but may still be illegal to drive a car without them.)

    There's a short 'discussion' here regarding how to passively detect impaired driving, noting the difficulties of creating such a system. Followed by a note that basically says if they can't do it within 10 years, NHTSA can give up and not do it, as stated in the Infrastructure law.

    There's a long section on how to detect various types of impairment, current methods of preventing impaired driving, etc. An interesting section about detecting blood-alcohol level using infrared sensors embedded in the steering wheel. Body posture sensors can be used to detect driver distraction.

    This is followed by a brief overview of the technologies NHTSA is considering:

    >Camera-Based Driver Monitoring Sensors

    >Hands-On-Wheel Sensors

    >Lane Departure and Steering Sensors

    >Speed/Braking Sensors

    >Time-Based Sensors

    >Physiological Sensors

    On page 850 (21 of the PDF), NHTSA asks for feedback to several questions. There are a few pages of relevant issues, so I won't cover them here. If you wish, you can go here to leave a comment. Please don't leave irrelevant garbage like "I oppose this on the grounds of my Constitutional rights..." While applicable in this situation, it's irrelevant to NHTSA, and commenting like that will just waste everybody's time. There's a section on page 855 (26 of the PDF) about Privacy and Security.

    That's that. Let me know I can answer any of your questions. I'll try to come back to this post throughout the day and see what's happening. But, I do not work for NHTSA, so can't remark on agency thought process.