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How do we replace YouTube?
  • The technology mostly exists. The most important question is always how do you get people to use it.

    The only way I see people using decentralized solutions is by having one interface where you can watch decentralized content as well as YouTube. That way they don't loose any of the content or convenience.

    No one ever bothers to open up two apps for videos, that is why a single app solution is the only way.

    The unique selling point of decentralized video plattforms atm is 1) you can watch what is banned on YouTube 2) you are not beholden to the YouTube algorithm for conent.

    So if we can sell that to users and not have them loose any convenience or UX, you can slowly start replacing YouTube.

    Monetization is also an important point, but others have addressed this.

  • Finally, proof that the aliens were working with Hitler!
  • The oldest instances can be found with Ancent North Eurasian descendants and both Indo-Europeans and Native Americans are like 50% descended from ANE. We know that many myths have been proven to go back to them, so why not symbols too.

    Memes stick around for way longer than most people think, at least when you look at it through a phylomemetic lens.

  • RahXephon outro

    Sadly I can't find a good quality version of the Japanese version, only of the horrible English version


    So Ra No Wo To AMV [mild spoilers]

    Seems like this anime has been mostly forgotten, but it's a real gem. Similar to Girl's Last Tour, Haibane Renmei and I would dare to say even Studio Ghibli movies.

    Posting this AMW because there's no high quality content about it on YouTube.

    Animemes DavidGarcia

    Dogging your walk


    Garden fungus? update

    Here is the same mushroom from my last post but 3 days later and photographed from the other side.

    I feels like a rock with a rubbery coating.

    It seems to be growing what looks like roots?

    It doesn't seem like it's dying off, rather it seems to be growing stronger.

    It's growing under a pear tree, maybe it's feeding off of dead roots?

    I'm thinking maybe a ganoderma?

    Here is a closeup and one from the same angle as my last post:



    Edit: Here it is 3 days ago:



    Some fungus? growing in my garden

    Does anyone have any idea what this is?

    I thought it was a moldy pear (it's under a pear and apple tree, next to some sage and valerian), but it's hardish and attached to the ground.