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Microsoft Rule
  • I tried the switch a while back and gave up. I tried a few months ago again with Mint and I haven't looked back. Now I'm looking to change to another distro. Mint is the perfect Linux entry drug. Just install it on another drive if you have one kicking around so you don't commit to destroying your windows install just yet.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • I've seen this movie before. They will make it enabled by default and make it difficult to disable. Then a few years later someone will figure out that this data that was supposed to be "private and encrypted" was being sent out to Microsoft, who will get a slap on the wrist, half assedly apologize and immediately move on to even more anti consumer ways to squeeze more income out of its users for "growth".

  • Ok бuddy
  • 9Gag is pretty bad with them as well. They used to push anti-vax and anti-mask disinformation with obvious bad faith arguments there during the COVID period. Then when the "special military operation" started in Ukraine they immediately switched to posting pro-Russia bullshit.

    Until then I was only thinking this sort of nonsense was there as a result of the website being more open to diverse political views, for better or worse. But that sudden switch made me realize that it was actually a team of people trying to sow the seeds of disarray in any way they could for the Western world by pushing disinformation like this on websites mostly frequented by young adult males, who can be vulnerable to radicalization. To think back to it, it was obvious that they were using a bot farm to upvote their content as well. I haven't set foot on that echo chamber or propaganda and conspiracy nonsense since then. I can only assume this sort of thing is still going on there.

  • A street path named desire
  • I think the idea is to slow down the cyclists as they approach the intersection. But I bet cyclists going through it are too concerned about getting smoked in the kneecaps by that hard metal barrier if they don't go through the chicane exactly the right way to pay attention to what's coming at the intersection. Sounds like bad design. Good intentions don't necessarily mean good results.

  • Anyone else experiencing weird bugs lately on their Pixel 7?

    I have had a three strange bugs and glitches happen to me on my GrapheneOS Pixel 7 today. First my e-mail account (FairEmail) stopped working properly and required a device reboot to fix. Then later in the day my home WIFI accounts set themselves to 'disabled' without my input, something that never happened before. And just now my cameras wouldn't work in both of the camera apps I am running and I had to reboot once again to fix it. This is very weird because I've never had problems like that before and now I've gotten 3 in the same day.

    I'm hoping that it's not a hardware issue. I've had this phone for only 1 year. Anyone else started experiencing strange issues like this recently?

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