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Boeing and Airbus may have used 'counterfeit' titanium in planes, FAA says
  • I'm aware that it can analyze chemical composition (I work in a factory that relates to such devices), but I'm unaware of them being able to detect things like weaknesses in a grain structure, the devices I'm familiar with at least would just tell you if a piece of titanium has other elements contaminating it. Unless there's more that can be done with them than I've had explained to me, which is possible

  • Grandma’s church says Trump is all of us. She liked and shared. #LIBSinPRISON
  • This is like a lame version of that Dr Who episode where the Master turns everyone on earth into himself

  • Boeing and Airbus may have used 'counterfeit' titanium in planes, FAA says
  • Presumably there must be something physically different about the weaker titanium, like a different structure of all the crystals in it or something? Is there any way to measure that?

  • How might I go about either rotating one mirrored display but not the other, or setting up a second display such that the mouse does not move over the edge and must be switched with a hotkey or such?
  • Annnd now I feel stupid, because apparently the tablet itself has a firmware option to rotate the display, I just didnt see it mentioned in any of the guides I found on it on the maker's website (they said to flip it in windows), and didnt see it when checking through the display options before.

  • How might I go about either rotating one mirrored display but not the other, or setting up a second display such that the mouse does not move over the edge and must be switched with a hotkey or such?
  • Unfortunately the games I need the edge of the screen for don't appear to capture the cursor, not sure why. After a couple more hours of googling didn't find me a way to do exactly what I was hoping, the solution ive ultimately found, though it is pretty janky and more clicks than I'd prefer to get set up, is to use some software called dual monitor tools that lets one make a hotkey that locks the cursor to the current display or unlocks it, set to lock when the program is opened, set the program to run on startup, set my tablet to extend the display so that I can rotate it as needed, and then whenever I want to actually use my drawing app, I unlock the cursor, get the app set up on the tablet display, set up OBS on my main display, make OBS capture a stream of my tablet display and then fullscreen preview that stream on my main display, and then move the mouse to the tablet display and use the hotkey to lock it there. I was hoping to find something a bit more convenient, and I have to imagine this is probably somewhat inefficient with my computer's resources to stream itself to itself, but it does at least seem to get the effect I was going for.

  • How might I go about either rotating one mirrored display but not the other, or setting up a second display such that the mouse does not move over the edge and must be switched with a hotkey or such?

    I know this seems like two unrelated questions, so let me explain why I would like to do one of these two things: I recently got a drawing pen tablet with a display, which works fine, except that I am left handed, and my wrist keeps hitting the side buttons. The driver allows me to flip the pen inputs, but not the actual display, it just works as a regular monitor in that regard and relies on the windows settings (windows 11 in my case).

    Now, I can flip it if I set it to extend my main monitor, however, I would like to be able to see what I am doing on either monitor, so I would prefer it to mirror my main monitor, just rotated 180 degrees. Some googling suggests that windows does not allow you to do this, except for a glitch involving changing the settings to extend and then back to duplicate, which I cannot manage to achieve. Does anyone know any workaround, or some extra software or such, that would allow me to do this?

    Alternatively, if this cannot be done by any means, I would rather not use the extend function as is as I also often play games where moving the mouse to the edge of the screen moves the map around, and so would rather my mouse stay at an edge when reached instead of moving to the next monitor, ideally with some sort of hotkey to toggle what monitor the mouse is on. Is there a way I might achieve something like this?

    EDIT: turns out this was all unnecessary, because the tablet itself has an option to do this rotation, its just in a part of the on-board display settings I didnt see before, isnt accessible from the driver UI that Ive seen, and wasnt mentioned on the tutorials that I found on the manufacturer's site that suggested windows had be used to control that rotation. Thanks anyways to everyone that tried to help me while I spent hours searching for a workaround needlessly.

    The Borg assimilated much of the Internet when they captured other human technologies and culture.
  • I've long wondered if a species with a high reproduction rate (or maybe artificial womb tech) and little regard for losses could do some kind of cyberattack against the borg by either making them assimilate a lot of junk data, harmfully incorrect information, or an overwhelmingly large number of members of some desired ideology so as to shift the entire collective towards that way of thinking

  • Russia Is Testing A First Person View Remote Controlled Tank Conversion In Ukraine
  • Still could see some use though, in that if they're not very combat capable anyway, driving them around potentially makes one expend ammo firing at them, and any mines they might hit would be detonated without human casualty.

  • This is what I hired you for!
  • When my cats are going after bugs, I usually try to catch the bug first and take it outside. Unless I catch them messing with a wasp, in which case I try to trap and swat it with something heavy so that they don't get themselves stung

  • A cool guide Blood Hue Directory
  • apparently so named because their shape is a vague resemblance (honestly I dont really see it more than other worms but whatever)

  • Tsar Sherman

  • Fraud trial juror reports getting bag of $120,000 and promise of more if she'll acquit
  • I mean, is giving the money to the cops in a report, or even giving the money back, much safer? If they're offering bribe money, they clearly value your cooperation more than the money and so might not be willing to take no for an answer if you try to refuse or give it back in person. I guess with the reporting option, there's at least the fact that if something happens to you, it's going to look far more suspicious than if you were just someone the media and law enforcement had never heard of, so whoever gave the bribe risks even worse crimes potentially being tied to them with the murder.

  • Fraud trial juror reports getting bag of $120,000 and promise of more if she'll acquit
  • I figure that once you admit to someone trying to bribe you, that someone's finances will probably be investigated, and if it seems like they really gave you bunch more and you lied about the amount, that's potential trouble for you.

  • ‘Money Isn't Everything,' Says Person Who Has It
  • I mean, if I wanted to be charitable about this, a person who has a lot of money is exactly the kind of person to know that money isn't everything, because they would presumably have the experience of still having problems or wants or still being unhappy sometimes even in spite of their money. That isn't to say that money doesn't mean a lot of things even if not everything though, or that someone telling someone without enough money to not require a job to live and spend frivolously to not worry about money isn't out of touch for not understanding that some of the things that money can buy are essentials required to live one's life in the first place.

  • Trump says if he is jailed that could be 'breaking point' for Americans
  • For this particular case, he couldn't pardon himself because the president can pardon federal crimes, but in this case the crime is in the New York state court system, so the governor of New York would have to pardon him to my understanding.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • I have a suspicion that we might see some interesting hybridization of the plant based and lab grown meats at some point. Tissue culture is expensive, and while Im sure the price can be reduced, Im doubtful that it will get cheaper than plant protein is. However, it can potentially taste more like real meat than plants, seeing as, well, it is real meat, just assembled differently. Potentially then, one can probably mix in some percentage of plant protein (or possibly mycoprotein as well) in with the meat in ground meat type products like burgers, without the flavor changing too noticeably, and get something mostly the same with a lower cost.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • Eh, since going vegetarian in the past year or so, I've found that a lot of the meat substitutes actually are pretty good, depending on how you use them. It's not usually so perfect that one cannot truly tell, sure, unless it's a dish where the meat flavor is heavily affected by spices and similar like with chili, but I've definitely found types of substitute bacon, or burgers, or ground meat that taste quite good. Though in my experience it's usually been the cheaper or simpler ones, like black bean burgers or tempeh bacon, that taste best. Not the same, but similar enough to be tasty in broadly similar ways.

  • What QAnon supporters, butthole sunners and New Age spiritualists have in common
  • Some people take "where the sun don't shine" as a challenge it seems

  • Ukraine updates: Belgium to deliver 30 F-16 fighter aircraft
  • It's conceivable that it could, and so it makes some sense to prepare. Even assuming it's over by then though, it still makes some sense to prop up Ukraine both militarily and economically for some time after, because seeing as the war has been mostly fought on their territory, it will be a long struggle to rebuild, during which time it may be difficult for them to afford to replace military stockpiles on their own as they'll need everything they can for rebuilding. But if their military is not also replenished, then they'd be at risk if Russia tries this again a few years later.

  • Starting another savefile after a few months away from spore, new creature at the end of creature stage. Decided to try making an eyeless creature for once as I dont use the ears enough.

    All the spines and frills are supposed to be for sensing vibrations to help it not need eyes. Supposedly a herbivore, but not really since I just kept both cells mouths all the way through. Kept some cell movement as well, never realized before that the flagella makes a neat rat-like tail in creature stage if you make it large.


    A 3d printer is basically just a really fancy hot glue gun

    Specifically the type of printer that prints using spools of plastic filament, but that seems like the most common type anyway


    We're probably pretty fortunate that humans have at least some degree of self control over when we stop eating.

    Like, I just was thinking about how lots of pet species will just eat as much food as you give them to the point of making themselves sick, and keeping them at a healthy weight requires not giving them access to too much food. Obviously some humans have problems with this, but imagine how bad things would be if everyone were basically psychologically incapable of not eating food when we had access to it even when we'd had enough, given our dramatically higher access to food due to agriculture.


    [EU4] Great Britian just demanded the worst looking bordergore I have ever seen an AI intentionally make in a peace treaty, in any paradox game

    They literally took the gold provinces- all the gold provinces that have generated in south america this run as far as I can find, and nothing else. Kinda looks like open wounds or something else gross with that combination of map colors.


    Thought Id show off something I made a few years ago as I was looking at it again, my favorite creation Ive made in this game. The wheels, meant to be centrifuges for gravity, actually counter-rotate.

    Name isnt anything too creative, its just called the "Slowboat Hauler", but it isnt supposed to be anything too fancy, just the space-fairing version of a bulk cargo freighter, designed by a species that at the time would have thought ftl travel impossible, needing its ships to take the slow way round. The big disk up front is supposed to be a shield to take the impacts of space dust and gas at extreme velocities.


    New to this game, and recently finished my first little factory to have a proper building and a little bit of decoration instead of just being haphazardly placed temporary structures.

    This little iron refinery probably isnt much to look at for experienced players, but Im pretty proud of it. has 2 miners on a pair of pure iron deposits behind the structure feeding into the 8 smelters inside, divided into 2 different output locations because the best conveyors I currently have can only handle half it's output. There is a small amount of clipping, but nothing super cheaty looking (the mergers that clip through the outside wall dont use the side that clips through, so I like to imagine the exterior bits of them as looking like some sort of ventilation ducts or something.


    My favorite thing to make in spore are "realistic" looking spaceships. This is one I made this morning, called the Flower of the Void.

    This is more meant to resemble some kind of early interplanetary spaceship rather than a true interstellar one, but considering you get your ftl drive by just finding one on a nearby planet, I figure this is the sort of tech level your species would realistically have, to start with.


    Creating this community cause Ive not yet seen anyone else make a spore community yet and I wanted there to be one

    Possibly not the ideal instance for this, but Id rather not deal with alt accounts and like how this instance has been run thus far. Plus, theres gotta be some other furries that play this game right? seeing as it lets you make creatures...


    Questions about how creating communities works, on pawb and lemmy in general.

    Not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I figured it was the closest fit.

    I've been thinking about creating one or possibly a few communities, mostly due to missing some that were on Reddit. Before creating any, I wanted to be sure of a few things:

    1. Do communities have to be created on the instance one logs in to (ie, does the fact my lemmy account is from pawb mean that communities I make have to be made here?) I kinda assume it would since going to another instance's page loads their site, which I obviously am not logged into, but given my second question I feel like I should ask if there's a way to make one elsewhere.
    2. Given pawb is a furry instance, do communities made here have to be furry related, or could one make, say, a community for some specific game for example that isn't explicitly a furry game?
    3. Would creating a fetish-related community for one that is popular with some furries be allowable, or should I go to a different instance for such things? I noticed one or two on pawb already but I was unsure if they got any special permission to be created or not.