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  • The D in DPRK stands for democratic. Not calling Antifa fascist here, just saying that an organization doesn't stay true to it's name.

    Frankly, I hate the narrative that Antifa is an organization. I've never met with anyone who was part of Antifa, but I know I would tell nazis to get the fuck off my street if they were marching down it.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • IT

    Scripting menial tasks isn't that hard. You can learn basic shit pretty easy. It's a nice little dopamine hit when you get even something small that works. Make your computer work for you, not against you.

    Also, Excel. If you have to use Excel at all in your job, learn the basics of formulas, formatting, and tables. It will take you maybe a day, and your excel shit will look 100x nicer, and work 100x better than whatever the fuck you are doing now.

  • 'He’s truly lost his mind': Lindsey Graham ripped after calling D-Day a 'failure' on CBS
  • "A loan on friendly terms allows America, who is deeply in debt, a chance to get our money back and changes the paradigm of how we help others," Graham said. "President Trump is right to insist that we think outside the box."

    Graham, usually a national security hawk who previously had supported aid to Ukraine, voted against it.

    Graham is a flip-flopping spineless coward. You can tell that because they put a 'R' behind his name.

  • Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • To put this in perspective... The Aptera claims it with charge at 13mph on level 1 charging. This means if you plug it in the a regular wall socket, you'll get 13 miles of range per hour.

    The full solar package(~2000 dollar add on) get 40 miles of range, per day, under ideal sunlight exposure. That's roughly a little under 4mph of charging. With a purpose built solar setup, which covers the rear window and even puts solar panels on the dashboard.

    The Tesla model 3 gets something like 4-5mph charging on level 1. The full solar package from Aptera might be able to add about 8-10 miles per day in ideal conditions.

  • So...
  • Do you still "dial" a phone number? We haven't used actual dials in forever.

    Ever clicked a URL? Well, it's actually a URI now.

    Ever seen a soap opera? They don't have anything to do with soap anymore.

    I think from a technical standpoint, this is a cartoon, but that typically implies animation in the year 2024. Comic strip is acceptable lingo, even if the depiction lacks an overt comedic device.

  • the debt
  • Worth pointing out that credit scores are completely detached from the government. They are entirely private industry, that is collecting and selling your financial info without your consent or opt in. If you were born before 2004, then they have also accidentally leaked literally all your personal info to the dark web, with literally 0 consequences.