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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Naruto Delivers the Ultimate Ninja Crossover - IGN
  • We’re in the most capitalist timeline aren’t we.

    Pepa pig x Death note is next

  • The Terminator returns to theaters with 4K transfer...Will AI ruin another James Cameron film?
  • How is that any different than George Lucas going back and messing up the original trilogy with pointless edits. “Camera shake and pointless cuts” sounds a lot like changing the original film intention.

    Totally ok with giving movies sound options like video games. Hearing is so different person to person and doesn’t impact the structure of the story making things customizable to your hearing situation.

  • Skin theory of SpongeBob
  • Really good watch

  • [Official Art] It Takes Two Box Art
  • Absolutely lovely game. Need more of these solid local coop titles

  • Warner Bros. Games Officially Acquires the Developer of MultiVersus - IGN
  • Yay capitalism. Another company eating up everything it can.

  • Everett shares a common modern sentiment (date unknown)
  • And now movies themselves are more ads than actual stories.

    Products designed to sell celebrities and ad space while generating stupid amounts of fanboy money from another milked sequel to a long dead movie.

  • Torrent needs to take some notes
  • And doesn’t work in multiplayer either smh

  • Soulframe creative director knows people might think it's a Soulslike because of the name: "We agonized over it"
  • You are being overly technical and misleading the point I was making. I keep forgetting how autistic Lemmy can be.

    I’m making fun of the creative director from the article by lying and still raking in the upvotes from the people that didn’t look into it.

    Like the people that will go into the game thinking it’s a souls game. The ones that will just click download without looking it up. Get it… 🙄

    Also if you expect every interaction on the internet to be honest and above board than boy do I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Soulframe creative director knows people might think it's a Soulslike because of the name: "We agonized over it"
  • I agonized over it but in the end decided the upvotes under the false pretence were acceptable. 😏

  • You can tell him, but I don't think it'll help
  • Mind your own business or he might just shoot you in confusion.

  • Soulframe creative director knows people might think it's a Soulslike because of the name: "We agonized over it"
  • Active player counts on launch is a metric that is undoubtedly used to judge the game and potentially is tied to dev bonuses. Like obsidian and fallout new Vegas.

    I don’t see any corporation being above artificially inflating any of their numbers.

  • Soulframe creative director knows people might think it's a Soulslike because of the name: "We agonized over it"
  • Right cause the same thing didn’t happen to Metroivanias and Rougelikes.

    Popular use and association will make souls into the next one of them. Directly in the name or not that is the label that’s sticking.

  • you will have to remind them in their good ear
  • Appreciate the nsfw tag

  • It’s one of Britain’s most iconic fashion brands – but can Burberry weather this storm?
  • Selling worthless garments to insecure rich people to make them feel better than the poors.

    Fucking business can burn with the whole fashion industry.

  • Soulframe creative director knows people might think it's a Soulslike because of the name: "We agonized over it"
  • But in the end didn’t mind people buying it under a false pretence as long as sales are up.

  • Federal judge delays posting of Ten Commandments in Louisiana public schools
  • Want a christofashist dictatorship? Cause that’s how America gets one.

    Freedom of religion means freedom FROM religion too.

  • JD Vance roadblocked dozens of US diplomats as he obsessed over views on gay rights
  • Why is every shot of him up the nose? It’s as if the photographer is looking for a brain that isn’t there.

  • Church knew of abuse claims against revered priest: researchers
  • They always know. Churches are creators, enablers and protectors of pedos.

  • Federal judge delays posting of Ten Commandments in Louisiana public schools
  • Fuck your cult!

    Separation of church and state, remember?

  • Lemmings of ...uh... Lemmy who ate ramen noodles dry, whaddup wit dat?
  • They literally sell a seasoned dry noodle snack in some corner stores. Just a block of instant noodles with the powder stuck to it.

  • Kingdom Hearts BroBot9000

    Keyblade on Canvas

    Any Kingdom Hearts fans here that want to jump in and help make a giant keyblade on canvas with me?


    How do you do, fellow Jeans? (not AI)

    I regret nothing! Made in blender.


    Shinchan aging like a fine rule

    This is supposed to be the "republican" character and his dialogue has aged like fine wine. Some things aren't even as crazy as the current party


    Linux distribution for gaming and media centre.

    Heya! I’m looking to install Linux for the first time on parts from my old pc builds to use as a media centre and multiplayer gaming system in my living room. Something with as clean as possible interface with room for customization would be cool. Oh and support for my old nvidia gpu.

    I’m also looking for general tips and advice for beginners if anyone has some to share.


    No endurance rule

    Just a friendly reminder that a mediocre product lasted longer than their hateful beliefs.


    Where on the globe would you best be able to sail a very large ship without being detected?

    I’m working on a indie video game that’s set on a large ship and I’m looking to have it be a very hidden and elusive boat. (Speaking vaguely to avoid spoilers)

    Where could it possibly be sailing through to avoid detection? Like no radars, land signals, etc..

    There are slight sci fi elements that could explain it avoiding detection but want to make the location as believable as possible.

    I’m not very familiar with oceans and the technology behind detecting vessels. Would love to be pointed in the right direction if anyone is knowledgeable.

    Edit: Oh damn, this got a much bigger response than I expected. Thanks so much for all the awesome suggestions!

    Edit2: Wow you guys have fantastic ideas! Just to clarify this is a real game project and not a joke or a cover for gold smugglers 😂

    I am leaving hits and teases in my replies. Partially to have fun and build the world a little but also maybe get a bit of a community game going with a bread trail to follow. 😉🤫


    Xcellent Xecution

    Had a friend send me a link on signal to the now supposedly named X and couldn’t help but chuckle at the absolute incompetence and banality that this rebranding has been.

    “Ya, sure Musky. It’s totally not twitter anymore🙄”

    What an absolute twat.


    Potato cannibals Wip (OC)

    Working on blocking out my first large portfolio scene in blender! 
I had this idea to do a series of images of various vegetables cannibalising themselves. Sort of a social commentary on things nowadays. 
 In this one potatoes are gorging themselves on French fries, only to be dragged off once large enough to themselves become fries! #deep 😂 
 What do you think of it? 
Will probably work on the potatoes or the deep fryer next.


    Is this old enough for ya?

    Anyone remember these?

    I had a fun time bugging my sister named Charlie when these first came out. Can still do a pretty decent impression of them saying Charlie.

    Maybe I should give her a call… 🤣


    Handsome SquidBean welcomes [email protected] to the BeanRooms!!

    Made in Blender 3D! Let the beans flow!!


    (OC) Handsome Beanward welcomes you to Lemmy

    Made in Blender 3d and lots of love for this new site. Really digging the vibe over here in Lemmy.


    Handsome SquidBean has come to RULE Lemmy with a saucy fist.

    Made in Blender 3d for the beans


    Handsome SquidBean welcomes you to Lemmy!!

    Made completely in Blender


    Handsome SquidBean welcomes you to Lemmy!!

    Made in Blender 3d