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A simpler time
  • It's an open source codec. I convert from FLAC (lossless) to Opus (lossy), I couldn't hear much if any difference between FLAC and 128kbits opus, your mileage may vary, but it saves me 10x space, very useful for a big library on an SD card compared to lossless.

  • A simpler time
  • I've converted my music library to opus and it's all offline, on my phone and PC. It's the only way to listen to some things that get caught in licensing hell, and that's only going to get worse over time.

  • YouTube stops recommending videos when signed out of Google
  • I honestly thought this was how it always worked...seems like a good thing if they're at least appearing to not track people who aren't signed in, especially since in every other way they will try to get your data fighting tooth and claw. (Not saying they aren't tracking habits of non account users though)

  • Ubuntu 23.10’s New Software App Will Demote DEBs (Apparently)
  • I've been using more and more flatpaks lately on arch and fedora based distros, i have no idea how snaps compare but seems similar? Seems an odd push from Ubuntu, but could make more sense than deb packages for non techy users perhaps?

  • The Zuck suck is in full swing.
  • Everyone I know pretty much uses fb messenger exclusively, it's the only reason I still have it. If there was a reliable way to hook into messenger from another app I'd switch in a second, but still the reliance on messenger is there.