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Samsung’s smart fridges mistakenly warned users its free TV service was ending
  • I honestly do not understand why anyone would want to watch TV on their fridge.

    I was sat in the optician's waiting room the other day, and there was some cheap gameshow on the TV, where people would win like £20.

    I couldn't believe that people would even film it, let alone broadcast it.

    Watching broadcast TV is the equivalent of going to a restaurant, not wanting to choose and just asking the waiter to pour any old slop down your gob.

  • Windows 10 is EOL in October 2025
    1. The browser is the failure point and they get updated for a long time after the OS falls out of support. Chrome was supported for 8 years after Windows 7 stopped being officially supported.

    2. All their Windows software they need to run their business isn't going to run reliably enough on any version of Linux. They don't want to touch anything that's working or pay for anything. You have to understand the world is not filled with OS enthusiasts. It's just a platform to run other things. If it's working and it's making you money, you do not touch it, unless you really want to find out what OS they use at the Job Centre.

  • James Bond's Roger Moore: a charming story
  • License to Kill was a bit before its time. Bourne before Bourne was a thing. I think people still wanted the campy Moore era and just weren't ready for that.

    Casino Royale aped the Bourne thing later and was a smash hit.

    He was much better as a supermarché owner in any case.

  • James Bond's Roger Moore: a charming story
  • They were all a bit shit, but since I grew up in the 80s, most of the time a Bond film was shown it was a Moore one so I've got a soft spot for them.

    The only one that was actually good was probably Live and Let Die, and that scared the shit out of me as a kid because I didn't like the scarecrows.

  • PC Gaming Is Growing Faster Than Consoles, Data Shows
  • The most expensive PSN option was £83.99 a year last time I got it, for the full Game Pass type deal. I've bought a grand total of two games since I got my PS5 a few years ago (Baldur's Gate 3 and Talos Principle 2, and neither are even available as a physical disc making my disc drive in the console pretty pointless), and I play the damn thing just about every day.

    It's completely optional in any case, I very rarely even play multiplayer games. The price you're hoping to beat is £389.

    I can get an equivalent GPU (3060 12GB is about as close as you can get if you want to avoid lack of VRAM stutter) for about £270, which isn't leaving a lot for the rest of the PC. There may well be regions where the PS5 is more expensive than a PC, but the UK ain't one of them.

    There are many strengths of PC gaming, like being able to buy extra hardware, modding, many digital stores, piracy, etc, but competing with consoles in the budget space is not where they shine.

  • What is the point of Xbox?

    Xbox has repeated the same terrible mistakes for over a decade. The reason is simple: its priorities are back-to-front.

    What is the point of Xbox?
    Reminder: Check your pensions every now and again. Especially if you're with Scottish Widows/Lloyds.

    Because it turns out SW/Lloyds replaced their computer system last July, and since then none of my pension payments have been going into my account.

    Our accountant has had to chase them up since somebody noticed at the start of the year. And only now have they admitted it, and making noises about fixing it.

    PS5 Controller charging issues after recent update

    Is anyone else getting problems with charging from an external USB charger after the latest DualSense update?

    We updated both controllers, and now neither will charge from an Anker USB charger we've been using. They both charge from the PS5 itself. The charger works fine for phones.

    It's like they've updated them to no longer charge from any source other than the PS5, and maybe official PS5 charging docks. Don't have one of those to test.

    Annoying to say the least, as it means playing while charging now needs a cable trailing across the living room floor.

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