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Asinhell - The Ultimate Sin [Danish Death]

Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer
  • The good news is even if it bombs the whole franchise will see renewed interest. Whether as a last ditch effort to save the series or to capitalize on the momentum this release will be our best chance to see Dragon Age: Origins & Awakening remaster or remake.

  • Why Assassin's Creed has lost its identity?
  • I can agree with all that. I still defend Odyssey because it grew on me. Once I looked at it as an odyssey it clicked for me. From the moment Odysseus leaves Ithaca to fight in the Trojan war until he gets back everything he does is on an epic scale, so epic it all starts looking mundane when compared to each other. That’s the problem with the game, it’s so vast and huge it just loses meaning of itself within its own glory and majesty. Ubisoft really captured that spirit for me.

    My school teachers would be so proud that asking me to read the Iliad and the Odyssey finally paid off. Growing an appreciation for video games was probably not what they had in mind.

  • Why Assassin's Creed has lost its identity?
  • I’m playing Unity right now and I’m about to switch to something else. I really like Unity, it is also the biggest collect-a-thon since ACIII. Referring to my earlier point, the maps for the collections are largely locked behind additional purchases.

    I had the same complaint about Syndicate, really felt like you were hacking away for way too long on even basic enemies. And again locked behind mtx was basic gameplay balancing.

    Origins was great because although it had largely the same mtx issues the new mechanics allowed you to work around them. Odyssey then rolls around and undoes much of the changes Origins made in that regard. It’s an obvious pattern of using questionable design to boost margins.

  • Why Assassin's Creed has lost its identity?
  • Couldn’t agree more, currently rotating between Unity, Syndicate, Origins and Odyssey and the difference between the first two and the last two is massive. By the time you reach Odyssey it truly stopped feeling like an AC game. Still really like Origins though, vaguely felt true to the spirit of the rest of the series while introducing really nuanced and interesting changes.

    My biggest complaint for all of them is how mtx is interwoven with in-game progression. Played them all on PS4 and they felt like a real slog to get through. Now on PC where I indulged and unlocked those features for free they feel accurately balanced. That’s the real problem with Ubi’s games. At some point features are hacked out to be monetized and squeeze out some extra dollars.

    Not to mention how predatory the helix credit system is/was, haven’t played Valhalla nor Mirage.

  • [opinion] UN expert attacks ‘exploitative’ world economy in fight to save planet: Outgoing special rapporteur David Boyd says ‘there’s something wrong with our brains that we can't ...'
  • The race to save the planet is being impeded by a global economy that is contingent on the exploitation of people and nature, according to the UN’s outgoing leading environment and human rights expert.

    Full stop.

    Fuck your capitalism, fuck your socialism, fuck your democracies and republics. It’s time we took everything we have learned that works for the betterment of humankind and only for the individual and create something good for all.

  • Trying to psych myself up to go swimsuit shopping this Friday 🙃 I promised myself this year I'd finally do it but I am sorta nervous.
  • Take my advice with a grain of salt, I have a very polarizing style or so I’ve been told but fuck the haters.

    If you are able to get two, something you feel cute in and something you feel conservative/comfortable in. There’s no shame in getting to where you are going and feeling over exposed and having the option to change into something with a little more shielding so to speak is a life saver. Conversely you might not have been feeling that confident when you left but once you arrive you get that surge and you have the option of feeling cuter, options are never a bad a thing. A cover up is amazing, either a waist down or shoulders down are great to have.

    Plan on getting your hair wet if you’re going in the water, unless you get a swimming cap but they aren’t very flattering. As for how to manage it, the tightest bun you know and like. Tightest at the top of your head (the crown) and looser as your work your way to the base (the nape). There’s great tutorials on YouTube but I’m on a very stringent boycott so someone else will have input on that.

  • Trying to psych myself up to go swimsuit shopping this Friday 🙃 I promised myself this year I'd finally do it but I am sorta nervous.
  • If you are able to go with someone else there is safety in numbers. Not just from the general public but from your own mind. Buying a swimsuit can easily overwhelm your sense of self worth so having someone who is championing for you is invaluable.

    As for style, whatever you feel cute in. Nothing looks better than confidence in what you’re wearing.

  • Learned something new about my cat today
  • Then you won’t be sorry to learn that we zeroed in on cheese names almost immediately and that Herman Meownster was seriously considered for him. Ultimately Colby Jack won out but I often wonder what if…

  • Learned something new about my cat today
  • Well Ito sounds absolutely precious so I doubt anyone could resist his wiles. It’s so bad in our home that we started a rule that cats must do something other than be cute to get treats or catnip. Treats for tricks we call it, so if they’re good for getting claws trimmed or if they stand on their hind legs for us and things of that nature.

  • Learned something new about my cat today
  • Rowena is not food motivated at all, until recently we couldn’t get her to accept treats. She will also let you know she’s had enough by walking away, she eats way less treats than you think would be enough to satiate. On the other hand she’s crazy about catnip, she will employ the glare if she doesn’t think you’ve given her enough.

    Colby Jack is crazy food motivated. We’ve taught him to spin in place for wet food and are working on doing it by command. He will also lead you to the treats. He likes to plop right in front of you and show belly, then when you reach down to pet him he gets up and walks towards the treat cupboard.

    I’m sure you could get cats to do all sorts of things with a little patience and a heckin’ lot of catnip and treats.

  • Learned something new about my cat today
  • I absolutely believe that cats understand more than what they let on.

    My parents have two cats, Odin and Honey. Odin is a senior cat now but he’s always been sweet as pie. His default position when someone shows up to the home is that they have come for him and must pay tribute to his belly. Honey is pretty typical, if she smells something funny in the air she’s gone before the dust settles.

    So one day I come over to my parent’s house to mind the place while they are away and after successfully tithing Odin’s belly I start to look for a place to set my belongings. Off-hand I remark to the cat that I haven’t seen Honey in a while and he should go get her. Odin leaves and I don’t think much of it, kitty shenanigans or whatever they do. I finish putting away my things and I see Honey trotting down the hall, then I hear her yelp because Odin is hot on her heels nipping at her legs.

    You believe what you want to about but I know what I do.

  • Learned something new about my cat today

    Both are my cats but this is about the black one, Rowena. She’s 7 years old now and we got her as a rescue at 5. She seemed to settle right in at home but she looked lonely so a couple months later we got him, Colby Jack. He is both named after and literally a cheese, orange cats are truly something else. When we rescued her we were told she had just had kittens so we figured she would be a perfect match for the little guy who lost his mom too soon. He’s about 2.5 months old in that picture.

    For about a month Rowena ignored both my partner and I, we existed only to feed or scoop her poop. She would hiss, growl and generally not be nice to him so when after 30 days she finally started to accept him we were pretty relieved. Only lasted until he outgrew her and could bully her back, pay back for a month of terror. We weren’t sure if they would ever get along but after about 2 years they can finally play together and share space. They might not snuggle anymore but we’ll take what we can get.

    Today I was walking from the living room to the kitchen and there’s this box filled with toys that we got when we brought Colby Jack home. He likes trash; twist ties, bottle caps and rings really any bits of plastic and paper is his jam so that box of toys has been sitting there unused for a long time. Rowena is just staring deep into it. I’ve caught her looking at it wistfully before but I figured if she wanted anything in there she’d just fish it out.

    She has this stare she’ll give you, it pierces your soul. She only does this when she wants something, usually to sit in your lap. She will look you in the eye then at your lap, then meet your gaze and look at your lap again. It’s at this point she expects you to acknowledge her need for pets and warmth which is done by reaching out to pet her.

    There’s this fabric toy that looks like a Chinese finger trap with feathers sticking out the ends sitting on top. She notices me noticing her and she gives me the stare, first at me then the box and then again. I don’t speak cat but that seemed like communication to me so I grabbed the toy and handed it her. She immediately snatched and went ham like it was the greatest thing since catnip.

    Greater part of two years she’s wanted that toy but it wasn’t until it was given to her that she thought she could have it. Cats are a mystery. I’ve dumped out the box of toys, she could only be happier if she was in a field of sleeping mice.

    edit: for non-Americans Colby-Jack Cheese


    On further reflection, it was not the first time I've been accused of Purple Prose.

    It was my American Literature teacher, that haggard old fuck how I wished I could have been there to see her face when she got fired for striking a student over something petty, I can only imagine it was a lot like the look she gave me when I thanked her for her words but better. She didn't like my paper over whatever we were reading, Thoreau probably. I take the critique as seriously now as I did then. Greatly flattering.

    For brevity, which when I am reminded to be incapable of; prides me instead of delivering a bruising jab, and to underscore my points. >Purple prose is flowery and ornate writing that makes a piece of text impenetrable. It is characterized by long sentences, multi-syllabic words, excessive emotion, and a plethora of clichés. It's typically melodramatic and often too poetic.

    In a nutshell, me. As a non-native English speaker this is the greatest honor that has been bestowed upon me and I accept it with much gusto. I am honored that the way I convey my thoughts is as foreign and alienating as I feel, have felt, will continue to feel. I am glad that my voice conveys and does not betray my nature. That in absorbing this text you experience a part of me and for the moment we truly share in this intimately. I don't blame you if you don't find the sensation altogether pleasant and if what I have to say jives, we vibe and good or bad thank you for your time.

    Couldn't turn it off even if I wanted. I can't stop breathing.

    Back to my American Literature teacher, she really only had the American Public school system to blame. Give you two guesses where I spent meal-times and periods of recreation. Yes obviously and that's right the classics. I wouldn't tell you her name and I can't because I don't remember and won't be bother to look it up, not going to admit to how long that memory is either but it is well worn and faded. I'll paint that picture anyhow, the wry smile and gleam in her eye when she was finally ready to release the stored venom when I asked what she meant that my prose was purple.

    The worst compliment I have ever received was being compared to John Lennon. Talk about a bolt out the blue to where you store the feels. Fucker.

    Share with me a time an insult warmed your heart or a compliment shattered your perception.

    tldr; if you have encountered me before and did not like me then, you won't like me now. I still encourage you to say hi, I hate an echo chamber.


    I firmly believe protestors have a right to shut down busy highways, freeways, places of business and higher education.

    You identify a problem, you then call the attention of your family, friends and peers and really anyone who will listen to your rantings and ravings. After which if enough people support your claim to give confidence of legitimacy, you voice your concerns to authority. Or governing body or anyone that has been designated for the responsibility of resolving issues that arise within the realm of the aforementioned wrinkle in the rug. Only in the direst of need would would you and your conglomeration of dissatisfied citizenry shout, picket or otherwise raise a ruckus to your needs but life is such that needs be great at times. Go figure.

    No, typically your movement starts with a letter campaign, phone calls and emails. If you're real lucky you might get a tête-à-tête with someone and if you're doubly lucky, on your way to resolution. It doesn't go down like that for most causes, most of the time it's all but ignored. Fear not seekers of change there is a way to avoid a fizzle out, get more people to join. Of course you could jump straight to hard disruption of daily life but letter writing, emails and phone calls are considered good places to start. Needs be great though and ignorance is willful and bliss. About now is a good time for ye ol' controlled rabble rousing... (it's a joke) but good intentions don't account for the actions of others though property damage doesn't trump a just cause. The bill on justification will come due and I expect to be satisfied. Feelings on rainbows don't meet my admittedly meager standards on letting your opinion be known, not that anyone asked.

    There's not much recourse for your average person if the effects of your stance did not sway affections, unless that person is a multi-billion dollar corporation (cuz come on guys, corpos are people too) then you just drown the problem in money until it's buried or washed away to become someone else's problem. Most people are left with a problem unresolved and a pain in their chest that's not from the cuts, bruises or contusions that can accompany making your displeasure publicly known.

    I would like to take this moment to tell you how stupid anyone is that intends to create change with the destruction of life that is not their own. I make an exception for self-immolation. If you believe in your cause so strongly that your only option is to extinguish your own flame in a dazzling display of sheer will. You get my respect for your force of determination if not your cause. The only 72 things anyone else gets though is in being blasted to 72 different dimensions of pain and shrapnel and good riddance too.

    That is all to say that if you can't pay and you won't choose violence what other avenue is left to pursue?

    Stop the machinations that allow people to remain willfully ignorant of the problem. I am sorry that you might be late to work, I'm sorry that couldn't get your triple pump whateverthefuck you're getting in a cup that makes you feel like the emptiness inside isn't so vast, I'm sorry you were delayed running those errands. I'm sorry for your death during a cardiac episode stuck in traffic. I am sorry. But to the point where your life has to stop in its tracks so you will listen, it's important. Some person decided to put their own life in danger to warn you that your own and those around you are also in danger. I'm not saying it is not a bitter pill.

    Let us not forget that all of this is predicated on the assumption that when the piper cometh those ends were indeed justified by the means. What constitutes a worthy reason is beyond the purview of the arguments I'm laying forth. As for the eggs that are gonna get cracked, I don't mourn the loss of property only loss of life. In the many words I have used, I am saying that there is a reason the right to free speech and assembly are enshrined in places around the world and I believe in that reason. Whether or not those rights are protected in an equal and fair manner is a whole different can of worms.

    tldr; I wrote this for amusement and for the play on words, doesn't mean I don't believe it. By default I care more about my own bodily waste than I'm going to care about your reactionary opinion. Exceptions will be made for adding to the conversation, upgrade to better-than-what-I'm-scooping-out-of-the-litter-boxes-at-home levels of interest.

    I thank you for joining me in this ramble. Have a wonderful day.

    edit: just want to give a couple special shoutouts, I won’t name names but you’ll know if I’m talking about you. First, to my peeps that are taking this personally, offensively or otherwise as an insult; fucking good, you need to face uncomfortable topics more often and I’m glad I could be there for you and share in this together. Second, to my peeps who found themselves vindicated in their original positions; the same to you as the first group. This has absolutely been my pleasure so thank you if you voted or voiced an opinion. Going to sleep for now but if you call me back to this topic with something good I’ll try to catch you in the morning.

    Metal Audrey0nne

    Islander - Ritual of Death [American Alternative]