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What's the best possible justification for vandalizing a library?
  • Because library patrons are the ones setting military policy ofc.... Glad the message is reaching the right people.

  • Arizona toddler rescued after getting trapped in a Tesla with a dead battery | The Model Y’s 12-volt battery, which powers things like the doors and windows, died
  • No. You just need to be able to exit without power. Getting back in mechanically isn't a requirement.

    It should be, but it's not.

  • Little League Rule
  • It's not immoral until you start having your kid throw games to swing the odds in your favor.

  • App crashing
  • No. Battery optimization is disabled for this app, it's far more abrupt than a power managed app, and there are crash logs.

  • App crashing
  • This appears daily for the last 2 weeks:


    java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.Class java.lang.Object.getClass()' on a null object reference at Source:118) at$componentCallback$1$onTrimMemory$1.onPreDraw(Unknown Source:16) at android.view.ViewTreeObserver.dispatchOnPreDraw( at android.view.ViewRootImpl.performTraversals( at android.view.ViewRootImpl.doTraversal( at android.view.ViewRootImpl$ at android.view.Choreographer$ at android.view.Choreographer$ at android.view.Choreographer.doCallbacks( at android.view.Choreographer.doFrame( at android.view.Choreographer$ at android.os.Handler.handleCallback( at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage( at android.os.Looper.loopOnce( at android.os.Looper.loop( at at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) at$ at

    END of stacktrace

    Thread info

    Name: main ID: 2 State: RUNNABLE Priority: 5 Thread group name: main Thread group parent: system Thread group active count: 32 Thread time: 0 hr 5 min, 5 sec

    END of thread info

    Device info

    Report ID: 14f3b073-a751-49aa-9a7b-222db9bf0e15 Device ID: 88a115ded4d03269 Application version: 69 Default launcher: Timezone name: Pacific Standard Time Timezone ID: America/Vancouver Version release: 14 Version incremental : A546WVLS7CXE1 Version SDK: 34 Board: s5e8835 Bootloader: A546WVLS7CXE1 Brand: samsung CPU ABIS 32: armeabi-v7a, armeabi CPU ABIS 64: arm64-v8a Supported ABIS: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi Device: a54x Display: UP1A.231005.007.A546WVLS7CXE1 Fingerprint: samsung/a54xcs/a54x:14/UP1A.231005.007/A546WVLS7CXE1:user/release-keys Hardware: s5e8835 Host: SWDK6120 ID: UP1A.231005.007 Manufacturer: samsung Product: a54xcs Build time: 1715231961000 Build time formatted: 08-05-2024 22:19:21 Type: user Radio: A546WVLS7CXE1,A546WVLS7CXE1 Tags: release-keys User: dpi User IDs: N/A Is sustained performance mode supported: No Is in power save mode: No Is in interactive state: Yes Is ignoring battery optimizations: Yes Thermal status: STATUS_NONE Location power save mode: MODE_NO_CHANGE Is device idle: No Battery percentage: 91 Battery remaining time: 31-12-1969 16:00:00 Is battery charging: No Is device rooted: No CPU Model: N/A Number of CPU cores: 8 Up time with sleep: 509 hr 22 min, 56 sec Up time without sleep: 340 hr 53 min, 28 sec

    END of Device info

    Exit reasons

    Exit reason #1 Description: crash Importance: FOREGROUND Reason: CRASH Timestamp: 22-06-2024 10:50:05 END of exit reason #1

    Exit reason #2 Description: crash Importance: FOREGROUND Reason: CRASH Timestamp: 22-06-2024 06:08:27 END of exit reason #2

    Exit reason #3 Description: crash Importance: FOREGROUND Reason: CRASH Timestamp: 21-06-2024 19:44:57 END of exit reason #3

    END of exit reasons

    Application info

    App name: Jerboa Version code: 69 Version name: 0.0.69 Package name: com.jerboa Short package name: jerboa Flavor: N/A Signatures: nORRaWmGNmrBj18PL/p3svEr/s4= Is debuggable: No First installed: 27-09-2023 19:04:21 Last updated: 15-06-2024 01:37:51 Requested permissions: android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.INTERNET, android.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIO, android.permission.READ_MEDIA_IMAGES, android.permission.READ_MEDIA_VIDEO, com.jerboa.DYNAMIC_RECEIVER_NOT_EXPORTED_PERMISSION, android.permission.READ_MEDIA_VISUAL_USER_SELECTED Default prefs: N/A Default prefs: N/A

    END of Application info

    Currently running foreground/background processes


    END of running foreground/background processes info

  • App crashing

    I've noticed with the last 2-3 versions of the app (currently 0.0.69, nice); the app crashes 2/3rds of the time when returning to it from being in the background.

    Open the app, switch to another app, switch back a couple min later and it closes then reopens as if you'd just started it for the first time today (losing whatever post you had open).

    Curious if others are experiencing this?

    Android 14, One UI 6.1

    Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Both the client and server connect to which then brokers the connection between them. They essentially work as a very limited vpn between your clients and server.

    This also gives them unrestricted access to the entirety of data passed between devices; and the ability to request any and all info from your server to be handed to whoever they chose.

    This is also how they allow you to 'share' content/libraries with each others servers; through their public infrastructure that's collecting your information. Information they then sell to third parties to support their development and broker content agreements.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Yes. Emby was originally open source, but people would regularly fork it to remove the licensing. When they chose to go closed source; jellyfin forked that final release and has built from there.

    Emby has a premier licencing system to support their development, instead of selling user data and making deals with content providers like Plex, or depending on OSS development/contributions like Jellyfin.

    As far as I understand almost 80% of jellyfins current code is the original Emby code (called 'media browser' or 'MB' at the time), though to be fair, I haven't verified that claim.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • The number of people I've come across that are absolutely baffled by the concept of port forwarding....

    Then you add CGNAT ontop and things can get really complicated for someone unfamiliar.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Plex is a privacy nightmare that's slowly trying to faze out you having a server all together in favor of feeding you commercialized content from other providers; and many people find Jellyfin is far too unpolished/disorganized for a lot of debatable reasons I won't go into.

    I've been quite happy with the middle ground: Emby. It's not FOSS, but is well polished with consistent development, great feature parity across platforms, excellent clients for pretty much every device I'd want to use, and a helpful community ready to assist with any problems you come across. They also have a heavy focus on privacy; with no third party partners collecting your info like Plex, and no telemetry sent from servers/clients.

    The lifetime premier license I bought 7 years ago was well worth it.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • they probably made a really good return before it shut down.

    Part of the sentence was to forfeit $1million in profits, I'd say they did pretty well for themselves.

  • The return of pneumatic tubes
  • As long as you didn't want to send it whole...

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Cheaper, but it's still not cheap and I really don't have a whole lot of disposable income rn.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Up until now, I've been using the convert tool in Emby server. You can select a whole library and convert it, or individual items/playlists/collections; with options to automatically convert new media as it's added.

    Tbh, I've been having a bit of trouble with it re-converting media it's already done, so I was looking for another solution.

    Someone in this thread mentioned tdarr, so I'm going to be looking into that this weekend. Seems like a much more manageable tool with more powerful options.

    /edit; I should also mention, this is a long process. Using an rtx4080, it was almost 3 full months non-stop to convert my entire media library from mostly h264 -> h265.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Because the legal options are garbage.

    The pirates provide a better service with more content for cheaper than the legal options; and pirating yourself takes effort as well as cost (hardware, trackers, usenet, etc).

    Some people are happy to just pay for decent service; others like to learn about the process, then setup and run their own servers.

    To each their own.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Tdarr: (Automatic transcoding of media, can help save you a lot of disk space)

    That's a new one to me, I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

    Been doing conversions via Emby, but it's not a very powerful tool for that.

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • Storage is expensive :/

    That's already almost 36tb, after conversion to HEVC which compressed it ~40%

  • Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • I wonder how that compares to my own collection...

    I haven't found a source for the size of Netflix/Amazon/Hulus libraries; but I haven't looked all that hard either.

  • Over 8 years using (re)vanced and I've finally gotten my first playback issue:

    All roads videos lead here:


    Honestly I'm surprised it took this long. The only other issue I've ever seen (between revanced and the original vanced app) is the watch history not saving a couple weeks back.


    Prevent Radarr managing anything except video files?

    When a file is manually replaced, for example after converting from an mp4 to an mkv; radarr decides to delete everything in that movies folder: posters, backdrops, subtitles, NFO files, leaving only the new video file; even though none of these were created or managed by Radarr ever.

    This causes Emby to have to rescan/reidentify the item, re-downloading all the extra data, and it's now lost all custom metadata that was stored in the nfo, particularly the original date added to emby and it now has no subtitles.

    How can I prevent this?


    Whats this '1' + down arrow icon?

    I've started noticing this icon more and more: usually on comments with no downvotes. What's it mean?



    What are your favorite tools for monitoring Linux and individual docker containers?

    CPU/GPU/RAM/Disk usage, logs, errors, network usage, overall status, etc

    What do you use/prefer?

    Mainly looking for self-hosted web based tools, stuff I can view from a browser; but desktop and CLI apps are welcome too :)


    Bitwarden master password and public server auth

    I have what may be a stupid question...

    How is it your master password is both used to decrypt your vault and used to authenticate with bitwardens public servers to acquire a copy of your vault/view it in the web app, but bitwarden can't use that password entry to decrypt the vault themselves?

    (please correct me if I'm misunderstanding, as I use self-hosted vaultwarden for my server instead of the public ones)


    SquareSpace dropping the ball.

    After almost a year of repeated emails stating the transition from Google Domains will have no effect on customers, no action is required; I just got this email:

    > Update Dynamic DNS records Hi there, As previously communicated, Squarespace has purchased all domain name registrations and related customer accounts from Google Domains. Customers are in the process of being moved to Squarespace Domains, but before we migrate your domain [redacted] we wanted to inform you that a feature you use, Dynamic DNS (DDNS), will not be supported by Squarespace.

    So apparently SquareSpace will be entirely useless to me and I've got "as soon as 30 days" to move.

    Got any suggestions for good registrars to migrate to?

    (it's a .pw domain if that matters)

    /edit. I'm a moron.

    I already use cloudflare as my name server, Google/SquareSpace only handles the registration.

    I'll be fine. Thanks for the help everyone!

    Self-Hosted Main Darkassassin07

    Paperless-ngx behind nginx? I'm lost.

    -post won't delete, so redacted instead-

    0 Support / Questions Darkassassin07

    Anyone else locked out of Jerboa?

    Got 'invalid login' when viewing my profile after the lemmy update, logged out, re-setup 2fa using a browser and now Jerboa crashes when pressing the 'login' button after entering my details.

    Disabled 2fa and still the same results.

    Consistently crashing in the same spot every time I try.

    Switched to Boost for this post.

    Self-Hosted Main Darkassassin07

    Can you recommend a good Docker tutorial?

    I've got docker installed and I've got a single container running (vaultwarden) via the docker pull/docker run commands provided on its Github page. I'm not sure how to learn more about that container or how to build (compose?) others myself.

    I'd like to learn how to transition nginx and pihole to containers and network them together. I'd also like to add paperless-ngx to my setup.

    (note: I'm very new to Linux in general, mostly rpis, poking around with debian now)



    Does boost support 2 factor auth?

    I can't login: If i use the incorrect user+pass I get 'incorrect login' if I use the correct ones I get 'login failed'.

    There is no option to enter my required 2fa code...

    /edit switched apps then switched back and the 2fa field showed up but refused my code. Force stopped the app and got the same 'login failed' message switched apps again and back; now it shows all fields and finally logged me in correctly.

    Seems buggy af.


    Google -> SquareSpace?

    I've only ever had my domain registered via Google Domains (~7 years), mostly because it was cheap+convenient, and google already had my billing info. Google has however sold its domain registration services to SquareSpace and will soon be transitioning customers there.

    Not upset to be removing one more bit of google from my life, but I don't know much about SquareSpace and I'm not sure if I should just go with the transition to them or perhaps move to a different registrar... If I was to move, where too?

    Curious what others think about the situation and company.

    Are you a Google domains customer? What's your plan? Why?


    Why is text selection such a broken mess on so many websites? Why does this have to be such a hassle??

    Using Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Samsungs 'Internet' app, and every other browser I've used/tried on Android:

    I'll go to select some text on a page by long-pressing on it and it'll select the word I'm touching as well as expand that selection to a somewhat random amount of additional text (usually not following any structure such as selecting a whole sentence for example).

    I'll then go to adjust that selection by grabbing one of the two tabs on either end of it and the moment I do, the opposite tab jumps to a completely random spot on the page vastly expanding the selection, then the whole page scrolls to an entirely different section; Leaving me holding one end of the selection unable to see what was originally selected. I can't scroll to where I was, and If I let go and just click copy I've now copied 90%of the page to my clipboard.... Attempting to modify the selection any further yields the same lack of control and just makes things worse.

    This doesn't happen everywhere, but I get these results far far more often than a successful copy+paste. Like just now trying to copy an address from a local transit guide.

    I end up having to drop the paste into a notepad app, reselect the bit I actually wanted (if it even made it into the pile of garbage I was forced to grab) then delete the note once I'm done.

    This is fucking stupid and I hate it. Rant over. Thank you for listening.

    /edit: I don't have the power to pin a comment, but [email protected] has a great solution: Use the rectangle select tool in androids 'Edge Panel' (must be enabled in settings), then press the 'T' button to copy text from the area you've selected.


    Has anyone else found firefox absurdly slow on android?

    I'm not talking about an extra 10-15sec, but easily 2-3 full minutes (I've sat here with a timer checking) to load pages, sometimes not loading them at all. Particularly with login pages, but even just homepages.

    Dropbox, Cloudflare, Various companies forums, My bank, Google; each of these sites and more I've had firefox either not load at all, or take so long I've been able to copy the link into Chrome, do what I need there, then come back to Firefox still 'loading' a blank white page.

    I just don't understand. I want to migrate away from Chrome and use Firefox, but it's been unusably slow when it even loads anything at all.

    P.S. In the time I've taken to write this (~5min) plus the time to decide to post and find this community firefox has still not loaded my cloudflare dash... (typed in the address, waited a while, gave up and came here but left it open)

    /edit: I should note I have ublock installed, but I get the same results with it disabled most of the time.

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    Block an entire instance

    How do I block an entire instance?

    I'm getting really really sick of blocking dozens of communities from lemmynsfw every single day. It never ends ffs.

    If I want porn, I'll go looking for porn. It shouldn't be every third post in my feed.

    Honestly, how is anyone supposed to join Lemmy if they all just get flodded with mountains of porn??? I can't imagine anyone that's not already invested in being here wanting to join. (unless their looking for a pornhub alt I guess...)

    Not everything NSFW is porn and I'm not looking to remove non-porn so permanently hiding everything tagged NSFW isn't a solution.


    [fixed] Bug: Comments indented in opposite order.

    When viewing individual comment trees, usually by opening a comment from my own history that has replies on it, or just clicking view context: the original comment is the furthest indented, with the replies indented one less, and further replies to those less indented still until the lowest level comment appears as the oc, but at the bottom of the list.

    Here's an example:



    Bug: Hyperlink touch region extends well beyond the green highlighted text.

    An example (text obfuscated as it's irrelevant):


    The entire area of this screenshot except the white text, post time, and space immediately between those two; opens one of the hyperlinks. (ie: all of the empty space to the right of the green links, all the way up to the edge of the screen, as well as the green text itself)

    I wouldn't expect or want empty space to open links, particularly if I'm trying to minimize/collapse a comment with questionable links in it.


    Incorrect post opening.

    I'm pretty frequently having a different post open than the one I click on in my feed. Usually opening a post that's not even on my screen or within a few posts in either direction; it seems to pick one at random.



    Collapsed comment trees re-expand

    When viewing comments and collapsing them; if you leave that view for any reason like creating/editing a comment or taping on a username, when you return to those comments they have all expanded again losing the place you've scrolled to.