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Once it's out of sight, it doesn't exist
  • I often will write a response, anywhere from just starting it to complete, but the send button is very regularly missed. I don't realise I never sent it until either the next time they message, or I need to message them, then it needs to be edited to say I forgot to hit send

  • Company brought to its knees by a cable
  • Yeah I've had a wireless uplink between two Unifif AP's on the same switch, the only non Unifi switch, come up by itself and caused a loop. Unlikely that switch only had a 1G uplink to the next switch, all the rest were 10G links, so it mostly only affected devices on that switch.

    Edit: thought I'd just say that since then, I always disable wireless uplink on all AP's, and the global system setting, unless it's actually used, and only on the APs that need it.

  • Why can't you hear a pterodactyl go to the toilet?

    Because the P is silent.