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Caitlyynn Cait

Your average linux loving Anacho-Synficalist trans emo cat girl

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The state of libertyhub
  • He was a total piece of shit tho

  • egg_irl [Transfem meme]
  • Omg I had it the other way around, I never thought ither ppl have that, too.

  • homo(graph) rule
  • Soul reduced to pile of ash

  • IchđŸźâ“đŸ–±ïžiel
  • *aber auf einmal die Sonne aufgeht

  • ichđŸ˜”iel
  • Ich, am lurchen von einer anderen instanz aus

  • my home rule
  • ASK her if can move in

  • gotta get inside their head
  • My rule of thumb for where I live, is that the bus can arrive in a range of -25% of route frequency to +100% of route frequency. Any longer and there is a 50% chance that the bus may never appeare.

  • ich🚗iel
  • Schnell erinnerer, dass E-Autos nur die Autoindustrie retten und nicht das Klima

  • What's the story of your name?
  • Everytime I saw it before, it just felt right, then I named my cat like that before eventually making it my own

  • "(I wouldn't call myself human, just in a flesh prison.)" rule
  • My body felt like like a flesh prison before I came out to myself

  • rule
  • We should add prices for basic need to this chart to show the non believers that there's no reason other than greed for this

  • Rule
  • Every Saturday, especially when there is a backlog of easy tasks...

  • Button Rule
  • Thats a win-win Situation, why wouldn't I push it?

  • Pride Tram!
  • Even keeps the bigots out

  • If somebody spends the whole day watching fox or religious propaganda, gets worked up and all he can think of is owning a liberal or converting an unbeliever, is this person a victim or just gullible?
  • Why can’t they keep their opinions to themselves?

    Freedom of speech?

    "Why don't you keep your non cis het stuff to yourself" is something I hear often from that side. We should be better than that

  • A cool guide to most popular foreign cuisines in different European countries
  • Maybe I should fact check mouth propaganda more

  • A cool guide to most popular foreign cuisines in different European countries
  • I wonder if in germany the creators considered Döner as Turkish, if yes then this is questionable because Döner is more German than Turkish. If than it's surprising that Italian food looses against Turkish

  • silly little rule
  • I'm small, silly and a threat to national security

  • ichđŸ€ŻđŸ€ŹđŸ€ŻđŸ€Źiel



    vandalism rule