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I didn't know where else to ask rule
  • I've shaved my balls for decades at this point. Take a good hot shower for at least 10 minutes, or even better soak in a hot tub for 30-60 minutes. This softens the hair. Shampoo is the best shaving cream as it doesn't dull the razor blades as much as actual shaving cream. I pull the skin tight and go one pass with the grain, and one pass against. As others have said, that is delicate skin, and it cuts easily, so be careful. Personally I have yet to get better results with any of the various razors I've tried, so I just stick with my Mach 3

  • Is everything the worst?
  • Hello fellow 1980 baby. Have you ever seen a chicken hatch? It's a pretty destructive process. The chick is immediately exposed to a myriad of microorganisms, a sharp shell, embryonic fluid, and plenty of other potential hazards that it can easily kill itself on in the first 20 minutes of its life. However, if it can manage to make it through the hazards you end up with a cute fluffy yellow chick, for another day. They turn brown and dull way too quick for me, at least when I was 10. My point here is that humanity is also going through a transitory period currently. We have already technically reached post scarcity levels, and the proletariat is noticing that. There is bound to be a fair bit of bloodshed over the next couple decades as we strip the power from the ultra wealthy sociopaths that currently run the ship, but the upside is that fucktons of really smart people understand that the roadmap to world peace includes universal education for all, and the elimination of extremes of poverty and wealth.

  • das bagel
  • I honestly prefer a good buttermilk biscuit for breakfast sandwiches. If you have a Tudor's Biscuit World near you go try them out! They are the only good fast food restaurant to work for, as in you get benefits, stock options, and will retire comfortably if you stay with them for 20 years. They also make some absolutely banging giant biscuit sandwiches.

  • Give yourselves a round of applause 🖖
  • Picard got stabbed in the heart in one of those academy bar fights. Might have cooled his jets a bit.

    Also, "a bit of a teacher's pet‽‽‽" Kirk was so much of a golden boy teacher's pet, he cheated on the Kobiashi Maru test by hacking the holodeck, and forcing a "win condition," and the instructors allowed it to stand.

  • Intel is trucking a 916,000-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab, spawning road closures over nine days
  • Well a football field is 57,600 sq ft, and a cubic foot of dirt weighs between 110-140 lbs depending on composition. That means that an average football field at a depth of one foot weighs around 6,912,000 lbs.

    This thing weighs 916,000 lbs. So it is 0.1325231481 football fields.

  • I need some help choosing a monitor.

    Simply put I have built a gaming tower that I have no monitor that will connect with the machine only having a BIOS and no OS. As I understand it, I need something that will connect with an HDMI cable, but that seems to be either a traditional monitor or a tablet. I'm completely unsure which would be more stable, and therefore "better." I lean towards the normal static monitor over HDMI enabled tablets, but I am uncertain if that is just me being out of touch with the latest hardware.

    This is the build list I used, except I doubled the RAM to 64 GB of the same type.

    Thank you very much, in advance.


    Christmas Mac and Cheese

    Mom sent me 6 lbs of Cuba, NY, extra sharp white cheddar. Made this Mac and cheese with 1.5 pounds :)


    Well I finally got Jedi Fallen Order. Hopefully I can play it at some point.

    I'm actually really glad that I waited until the deluxe edition was only $12.50 before I bought this game. I loaded it up and tried playing it on the settings that the game suggested and it was like playing the game in slow motion. Even once I set all of the graphics settings to the absolute lowest settings I could possibly find, for some reason in this game there is no "low setting," medium seems to be the lowest graphicals setting possible.

    I'm happy that I have a game that I can play once I have an actual gaming machine, but it seems that almost all AAA games aren't capable of running on a laptop that has both 32GB of RAM, and a 4 TB SDD.

    Why is it that years old games cannot play on maxed out hardware for the time?

    We Are The Music Makers AngryCommieKender

    Chad Smith of RCHP improvises the drum part for "The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars"

    I love this channel. These guys show off the amazing talents of various drummers.

    Not sure if it should be marked NSFW due to minor swearing.


    Landlord Party In Berkeley Ends In Fights Protest at landlord party devolves into physical fights

    After protesters took over a private party of landlords celebrating the end of the eviction moratorium, fights broke out between both groups.

    Protest at landlord party devolves into physical fights
    Tinder AngryCommieKender

    Am I being paranoid?

    I'm new to app dating. is it normal for a girl to ask for my phone number this fast? Is this a scam of some sort?