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Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • How very libertarian of you. Who’s going to make me pay those “not tax” taxes? Your private military? Well, my private military is bigger so I say NO to your desire for my money.

  • Wood smells like we should be able to eat it, but we can't.
  • I’m guessing it sort of came from the fact that we cook food with burning wood. Less so now, but burning wood meant cooked food for 200k years.

    I don’t think wood smells like it is edible, but a fire can remind me of food through smell.

  • There is a cheaper alternative to supermarkets, but most people don't know it exists [It's shopping cooperatives]
  • The coops in my American city are usually the more expensive option than the chain grocery stores. They pay their staff fairly (because the staff own part of the business) which is great, but saving money for the consumer they do not.

    I just don’t think a coop can be cheaper than a larger corporate entity that can purchase at huge bulk discounts for their many stores. Healthier? Sure. More ethical? Sure. Similar costs or cheaper? Nah.

  • What the fuck is so bad about fake tits ?
  • I’m not very particular about boobs in general. The ones I get to see and touch are the ones I like. I also tend to like more natural look, sag/droop/etc is a turn on for me personally.

    I would guess the sentiment that fake boobs are disliked is more part of the body acceptance movement. There have also been decades of plastic surgery to show good and bad boob jobs. The bad ones are unfortunate as they do the opposite of their intent. Good ones are, typically, not part of this conversation at all. Much like other good plastic surgery, nobody talks about it because nobody can tell.

    In a world where money is tight for most of us, I would hesitate to be in a relationship with someone who spent all that money on a cosmetic thing. But I would feel that way about people who travel a lot or buy stupid expensive stuff, just doesn’t align with my lifestyle.

  • Many of you may have heard of the Youtuber Shadiversity's homophobia but there's another.
  • I used to watch this guy because I liked castles. Didn’t consume a ton of this content. But last year he made a video to specifically call out Barbie. Like his channel doesn’t involve movie reviews, he just decided it was such a controversial film he had to made a video calling out “the woke”

    After I saw he had made that video I unsubscribed and found other cattle content. His brother seems nice.

  • Why does moral progress feel preachy and annoying?
  • Progressive ideas have always been deemed preachy and annoying. Conservative ideas have always been deemed preachy and annoying. Having to hear a different ideological opinion is going to perceived that way.

    The internet has just made this attitude more visible. The internet keeps people in their own personal bubble of content and people that share views. But it also gives access for any opposing views be public, widespread, and benefits from positive or negative interaction equally. Where the most vocal and controversial make it to the front page of everyone’s feeds.

  • Female-to-male rape, (how) does it happen without roofies?
  • It would def have to be a discussion, but that would by default be sexual assault

    Bodily autonomy and safety around boundaries are paramount over “finishing”

    No means no, and yes means yes until a no

  • Growing rural-urban divide exists only among white Americans | Cornell Chronicle
  • I have thought about this as just some fucking Lemmy commenter.

    Rural white Americans used to benefit from conservative systems. Maybe not the current people, but their parents or grandparents. And while conservative leadership destroys their lives, campaign promises are often made to farmers/miners/other heavy industry. Any failures (the system working as intended) are blamed on “the other side” This upholds the divide between rural and urban whites as intended.

    With black and brown people becoming more prominent in rural communities as members instead of just laborer, those previously felt conservative views don’t hold up. They aren’t benefiting, their parents didn’t, their grandparents definitely didn’t. On top of the racial divide that conservatives operate under, rural whites and rural POCs are likely to not share the same political values despite being a like in lifestyle.

    But what do I know, just some guy from the suburbs death scrolling Lemmy

  • Female-to-male rape, (how) does it happen without roofies?
  • A lot of aggression in this comments with this is literally no stupid questions.

    Sexual assault comes in many forms and men are and can be victims of most of them. Coercion, violence, emotional manipulation, drugs or alcohol, the list is the same regardless of gender.

    As for an erection, it’s a biological response so they don’t correspond to desire/attraction/consent. Many women who are raped get “wet” and even orgasm, but that does not indicate pleasure or consent. It’s actually one of the reasons rape victims feel very guilty about the event. “If I didn’t want it/hated it/was scared, why did I cum?” That reasoning is also part of why people don’t report rape. They think that having an orgasm will hurt their chances to press charges or win because “they enjoyed it”

    Rape can also happen between consenting people as well. In fact, quite a lot of what is and should be considered sexual assault/rape, is a partner “going too far” or doing something their consenting partner didn’t consent to.

    Healthy sexual intimacy requires clear communication, setting boundaries, and making sure those things aren’t broken. The kink/BDSM community is an extreme form of sexual pleasure, and despite literal violence and pain, there is always consent at the forefront and there is always an “opt-out” or safe word that ends the encounter with no second guessing.

  • Texas woman arrested for allegedly attempting to drown 3-year-old Palestinian Muslim child in possible hate crime
  • This is true. Hopefully it doesn’t negatively affect the case against this person. Specifying it as a hate crime means that will need to be proved in the court. Or maybe I’m not understanding the law as well as LegalEagle makes me think.

  • I am scared to flirt with girls.
  • You should just tell them you are not good at flirting and be more direct. It has worked very well for me. You can also work on getting a bit better by just doing so under the context that you are bad and it can be something funny between you and your match/potential partner.