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Everyday thoughts
  • The revolution already begun what are you talking about? Wtf?

    Since at least 2016 it’s begun. If you are a programmer or dev and cannot figure out why your portion of the population doesn’t unionize it’s because a lot of you are privileged dumb fucks who are lazy as shit.

    I know because I live around them. A lot of them. And it’s been my experience that they think they’re rich or something when it’s obvious they’re not.

    More often than not they write these clueless toons.

    The most abused and helpless people are the computer scientists. Every company. And they don’t do shit but complain or day dream.

    Get help. Unionize. Quit bitching.

  • DOJ ‘Stonewalling’ House Ethics Committee Probe of Matt Gaetz
  • Yea that dude needs to be locked up. He paid for a 17 year old to have sex with him and tried to pretend it was his gf. MAJOR scumbag a who is also invested in Liberty Health which is marijuana affiliated so he has big backers and might escape responsibility.

  • Christian posts about how Islam has claimed thousands of lives while forgetting that their religion has done the same thing.
  • Christians are so dumb and it’s been their entire existence unfortunately. They helped the Roman Empire crumble, their half of it devolved into the Dark Ages for a long time and when it got too much the worst ones moved to America and that’s how we got Trump.

  • Activision Reportedly Ditched Tony Hawk 3+4 For More Call Of Duty
  • After years of observation I have determined Activision is a propaganda machine designed to keep republican kids hooked on guns and war and keep them aggressive.

    Just look at the streamers who play and the fan base and the results when it comes to politics.

    It’s literally a club of wannabes who emulate their favorite streamers.

    It’s just a bunch of kids without dads.

  • How the US Is Destroying Young People’s Future | Scott Galloway | TED
  • Look folks, conservatives PUSHED for it with a liar war and a fleecing of the public in 2008.

    I was 23 in 2004. That time was the WORST. Bush is such a shitbag and he ruined so much of our future it’s hard to explain it all. It was so bad and has since only gotten worse.

    Me and many of my peers complained to our parents and they just fucked us further with simple stupid giveaways to the rich. They gave ZERO HELP. And continue to do so by voting for conservatives and democrats who also do nothing.

    This dude is spot on.

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