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An Older Everyday Car UK
  • Not sure if it's still the case, but doesn't Mercedes continue to make parts for their cars indefinitely? Their classics are awesome, and growing up in the 90s my dad had an '85 300SD turbo diesel. It wasn't fast at all, but man it was big and comfy, and gas mileage never changed, ever.

    Also, in the States, can confirm Jaguars are notorious for being unreliable.

  • What's your favourite harmless prank you've seen IRL?
  • If you're walking across a pedestrian crossing, and a car is pulled up and stopped at the edge, you pretend there is something knee-height right in front of the car by pantomiming climbing/stepping over it.

    More harmless if there is no other vehicle behind them, so they can back up to look for it.

  • Which DNS would you recommend?
  • I used to use adguard home's docker container for it's DoH, but then a friend sold me on NextDNS. They all use pretty much the same blocklists, but NextDNS is much easier and very worth the $.

    Bonus points to them because they also offer installers for Unifi gear so that your entire network can route all DNS through them, and its encrypted DNS! Unifi can even pass along the names of the devices.

  • "Mental Illness" are not just "Mental"
  • I think they're emphasising that there are mental illnesses that are completely normal, and maybe even expected, when you take into account what's happening in the individuals life? I.E. chronic depression is the same as depression from when a loved one dies, but the latter is a natural response not caused by physical differences?

    In your example, I think an injury would be the best descriptor.

  • Eminem Dethrones Taylor Swift to Claim the Number One Album in the Country
  • I've been a big Eminem fan from and during his early days, then mostly forgot about him. You're supposed to listen to it start to finish, since it tells a story of how his Slim Shady persona was terrible for his health and family life. He essentially brought him back one more time for (IMO) a terrific album, and sounds fresh out of 2002. He's still got it in his 50s, easily my second favorite album from him.

  • Longlegs casual review
  • I saw it with the exact same expectations, and really enjoyed season 1 of both of those shows.

    Spoilers below:

    Spoilers below:

    Part one was so damn good, part 2 started strong then slipping, part 3 was just fully off the rails, nothing matters.

    Part one did such an excellent job of starting strong and very fast. Her first partner getting immediately domed, the plastic wrapped house, the weird "intuition" test, and slowly getting up to speed on Longlegs. You're just given hints of whats happening. No date of when but Bill Clinton's photo in the FBI, the news papers saying Oregon, its just the right amount to keep you mouthing "wtf is going on."

    The birthday part in all was lame, especially once it was explained. When the black head of station dude's daughter asked her to come to her birthday, blatant foreshadowing....

    Then finding out it's actually Satanic and nonsense....and that hollow balls inside doll heads are responsible..... The twist with her mom....when the camera pans to Longlegs car in her garage, I was like oh neat....its her mom that's the twist......

    Nic Cage was a decent pick, but that wasn't eerie or creepy weird. That was just plain goofy. Everyone in my theater laughed when he was driving in the car screaming mommy like he was a rock star front man. The entire thing with Trex songs was random and didn't fit the theme of anything?!

    I feel like none of the satantic plots were ever finished, too. The quotes from Revelation never went anywhere, why any of it started, why dolls with spooky metal, hollow balls?!

    Such a let down, I agree with the first draft opinion.