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Yup. I'm Bo7a.

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Just some more early morning flowers from our 'not-a-lawn'

Our clover patch brings all the buns to the yard
  • We live smack dab in the middle of the forest. Most of our neighbors are animals. The few snakes that come around are tiny little garter snakes and Forest mulch snakes. But they've been here longer than we have so they can go wherever they like.

  • Our clover patch brings all the buns to the yard

    [OC]Mullein covered in morning dew
  • Oh wow, I hadn't thought of day of the triffids in almost 30 years... And now looking it up it seems I missed a 2009 movie. Superb!

    Thanks for the catalyst that lead to me not having to decide what to watch tonight :)

  • [OC]Mullein covered in morning dew
  • Thanks for the note.

    It should also be noted that while they are invasive, they have been established (in my part of Canada) since at least the early 1700s. I wouldn't go importing mullein and planting them on purpose, but I will also not destroy them on my own land. They are like a mini-ecosystem all of their own. And when the bees are done with the clover they can be found on these mullein more than any other plant in our 'yard'.

    And while technically invasive, they are neither aggressive nor hard to manage ( if you are not trying to manage a million square KM of national Park ;) )

  • Mullein covered in morning dew

    This mullein is now over 6 feet tall. It is my favorite wild plant by far.

    Restart an OOM killed docker automatically
  • In which way am I complaining? I am explaining why calling a valid solution a bandaid might be construed as belittling their very real knowledge of this process. And how that is a regular pattern in a lot technical fields.

    And don't give me this shit about 'I'm not the person you were talking to' This is an open forum not a direct/private message.

  • Restart an OOM killed docker automatically
  • You can't expect people who are knowledgeable about this stuff to just forever accept that someone asks for advice, gets told the solution, and then ignores/belittles the person with knowledge.

    This is our daily life experience. We get hired to be experts, and get told by non-experts that our solutions are not tenable every single day. Only for that solution to eventually be accepted when the user in question figures out their idea was not useful and the expert was correct.

    We have to put up with it at work, we are not obliged to accept it here.

  • AOC Backs Biden Amid Growing Calls for Him to Drop Out: ‘He Is in This Race and I Support Him’
  • You are cute. How far into the shit-filled rabbithole do I have to go into libertarianism before I find your specific flavour of bullshit? Somewhere between rand paul and ayn rand? Or do we go deeper?

    Libertarians man. What a fucking joke.

  • Tread carefully when coming out of the Silver Buckle
  • Hey now. Alberta has a ton of morons, and slightly more than their fair share of assholes. But Hanlon's razor* still applies. I don't think anybody put a hitch on their truck with the express intent of causing harm somewhere. They are more likely just stupid and/or lazy.

    * "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

    In other words: some bad things happen not because of people having bad intentions, but because they did not think it through properly. Or at all.

  • Tread carefully when coming out of the Silver Buckle
  • I probably find the question weird because I spent my whole life around heavy equipment, trailers, and other towables. Every time a trailer was hooked up, part of the job was grabbing the hitch from wherever it was stored.

    Grandpa used to say 'just don't be an asshole' and being an asshole includes someone who doesn't watch out for everybody else's shins.

    I didn't insult the person asking or anything stupid like that. I explained exactly why the hitches are made to be quick release for removal when not in use.

  • [OC]Fun with bubbles. Zoom in.
  • I use one from a random site I googled last year when I was playing with a rope style bubble wand.

    Credit to -

    * 2 cups Washing Up Liquid (dish soap in the USA my sister-in-law recommends Dawn Dish Soap)
    * 1 tablespoon of glycerin
    * Few Drops of vegetable oil
    * 1 cup Warm Water
  • [OC]Fun with bubbles. Zoom in.
  • I'm no lightologist - But I think the two different colors and inversion is seeing the reflection on the outside of the bubble on one hemisphere, and THROUGH the bubble to the inside surface of the opposite side.

    So very cool.

    Bonus pics from the same session:

  • Fun with bubbles. Zoom in.


    A couple of flowers from our forest home's "not a lawn"



    NCSoft has granted the 'Private' homecoming server City of Heroes devs a license to host the game legally. NCSOFT & Homecoming License Announcement

    NCSOFT & Homecoming License Announcement Hello everyone! We’d like to thank you all for your patience over the past few years, and we’re incredibly thrilled to announce that it’s paid off: NCSOFT® has officially granted Homecoming a license to host City of Heroes™. We’ll have much more to sha...

    NCSOFT & Homecoming License Announcement

    The private servers have been up a while. But it is always hard for fan projects to gain traction for devs, players, or donations, when the IP could be yanked at any time. NCSoft granting a license should provide one heck of a shot in the arm for this cult classic game.

    Go. Hunt. KILL Skul!


    Little (fun)guy trapped by root

    I thought this growth pattern was weird, and on inspection it seems like it pushed up past a tiny root that is now choking it.

    I was thinking of going out his morning to cut the root out.

    What do the pros think?


    That shadow!

    Taken on a pixel 6.


    My (possibly poor reading of) the audobon guide, my instinct, and my foraging friend tells me these are oysters.

    Is there any way to be be 100% certain?


    Tis the season.

    Taken this morning near Danford Lake, Quebec. I'm no mycologist, so I have no idea what these are. But I do enjoy taking their picture :)


    It is that time of year again

    Ok, you got me. These are from last year. But the mycelial networks are kicking into high gear right about now, and I'm getting antsy for some photo hunting.


    New Growth

    Taken near Danford Lake, Quebec.


    Anyone doing commissions?

    I'm looking for a set of motorcycle saddlebags in the style of vintage horse riding gear.

    Example below, but my 'perfect' version is quite a bit darker:



    Little guardian


    You don't need to conform to be beautiful.


    Cherries after a rain

    Taken in Edmonton, Alberta.


    Monarch caterpillars having a snack.

    Taken near Danford Lake, Quebec.


    A very dewy morning

    Taken near Danford Lake, Quebec.


    Snow waves off the roof.

    Taken Near Danford Lake, Quebec


    Happy birthday to me. I got myself a windshield!

    I rode most of my life without a windshield, but when I bought my Indian it had a windshield on it that I swore I would tear off the second I got home.

    But then I realized that after an hour plus ride my eyes had not watered once, my ears weren’t having ghost ringing, and my arms were just not tired…

    When I picked up this bobber I knew I would want a windshield. But justifying the expense took a bit.

    I have been riding it for a month or two without a shield now, and I had to wear earplugs so that the wind noise doesn’t make my tiniitus go nuts. Today was the first real ride with the screen on. And holy cow. I love this bike even more now.

    Details: It is a madstad 20inch touring screen made for a triumph speedmaster. I modified it to fit the bobber by drilling some new holes, but otherwise I used the hardware and fasteners that came in the kit.

    I can post some pics of the fitment if there is interest.