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Which upcoming Animated show are you most excited about?
  • Arcane is obviously number 1, but I'm also low key excited for Creature Commandos. Especially with the recent announcement about the team behind The Green Lantern show, it's got me more excited about the universe as a whole.

    Also, it's not a show but I'm looking forward to The Wild Robot movie as well.

  • What show is this for you?
  • Might get some pushback for this but I feel like this represents Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    I think because they assume most people have already seen the original they kind of rush through a lot of the setup so the first dozen or so episodes aren't as good as they could be. But then it becomes real good real fast. Especially after episode 19. The final arc is just chef's kiss.

  • What show is this for you?
  • Haven't watched any of them yet but I feel like this is the consensus for most of the Star Wars animated shows. That they start off kind of weak (or average) and then quickly improve.

    Would you agree with that assessment?