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  • This is not a place of honor.

  • Mandela effect?
  • I've heard it sounds like someone with a Slavic accent speaking Spanish

  • there is no rule
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  • Do it. Do it now!
  • Hey.

    Mind your own business, k?

  • Friday Nails!
  • They work together, but if I heard it before I saw, I would've thought "no" I have done metallic purple, dark greenish, and sort of neon green trying to match the witchy Alani can 😂

  • Friday Nails!
  • Were the colors based on anything? I like to mix'n'match too

  • There's a secret bingo square that says 'not a girl'
  • Purple: I wish

    Blue: sometimes

    Orange:depends on the day

    Green: sort of?

  • But that day is not today
  • 64 if you relax

  • Stock Buybacks
  • Enter Project 2025

  • X now treats the term cisgender as a slur
  • Something something snowflakes..

  • discovery of long exposure photos of the night sky rule
  • It's a beautiful, frustrating, fun discovery. I used to work night shift and played with long exposure stuff a lot on my nights off

  • Caption this.
  • This isn't what it looks like

  • US senator says Israel should drop nuclear bombs on Gaza
  • My bad, for some reason I had it in my mind it was similar situation to reservations in the US. Technically independent, but technically kind of not.

  • US senator says Israel should drop nuclear bombs on Gaza
  • I'm sure that would have no negative side effects for the rest of Israel /s 🙄

  • I'm scared I won't find a job or/and housing anymore.
  • I wish I had better advice, I'm afraid of a similar situation myself.

    All I can think of is find some kind of local chapter of PFLAG or some other queer network. I know they're not everywhere, but hopefully there's something near enough to you, or at least remote support of some kind.

  • is there a search engine for the fediverse?
  • There are various websites that catalog all the instances they can find, but I can't remember the one I used back in the day an don't know if they search communities too or just instances

  • HRT questions?

    Did you have a tipping point between realizing you were trans and you started HRT?

    As in, when you de oded to start, what did that moment look like for you?

    I think I'm a point where I'm more interested in trying, but have a lot of fears holding back, which I think makes it feel like I want it less than I do.

    I was talking to some others about this and it made me realize I think I want it a lot more than I thought.

    Does any of that make sense, or am I just rambling? 😅


    Feels like my exploration is at a crossroads. Again.

    I'm feeling so much more confident in my trans identity, I te s kind of crazy. I'm at a point where I'm getting more confident removing hair and such.

    I'm getting to a point where I'm getting super interested in makeup, especially foundation and contouring to cover my nasty shit and hide my big nose and all..

    Also, I so want to get more feminine clothes. A skirt, a dress, something, but idk what, or how to get something to fit my shape?

    Basically, I want something new, I have a couple avenues, but I strongly don't know how to do either.


    ✨Euphoria✨ I guess

    So, I was born(not literally) furry af, a few days ago finally got to "fuck it! Let's do it" and used some depilatory cream to remove basically everything from the hips up.

    It's a bit weird, definitely different, but I love it! Haven't had any comments so far, still a tiny bit nervous about that. But also kind of more of a "who gives a fuck?" mindset. Wifey has definitely admitted to liking my arm freckles being more visible, which feels awesome af too!

    I'm not convinced its100% related, but I've also been feeling better about myself, which is also awesome! I remember the past few(idk) years looking into the mirror some night and just thinking "I really don't like you/the way you look" but never really knowing why. Lately, I don't have that as much, and sometimes think I'm getting small glimpses of a woman in there!

    It's different. It's terrifying. It's awesome.


    Workout help?

    Maybe this isn't the best place for this, maybe it is?

    I've been thinking of changing my workout routine, but I'm not sure how?

    For literally at least half of my life I've focused more on building muscle. Now I'm wondering, how can I workout and keep as much strength as possible, but lose some mass? I mean, I'm not extreme bodybuilder, but I'm nowhere near afab size.

    Is it possible (pre-hormone) to mostly keep streng, but lose mass? I wish a lot of me was smaller, especially neck, shoulders, thighs, and belly. Not totally sure how(or if) I can make changes pre-hrt to get more feminine? I don't want to lose too much strength, but I'm fairly big so I'd like to lose some mass.

    I guess most of my routine is 3 sets of 8-12 reps in various exercises focusing on larger groups of muscles(e.g. Push-up, pull-up, - dips...)

    Edit: not sure if it was clear enough, I'd love to lose some mass/size, but as much as possible, not lose strength. Does that make sense? I totally get there is a tradeoff, but I'm not sure how to switch up working out to lose mass? I think I'd like to be smaller (help me to pass?) but I feel like any strength training at all is inherently somewhat bulky? At least from a feminine pov?


    Interesting week for me...

    I've read more of the gender dysphoria Bible and between thy, my therapist, and some other comments around here, I've finally had a few puzzle pieces finally fit into place and thy finally Feels pretty good. Like, to some extent I've further accepted my transness and just feel more at peace thinking about myself. It's still different and difficult, but to a certain extent, I feel more settled into who I really am and it's kind of nice.

    Definitely, I'm still terrified of how my state and nation is going, but, I do feel better about myself internally, and it does feel good.


    Euphoria, maybe?

    I was at a store earlier today and the woman checking me out was borderline gushing about my nails and how good they looked and how they were between Mardi Gras and St Patrick's day and matched my (leprechaun suit) shirt and it just felt beyond awesome! 🥰 I saw her braided hair on the way in and wanted to say something, but idk how without coming off as creepy since I was still boymoding and all but...


    Still riding that high 🥹


    Is this actually dysphoria?

    So, I'm baby trans. I'm exploring, at what feels like a glacial pace, but feel the urge to do something more. More, different clothes, idk. **But ** I think I have this fear of looking ridiculous with something and just hating myself and getting depressed, so I just don't.

    I was thinking I was "afraid of feeling dysphoric", but today I started wondering, it's that fear actually the dysphoria?

    Bonus thought; the wanting to explore, but not knowing what to do, feels a little bit like when you have an itch on your back and try to get someone to help but they more of chase it around until you just give up. It's like that. My gender is itchy and I can't figure out how to scratch it 🤣


    I may have found my new inspiration 😍 Gabbi Tuft before and after: How trans WWE wrestler transformed body

    Gabbi Tuft, a transgender retired WWE star, transformed her body to become a fit, feminine fitness influencer by experimenting with diet and exercise.

    Gabbi Tuft before and after: How trans WWE wrestler transformed body

    I got this (hopefully) randomly suggested article by my news app, and it's honestly along some lines I've been trying to reconcile myself.