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Take action to stop chat control now!
  • Not necessarily the best idea. My representative went on national television accusing bots of spamming her email, even though every single one of those probably was a person using some template that was provided. Those forms go straight into trash unfortunately. Best to use them as a guideline and write your personal concerns instead.

    Alternatively, ChatGPT. No idea if it works, though.

  • Even in the slowest lane
  • No mental gymnastics needed. The laws of physics don't give a fuck about who obeys the traffic laws and who doesn't. As long as people keep the same distance between cars we should be safe.

  • France Is Headed Towards Its Most Feral Right-Wing Regime Since the Nazis
  • The thing with being in Schengen area is you literally just let people in LMAO. If you don't check passports of anyone coming in by the Italian border, you don't get to find out who is an EU citizen and who isn't.

    Do you even live in EU buddy? Life isn't as simple as you think it is.

  • What’s the worst piece of technology you’ve ever owned?
  • Košs KPH30i headphones. Those fuckers are an actual health hazard. They will make your ears suffer for the crime of putting them on.

    Really sad cause Porta Pros are incredible. And I usually see people suggest getting the KPH30i instead. Don't do that.

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Fundamental attribution error. Wanting something to happen ≠ believing it should happen. When wanting becomes believing, you are fucked.

    Too many people think that the world should bend the laws of reality to conform to their ideas. Gamblers are the prime example. They take something solvable by pure math and completely discard the solution, opting for a solution based on their wants instead of reality.

  • Are there any dyslexic unfriendly fonts?

    Let's say I REALLY don't want dyslexic people reading my post. What font would be the most troublesome font for them to read?