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  • Humans aren't real and they can't hurt me.

    The only reason I don't qualify for messy room (anymore) is that I share bedroom with my spouse. Once the kids move out and I can get my own home office, I'll probably be able to check it again.

    Pretty sure I'm not creepy. People don't seem to avoid me or complain.

  • Doing it this way is interesting anyway
  • Not a real option for me, unfortunately. I have kids, which necessitates picking up any old number in case one of my kids lost their phone and are trying to get hold of me by borrowing from a stranger.

  • Doing it this way is interesting anyway
  • That might be the case, though often it is young people voluntarily looking for some easy money.

    But either way, it's not right what they do and every minute I take of their time is a minute they don't spend scamming a more gullible person who does not deserve their savings stolen.

  • down with the (rule)ing class
  • You could do the extreme minimum of preventing a fascist government.

    Or you could complain that the extreme minimum doesn't have those chocolate sprinkles that you like and step aside for fascism.

    Of course people will see that as supporting fascism.

  • Annoyance
  • You'd still want to socialize :) and people who do irritating things are never (beyond grade school) doing it on purpose. They are friends and colleagues that you want and need to spend time with.

    But yeah, you have more control as an adult and minor adjustments make it work. Sit further from the guy who cuts his knife in the plate, go lunch by yourself outside if you're tired and the lady with the constand loud jovial laugh is at work today, use home office every few days, etc.

    Understanding there is a difference that you need to adjust for and not just feeling you have to tough it out constantly, makes all the difference for most.

  • Annoyance
  • The latter, yes. To make a very blunt but (to me) accurate comparison:

    Imagine every work lunch involves people slapping your eyeballs with sausages every ten seconds. It's fine. You are prepared for it. You have years of practice not letting it visibly bother you. But every once in a while you are not 100% up for it and ask people to "please, sorry, just take a break with the... fucking sausages for five minutes?" and you have completely and utterly fucked up socially.

    Just don't let the sausage eye-slapping bother you.

    It is wrong for you to be annoyed by it. Your feelings are wrong.

    Other people don't even notice and you must be like that too.

    This in all situations for years and years and the end result is a weird kind of toughening. You get really good at not caring that you sit uncomfortably, are too cold, too hot, are scared, bump your elbow, are exhausted, etc. Then you can get annoyed by people around you letting minor inconveniences stop them while simultaneously calling you sensitive.

  • La-li-lu-le-lo
  • No shade on the game, but the way people look at the barely conprehensible bloated MESS and think "it is hard to understand therefore it is smart and clever and deep wow" frequently pisses me off. Probably because we have the same tendency in software development.

    I have dug in and understood some parts, and so far it's a spaghetti bowl of retcon, made-up-on-the-spot stuff, very shallow metaphors, seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time and more ill-fitting retcon duct tape.

    It's just bloated by growing too long with no strong direction.

    And it's fine! The game is super and fun. It obviously doesn't need good plot so we shouldn't have to pretend that it has either. :)

  • What do you think would happen if your life were captured and aired like on The Truman Show?
  • People would yell impatiently at the screen so often they'd get a hernia and sue the show's producers for injury.

    "Jesus christ you are sitting uncomfortably and you are thirsty and need to pee you KNOW it so don't fucking sit on the sofa staring at the clock for fifteen fucking minutes again I swear to god I can see on your FACE that you are not relaxing"

  • Could anyone explain the linguistics around the word "shit"?
  • Words don't all have meaning in isolation. :) The examples you give just have meaning based on the combination of words.

    A bit like letters. We don't think "r" is contradictory because in "fart" it describes something foul and it "tart" it describes somerthing tasty.

  • I don't have to put 'rule' in the title



    AuDHD meme: why is it always thinking

    25 Friday Facts #413 - Gleba | Factorio

    IntroductionAlbert Making a new world in Factorio is relatively "easy", just create a new set of tilesets for the ground, add some new models of trees, create a bunch of new decoratives, some decals (optional), a new skin for the cliffs (optional), and bam! you get a new planet. Well, to be fair,...

    Friday Facts #413 - Gleba | Factorio

    Music reminds me of Terraria!


    The Netherlands' entry Joost Klein not rehearsing 'until further notice' over 'incident' Eurovision 2024: The Netherlands' entry Joost Klein not rehearsing 'until further notice' over 'incident'

    The Netherlands' track Europapa is one of the most memorable of the show and was described by one critic as "so bad" it will "put you off music forever".

    Eurovision 2024: The Netherlands' entry Joost Klein not rehearsing 'until further notice' over 'incident'

    Gåte - Ulveham (Official Music Video)


    Why I miss social cues


    Angelina Mango - La Noia (Italia 🇮🇹) | PrePartyES 2024

    Contrary to most other performers, I think Angelina's performance sounds much better in the live perfoemances than the studio version.


    My city has a rule that forbids feeding birds


    Viking laundry rule


    Friday Facts #398 - Fulgora Friday Facts #398 - Fulgora | Factorio

    Hello there, Where shall we go today?

    Friday Facts #398 - Fulgora | Factorio

    Death metal logo rulebreaking


    Any Factorians excited for Shapez 2? shapez - shapez 2 – Play the Demo NOW! - Steam News

    You can finally give the game a go and let us know what you think

    shapez - shapez 2 – Play the Demo NOW! - Steam News

    I read about Shapez going 3D a few years back, and it initially sounded silly and pointless, but tried the new demo, and now I'm very excited for it to release in early access.

    Gameplay-wise it's pure distilled optimization puzzles, and the 3D graphics give it an abstract surreal vibe that I find very comforting.


    Cat philosopher rule


    This reminded me of myself age 8-9 when I would get stressed if I didn't "undo" any rotations of my body, or rounds around a table. Quite to the annoyance of my teachers and parents. Did anyone else have a phase similar to this?


    Friday Facts #393 - Putting things on top of other things Friday Facts #393 - Putting things on top of other things | Factorio

    Hello, I have an irresistible urge to tell you a little story. I'm sure you come here for stories, don't you?

    Friday Facts #393 - Putting things on top of other things | Factorio

    Computer necRULEmancy


    First spoon run post v1.0

    Originally got the sub 8 hour achievement during a 2-player game in Early Access, back when you had to collect alien orbs to get science. It was before cliffs, and logistics bots were easier to get, so I was curious if it would be much easier or much harder.

    And not least I wanted to get the achievement "properly legitimately", i.e. single player release version.

    All in all it was easier than I feared! With proper settings I didn't even encounter the biters even though they were present, and the run was doable by just winging it with little pre-planning and no restarts.

    Yeah yeah it's a phone photo. I originally took it to brag on snapchat. :)


    Can You Get to the END OF THE WORLD in Factorio?

    For those unfamiliar, DoshDoshington's Factorio videos tend to be anywhere from 50 to 500 hours tightly edited into 1-ish hour.

    Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone!


    Friday Facts #388 - Smaller things for 2.0 Friday Facts #388 - Smaller things for 2.0 | Factorio

    Hello, we have shown some bigger things recently, so it is time to also show some smaller things, because the bigger things wouldn't shine that good without the smaller things working properly!

    Friday Facts #388 - Smaller things for 2.0 | Factorio

    A strategy for minimizing procrastination

    This popped up for me today, and I realized is very close to how I manage to trick myself to get things done even when it feels like my body's parking brake is on.

    To me it feels like just "building momentum" in any way helps. If I'm in working mode, it's easier to pick up a cleaning task than if I'm in sofa mode. Sometimes just cleaning some lint from the table is enough to get the ball rolling.

    Does anyone else have this, or similar techniques?