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Just an anxious, depressed loser

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Would you answer???

Anon remembers Halloween 1995
  • As a kid when I saw the movie Holes, I was so tempted to start eating onions like apples, like they do in that scene at the oasis. I also went home after the movie and dug a big hole in the backyard because I was a fucking weird ass. Still am. Never ate an onion like that, but damn they made em look tasty.

  • Utah Patriot Front member will be sentenced for child pornography charges
  • Oh yes, the "real" bad guys aren't real, clearly it's all made up psyops and these people can't be as awful as they seem. 🙄 This comment is stupid. People like you always try to deflect and downplay the depravity of the right.

  • Helldivers 2 director weighs in on Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's difficulty: 'A game for everyone is a game for no one'
  • Thank you. People just ignore that difficulty settings literally means they can still have it fucking difficult as they want, or more so. Gamers are fucking ridiculous, I swear. Try to advocate for accessibility and they act like you're talking about murdering their mother.

  • New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist
  • I mean maybe Israel should stop their genocide and, I dunno, try to peacefully coexist and maybe return the fucking stolen homes to their owners? Yeah, some Israelis may need to leave. That's on their government for establishing an apartheid state and then attempting genocide to keep it rather than try to live in peace and harmony with Palestinians.

  • Happy Fasnacht to all my fellow 76ers! Hope your events are full of glowing masks and all the plans you want 💕

    I've done three so far, didn't have power yesterday, and haven't received anything cool yet. Got an Alien mask which does look good with my nuka-girl spacesuit but that's about it. Really dying for any form of Deathclaw mask. How's everyone else doing so far? What mask are you most wanting? Are you hoping for the elusive butter churner?


    Who here plays 76?

    Just curious. The 76 Lemmy community is kinda entirely fucking dead and I'm banned from Reddit so I can't post there. Is there a better place to discuss and chat about 76? I'm feeling lost and somewhat lonely without being able to chat on the subreddit.


    No one posts here... Is there anyone reading this???

    Just curious what the actual community here is like. Seems no one posts but bots and I want to change that. Anyone else interested in a FO76 community here on Lemmy?


    I really wish I wasn't this kind of person :3

    much love <3


    I'm fucking dead inside :3

    I was permanently banned from Reddit for being too silly so I will now be a depressed piece of living garbage here from now on 🥰