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So I got hit with Microsoft's Windows 11 nag screen...
  • Parsec is like Moonlight / Sunshine in that it video streams your desktop for remote access. It is very low latency and lets you even game remotely. I've used it to remotely video edit and also test things, mainly to control my beefy desktop from my laptop in a remote location. The difference between Moonlight and Parsec is, Parsec's 1000x less painful to setup, especially when connecting from across the internet.

  • Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • I use the Modrinth App because it's the place where cool people get minecraft mods now, and as a Minecraft launcher it's a lot better - it uses an auth token system so you only sign in once with Microsoft's website to connect the app to the login.

  • So I got hit with Microsoft's Windows 11 nag screen...
  • My largest showstoppers with Linux is the lack of DRM support, the lack of "just works" installs, no Parsec (I've tried Moonlight/Sunshine many, many, many times, it never works for me), and ... this one little thing ...

    I would use Linux more if either Virtual Desktop or Steam Link worked in Linux. As it stands, neither work, and current implementations of VR in Linux are still alpha / experimental beyond Index / SteamVR direct tethering, not an option for someone that has a cheap standalone headset.

  • Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • These people had years to migrate their accounts, were told to migrate their accounts, and warned to migrate their accounts because the old mojang auth system is insecure and needs to be sunsetted, and when it does, they will lose access.

    They sat there and played the "no, I won't move" game, and now they're upset because the thing they were told for years would happen happened.

    And they would have had to have no social interaction with any minecraft player on any online platform and in real life in all those years, as well as ignore every email from mojang, never look at the minecraft website, and so on, to not be notified.

  • what are the pros and cons of apt vs flatpak?
  • flatpaks are designed for gui apps, and due to packaging dependencies, they are extra heavy in disk space. flatpaks are also most often installed on the user, not systemwide, so no root permissions needed to install.

    apt installs systemwide exclusively, but can have a much smaller download size if the dependencies are already installed. Apps sharing dependencies means much less disk space. cli is supported.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • Motorcycles have different licensing requirements, and come with caveat emptor that they are inherently unsafe in a motor vehicle accident.

    That's not to say bikes don't have any safety at all... there is R&D that goes into making them safe in a collision... as safe as they can be.

  • [Solved] Marty Robbins - Big Iron

    Honestly this was an easy one - it took a few rolls to get a "good" image


    [Solved] JAM Project - The Hero!!

    This one is very obvious if you've ever heard of One Punch Man


    m.o.v.e - Dogfight

    Theme Song for Initial D - Fourth Stage