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[MacRumors] Sonos' Privacy Policy Change Suggests It Might Sell Your Data
  • By then, the customers will already have amassed a ton of data on the servers. No real way to prove they've actually deleted it, and we've heard the 'anonymized', 'no identifying data' and 'marked for deletion' lines before.

    Just don't trust your data with corporations. It's that simple. Except when it isn't.

    Learn about single use emails on sign up, and don't get attached to your accounts. If theres an equivalent for phone numbers, someone pls share.

  • I discovered porn on my dad's computer
  • Heh. Used my brothers browser. Started typing in the search bar. Got a list of urls I'd rather not mention. Just went downstairs and asked him to clear his history and switch off recommendations before powering down.

  • Anyone else banned from world news for criticizing China?

    So I made a comment on worldnews criticizing Chinese activity in the south china sea and apparently got banned for it by the automod. This happen to anyone else? Is this Lemmy's version of the need help post and the shape of things to come?

    The instance I posted in was