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So is Israel just going to completely overtake Palestine?
  • Gaza has a border with Egypt as well. If Egypt were so inclined, they could open it and allow all sorts of trade and humanitarian relief. They could even set up a refugee camp to protect civilians from harm. They would rather not open the border because they don't want Hamas to get a toe hold in Egypt.

    Also as far as mineral rights go, the reason every partition plan has been shot down in the past is that the Palestinian side will not accept anything less than the entirety of Israel/Palestine and this has been the case going back to the first partition plan proposed by the league of nations in 1947. But as a result of not agreeing to any of the partition plans Palestine is not legally regarded as a country. And therefore doesn't have mineral rights. Sucky but true.

  • Europeans of Lemmy, what places in Europe should foreigners avoid at all cost?
  • The capital cities. If you want authentic Europe, find the weird local festivals where people chase cheese down a hill or celebrate local culture or something. That's real Europe. Fuck the big cities and their galleries and museums.

    These are a few things off the top of my head mostly northern and western Europe because it's what I'm familiar with. Also if you want to see something bizarre, go to Finland on free bucket day. But seriously Europe is full of unusual things to do. Or you could go to yet another gallery and pretend to be interested in paintings.

  • So is Israel just going to completely overtake Palestine?
  • Basically the situation in Israel/Palestine is that Hamas has pretty much total iron first control of Gaza, and Israel has a very right wing government. The Israelis have vowed to destroy Hamas entirely, but Hamas is deeply entrenched in every aspect of life in Gaza so what Israel is doing is actually pretty much the only way to rid the region of Hamas, but it comes at an extreme cost and involves a lot of war crimes.

    It probably is the only way to get rid of Hamas, but its going to cause so much resentment that peace in Gaza will be completely unattainable within your j or mine. But in short yes, they're going to kill anyone with even loose ties to Hamas and if you're a civilian standing too close, oh well.

  • All 64 of the countries where it’s illegal to be LGBTQ+ – and yes, it’s all colonialism’s fault
  • Cool, now let's see a map of countries where the majority religion is islam. I fully expect to be down voted to hell but fuck it. India was Britain's favourite colony and it's clear. All of North and South America was colonised and it's clear, as are Australia and new Zealand. Not to mention all the countries that colonised them.

    Yes colonisation was particularly terrible and has a great deal to answer for, but that doesn't explain the laws today. If you think that ex colonies aren't capable of changing, then you are a racist, plain and simple.

    Religion is the problem and it always has been. Some religions are worse than others. The abrahamic religions are particularly bad. Of those islam is by far the most draconian. Seriously pull up the map.

  • Happy Juneteenth everyone!
  • I get that, but the Mac n cheese on the left is made by people in the south, not just black people. In fact a lot of things labeled as "black" are actually just southern. Its just the south has better food than the north. White people are eating it too.

    Edit: as a European who likes spicy food, anything you're likely to get north of the Mason Dixon line is basically inedible slopp. Go eat a bowl of seafood gumbo and tell me I'm wrong. Go on, I'll wait. And while you're down there, bring me some southern maid donuts.

  • What's the deal with gbnews?

    Ok so I left Britain more than 15 years ago and have been living in Norway, blissfully unaware of what's been happening. I recently went back to visit family, where I notice that my dad's had a bit of a swing to the right, politically speaking. At some point he put on gbnews.


    How popular is this blatant propaganda?


    Question for those who are Hypersexual.

    So I know that despite the classic portrayal of an autist being someone who is asexual, many of us are at the opposite end of the scale. Yet if you search for Lemmy communities, there are several for asexual folk and none for hypersexual folk. Is there any good resources for us to rant/support each other/talk about our struggles? If it were specifically for neurodivergent folk, that would be a great bonus.

    Connect A Song Colour_me_triggered

    Kitok - Paradise Jokkmokk

    One Paradise to another.


    How do I overcome my scat compulsions? [serious]

    It mostly happens when I'm stressed and driving with the radio off. I'll just be minding my own business and BAM! I'm 5 minutes into a scat singing solo which lasts until I reach my destination. It doesn't matter how long the journey is, I've stretched it for over an hour wile stuck in traffic once. Sometimes it's a lilting melodic solo, sometimes it's 30 minutes of unhinged post bop madness.

    Please help me!


    What language is graffiti written in?

    I'm not sure if this is something you guys can or want to help with. The bathroom at my current job is completely free of graffiti except for the words "itik nuliak" written very clearly in Sharpie. It's not a language local to where I live and putting it in Google translate doesn't do anything. It's been bothering me.


    Parents of multiple children, how do you keep your home clean?

    I have three with one on the way. It's a constant struggle to keep the place livable. Before I had children I was not a neat person and kept things livable by not doing things that made mess and staying out as much as possible. Can't do that with kids, so what's the trick?


    What are some good unhinged YouTubers?

    I'm really into unusual/insane/unhinged. I find them fascinating. I've followed conspiracy theorists, alien abductees, otherkin, therians, people who eat cat fur of their sofa, etc etc.

    I'm looking for good weirdness to watch during downtime. Any suggestions.

    Really nasty people will do.


    What should I call my son (due at the end of April)

    Im having difficulty finding names I like. I need two - three names that roll off the tongue and wouldn't be out of place with a long hyphenated surname.

    No religious names

    No surnames

    No places

    Nothing that rhymes with Aden

    Upvote good suggestions otherwise post ones. Bonus points if it's a sci-fi name.

    Edit: lots of good suggestions, but I think I'm going with 'Wash'.