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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Final Fantasy 16 and Foamstars all sold less than expected, Square Enix president says
  • PS3 is the only Sony console not to have significant backwards compatibility support on newer lines of their product. PS2 played all PS1 games, 3 played all PS2 and PS1 games at first, then all PS1 games after redesign. PS5 plays all PS4 games. There’s no reason to believe PS6 or whatever won’t play PS5 and likely PS4 games also.

  • What are socialist views on specialization of labour compared to task generalization / job rotation?
  • To put it as an article I saw the other day said, “who does the dishes after the revolution? Everyone.”

    There’s a tendency I see among some leftists, like, “after the revolution I’ll knit for everyone all the time.” Nooo. We don’t need your knitted goods, to be honest. Machines do it better and faster. If you want to knit in your newly liberated free time, that’s fine. You can also help clean the toilets and scrub the floors.

    In other words, I don’t really know whether I discount specialization entirely, but I do know that contribution to the various modes of production helps prevent elitism and ensures a comradeship that sitting in an office all the time and relying on others to do the hard work can never bring.

  • How can you push agendas if you don't have one?
  • The concentration camp was never the normal condition for the average gentile German. Unless one were Jewish, or poor and unemployed, or of active leftist persuasion or otherwise openly anti-Nazi, Germany from 1933 until well into the war was not a nightmarish place. All the “good Germans” had to do was obey the law, pay their taxes, give their sons to the army, avoid any sign of political heterodoxy, and look the other way when unions were busted and troublesome people disappeared.

    Since many “middle Americans” already obey the law, pay their taxes, give their sons to the army, are themselves distrustful of political heterodoxy, and applaud when unions are broken and troublesome people are disposed of, they probably could live without too much personal torment in a fascist state — some of them certainly seem eager to do so.

    - Michael Parenti. (1996). Fascism in a Pinstriped Suit

    Many people have been living under fascism in the United States for decades, suffering under explicitly racist police and judiciary systems, fighting against explicitly fascist foreign policy, and trying to wake people up to the explicitly fascist rhetoric of both democrats and republicans.

    First they came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up,
    because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me,<— you are here
    and by that time there was no one
    left to speak up for me.

  • U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicle - Considering rates of 100%
  • They wouldn’t only sell $10k vehicles, and they wouldn’t only target the bottom of the market. If their actions in other countries are to be repeated, they wouldn’t sell $10k vehicles in the US, because the market isn’t nearly as competitive. It’s very likely, given the prices they’re charging elsewhere, that the lowest prices we’d see for a BYD would be $20k.

    BYD currently makes ~$1,500 per vehicle, compared to Ford at $3,000, and Tesla at $5,300/vehicle. They’re lower margin, certainly, but they’re not just dumping cars at bargain bin prices.

    US manufacturers received 4x the subsidy that Chinese manufacturers did last year. If anyone is trying to artificially manipulate the market, it’s the place that’s blockading their competitors vehicles while pumping dozens of billions of dollars into them every year.

    You would be the person complaining about Japanese cars in the 80s, to be honest, and if we listened to them, we’d all still be getting 12mpg driving V6 and V8 2 ton monstrosities that break down every 5000 miles. Many of us still do, the F-150 is the most popular car in the US after all, but the rest of us at least have the option to get high mileage, high reliability vehicles.

  • U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicle - Considering rates of 100%
  • My wife lives and works in China. She can afford to rent a place in a city on minimum wage with no issues, healthcare, even emergency healthcare is cheap and without lines, she has more sick time benefits than I do, workers democracy literally just got mandated for all private and public companies. Tell me how much better I have it making $60k a year and being unable to afford to rent an apartment or go to the doctor even with insurance?

  • U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicle - Considering rates of 100%
  • China literally has 40 hour workweeks, triple overtime, mandated workers democracy, mandated sick leave, mandated vacation time… this isn’t the 80s man. In a lot of ways they’re ahead of my country as far as labor protections go. My wife works at IKEA and gets better sick leave time than I do at a multi billion dollar company in the west.

  • U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicle - Considering rates of 100%
  • It’s not the 80s any more. China has the largest middle class in the world, bigger than the population of most countries. 40% of the vehicles in service there are already electric. In the cities I visited it’s closer to 80%. Chinese shopping malls are filled with name brand western products and always busy. You’re either ignorant of the modern reality of China, or just a liar.

  • eBay Deleted Support for Unions From Its Website After Its Workers Unionized

    New York City and State comptrollers have called on the company to explain why it no longer explicitly supports workers’ rights to unionize.

    eBay Deleted Support for Unions From Its Website After Its Workers Unionized

    They’ve also been sandbagging negotiations for the last 9 months, the union today is on a march, no strike action yet.

    indieheads - For fans of indie and alternative music. Bartsbigbugbag
    福禄寿Floruitshow - 如何(How To) - Live @ 2020 Strawberry Music Festival

    I just found this band and I am in love with every song they do. It’s so elegant, and the composition is really on point.

    Any comrades who speak chinese here? 这里有人说汉语吗

    I’m learning Chinese, and would love to have some people to chat with. I’m not good, for sure, but I really enjoy it a lot!


    Random Parenti Quote I transcribed at work while listening to the Michael Parenti collection podcast

    …I think that reveals something about the hidden class dimensions of our public policy; our grocery bills are determined, the policies, determined by people, who themselves never go to supermarkets.

    Our health policy is written out y people who never have to sit for 2 hours in a clinic or an hour in a doctors office.

    Our transportation policy is made by people who never have to wait for a bus or look for a parking space, they’ve got helicopters and linos to hurry them away.

    Our education policy is made by people who never have to send their children to public school, they send them to private schools(cough polis cough).

    Our daycare system, or lack of, determined by people who use private governesses and Nannies, and then go off to Smith College as Barbara Bush did, and lectured to the students there about not being so concerned about accomplishing in your careers and understand that the real joy and satisfaction is in the working and nurturing of children…

    … occupational safety laws are made by people who never have to work in a factory or mine. The Supreme Court has ruled that wildcat strikes are illegal, a “violation of contract.” In coal mines , wildcat strikes are the workers only defense against occupational hazards that can be disastrous in a day. You’re going down a mine and you see a foreman detach an alarm wire, that rings the alarm if there’s too much smoke buildup, because he’s got a quota to meet that day and he doesn’t want to stop for smoke buildup, so you stop and go on wildcat strike.

    Well, the Supreme Court, none of whom have been NEAR a factory in their lives, or NEAR a mine, and wouldn’t know one end of a mine from another, legislate and say, “as long as there’s a grievance procedure (grievances take a week, two weeks, a month….)That wildcat actions are a “violation of contract and the union must be fined.”

    You see? The policy is being made by people who don’t experience the thing.

    -Michael Parenti, transcribed by hand from a random speech

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