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Shit libertarians say.
  • Washington state has yearly testing standards to ensure education is level with peers. I know a lot of people who's kids are homeschooled here who are constantly exceeding scores of their peers. One parent is a 6th grade teacher in public school, while homeschooling her own kids. But even those without credentials are having high scores. Having a community and peer to peer collaboration helps too.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • So who does the capitolost vote for? The rich control the decisions. Like always. The ones who fund the parties. The ones who back the people in power.

    If the people got who they backed we'd probably have Bernie or someone else who got grassroot funding.

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • Which is neither fallout or elder scrolls. I played starfield to it's completion. It was fine. Nothing more than a 7/10. Had a lot to work on.

    But I don't get the fallout 4 hate. With a few mods and shutting up the protagonist, the game was more than enjoyable.

  • Slaughter NIMBY
  • We've had family slaughter a pig in their bathtub because they lived in an apartment complex lol. Landlord got involved because tenants heard squealing.

    Sausages were delicious tho.

  • Got a Bambu P1S but the build are low quality

    Hey guys I got the bambu P1S a couple months ago because it was recommended. I'm super new to 3d printing. This is my first one. I'm not new to electronics or computers. I ran a few of the built in prints, a dinosaur puzzle and this scraping tool but both came out fuzzy and in poor build shape. What can cause this? Shaky table? Cold temps (the printer is in my insulated garage getting around 65 degrees at the moment inside)? Is the stock bed bad? The filament it came with bad?

    Thanks for any advice. !


    Advice on panel/inverter set up

    Hey guys I am planning to do my own solar and am looking into some kits and prices. I was quoted $22k for a 7.4kw system but I'm thinking of doing a 12.7kw one myself without the bloat of a loan and contractor install.

    The problem I'm currently having is trying to pair up a premium panel with Enphase microinverter. I see that REC is highly regarded as one of the best, but the REC 420 is only compatible with the IQ8X which together will run me over 14k for just the panels and inverters, let alone the rest of the infrastructure. But the REC 400 is compatible with the IQ8A.

    Suntansolar has some pretty nice kits, one of which has the ZNshine 410's that run a little longer but I should have the space, as well as the Iq8a micros. But I'm not familiar with that brand.

    Does anyone have experience with a good combo set of panels and inverters? I think generally the consensus has been that microinverters are the way to go.


    Is it worth the solar panels I'm getting?

    I'm sorry for posting this here. There isn't a solar panel instance, nor did I see anything for electricians. I know there's been a lot of gripe with certain solar companies (solgen being in litigation, and others) but I didn't hear much about freedom forever, since they're new to Seattle area where I'm doing this. Reddit seems to hate this company. But the price seems alright. I'm paying $22k for 7.4kw but getting it down to 15k after the state stipend. Less than $3 a watt which I'm guessing is really good. I'm planning to pay it off in 2 or 3 years. Not the full 25 which will cost me so much more. Can anyone point me in the right direction and if I'm making the right decision?


    Is my peach tree dead?

    I'm not sure what happened but my peach tree isn't getting leaves. The branches on the end are brittle but I did a little cut on the tree bark on the trunk and it was green under so I don't think she's dead. I'm not sure what may have caused this. I thought at first it was because she didn't get enough chill hours but we got over 1000 hours here in Seattle area.


    Adding TV to bedroom without using mainstream smart device

    Sorry if this the wrong place, I couldn't find an HTPC, home theater, techsupport, or equivalent instance to ask.

    The gist is I want to add a TV to my master bedroom for my wife to just browse the web, and for my kids to have something to watch in the mornings while my wife gets out of bed. I have a main pc in my theater room for gaming, and an HTPC on projector for movies and stuff. I don't want to get a roku or any mainstream smart device, but I'm OK with getting something like a raspberry pi (never done this) to have an air mouse hooked up to the TV so my wife can browse the web, open YouTube, Netflix, steam books, Spotify, as well as access my pc library of content for viewing. Not for gaming. Everything I'm finding online is people connecting their pc to their TV and it's always for gaming. I don't need large processing, just enough to watch things, while connecting to my home computers.

    Thank you.


    I'm struggling with vanishing neon tetras. Can my pleco be eating them?

    First of all I want to thank you guys for helping me identify my eel. I haven't felt this kind of help in a small community anywhere else.

    Now for the tetra's we had a dissappearing issue when we had a rainbow shark. We ended up getting rid of the shark and getting tetras till we had 20. Now we're down to 12. I currently have 3 swordtails, 2 loaches, a small brisslemouth pleco and a larger pleco that survived. Plus 2 eels, one that was answered here and another is a zigzag eel.

    Am I having a problem with hiding spots? I know I don't have enough plants. I'm thinking of getting more moss and covering the area under the wood structure on the right.

    Or are they getting sucked up the filter? I thought this but couldn't find any evidence in the filter system. Any advice would be fully appreciated.

    Here's the pleco I'm questioning. !


    Can I get help identifying this eel?

    It looks kind of like a ropefish/reedfish but it's not as long.