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Discussion: what would you do in a post-work society?
  • Spend 2-3 hours a day working out. I want to be that 90 year old who runs marathons.

    I would make things out of wood and learn metal working.

    I would make a point to learn new things. History, physics, math, languages, etc.

    Maybe take up growing my own food and raise chickens.

  • Become one with nature
  • Excuse me? Immunology shots are freaking amazing. I've been on them for about 2 years and the difference between last spring and this sptirng is incredible. I no longer need Allegra daily.

  • No-so-silent Spring
  • I really hope noise pollution in general becomes a bigger topic of conversations. Yes, I hate gas leaf blowers and they ruin so many spring and fall days. But what about my annoying neighbor who insists on revving his Corvette at 5:30am? I hear that damn car for a good five minutes as they are driving away from the neighborhood.

  • Windows 11 Start menu ads are now rolling out to everyone
  • I don't play anything multi-player so it's not an issue. And I have to little time to play single player games I can simply ignore stuff that's not compatible.

    As far as VR, I am holding out hope that valve will make a Quest like VR headset.

  • Prusa or Bambu?

    I have enjoyed my Ender 3v2 but my extruder and hot end are acting up and I am ready for a more reliable printer. I like the simplicity of Bambu but it seems to come at the cost of customization. Prusa seems to be more open and extendable, but at the cost of increased complexity. What would you recommend?

    What joirnaling/diary app do you use?

    Looking to start keeping some daily notes. I don't mind paying for the app, as long as it's one time and not subscription. Bonus points it it on f-Droid.

    Do you configure your servarr docker containers from one docker-compose file, or individual ones?

    I followed trash guides to set everything up blindly and my set up is working well. But, I feel like having jellyfin in the same docker compose as my "arr" services isn't good. So, I'd be curious to see if I should split things up. I am even wondering if i should let portainer manage everything.

    Where to get support for Actual Budget?

    I am having an issue importing QFX transactions and getting a message saying "No transactions found" despite seeing 4 transactions in the file. But, I can't seem to find a place to ask for help on this. Discussions on GitHub are archived, slack is inactive and the subreddit has been locked.

    Do you think a Fold style phone with an eInk display on the outside would work well?

    I love reading on my eInk reader. I think if a had phone where the book I was reading was always on the outer screen, I would read even more. But, is this too niche of a form factor?

    Why would reddit want to charge the app developers instead of the users?

    This is something I can't seem to figure out. Let's just assume that 3rd party apps are the reason reddit is losing money. So, it would make sense that reddit wants to start charging for their API access. But why is the burden on the apps and not the users?

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