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Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm is hilarious and modern while the most popular thing Seinfeld has put out since Seinfeld was the Bee Movie. I think that shows where the talent is. Even when Jerry was in Curb, he was awkward as he's not a great on-your-feet type comedian. All the other members of the Seinfeld cast fit in far better than him.

  • The Palestinian activists fighting for LGBTQ+ rights against a neverending backdrop of war
  • Copying this from a previous comment as it's basically the same ignorance so I don't care enough about changing the context.

    Just ignore the fact Christians are doing the same thing. It's not an Islamic issue. It's a conservative issue. Muslims in America are predominantly left leaning and their views reflect it. I'm more worried about Christians in America trying to kill me than Muslims. They are more accepting of me here than Christians. My local mosque has a big trans rights flag in protest of our local politicians, and guess who were the ones to get upset about that. I'll give you a hint. It wasn't the people who were worshiping under the trans rights flag.

    As a subject of hate born from essentialization, it's bad. Don't do it. Regardless of who you're essentializing. Systemic oppression can only happen with underlying dehumanization that comes from this thinking. Before you say "what about Nazis?", still no. It removes responsibility from them. That was the immediate and obvious excuse the people under Nazi Germany used to absolve themselves when the war ended. It was what was used to excuse the people brought to Western nations under programs like paper clip. They are people. They are just like you. You are capable of becoming just like them. Unless you're willing to accept that, you're much more susceptible to becoming like them.

  • The Palestinian activists fighting for LGBTQ+ rights against a neverending backdrop of war
  • I have. Did aid work in the region. More than once actually. I'm gay as fuck. People welcomed me as much as the rest of the group. They were some of the kindest people I've met. People aren't a monolith. I'm sure there were shitty people there too, just like there are shitty people in the west. People hate me and essentialize me everywhere. How does it make sense for me to do the same?

    I could have very well have had a negative experience too btw. But if I did, I still wouldn't condemn and entire people to die because of it. I'm not a coward.

  • The Palestinian activists fighting for LGBTQ+ rights against a neverending backdrop of war
  • Funny how most who argue in favor of Israel use assumptions and knee-jerk reactions while most who don't cite statistics and most uncharitably, regurgitate real historical events. Publicly aired discussions on the matter are sleep parody. On one side you have the world's top holocaust scholars and journalists who have covered the region for years, if not decades and on the other you have talking heads and maybe a twitch streamer or internet personality. Then they make the implication that both sides are equally qualified to speak on the matter. I'm convinced the likes of Pierce Morgan are actually pro-Palestine figures with how bad they make their side look. If I didn't know better, I'd have to think there isn't many credible arguments you can make in defense of Israel or something

  • The choice is yours
  • As someone who has had both cats and dogs basically my whole life, Idk what this cope is about cats not being stinky. Everyone who has a cat has a place that smells like cat. Same with dogs. Unless you're a compulsive cleaner and purposely cover up all smells preemptively with chemicals, you're place will smell a bit like your pet. We're all stinky babies at the end of the day.

  • Iraq delays vote on “kill the gays” bill as prime minister meets with Joe Biden
  • It's a rabbit hole. The book of Enoch is pretty wild too. It was so popular that the New Testament was written assuming you had read it, but again, it was rejected from the biblical cannon. There's a bunch of references in the Bible that make much more sense if you know the Enoch. Some cool lore in there too. All of the apocrypha is cooler than anything in the official Bible cannon tbh. All ruled out because they wanted to make mass as boring as possible I assume.

    But yeah, check out Gnosticism. It's an early sect of Christianity that believes all of the apocrypha. Much more based than our Christians I think. It kind of goes in an eastern religion direction while maintaining western mythology. Interesting stuff. It's considered the ultimate heresy which is reason enough to learn about it haha

    This is a pretty quick intro to the topic. Sub 10 min to get the gist.