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A cool guide to improve 5 skills
  • What a load of rubbish

    Of the books I'm familiar with, there isn't really anything good here, which puts the rest into doubt for me

    This seems like MBA shithead's first reading list to me

  • Train cancellations up 9% in a year despite soaring fares and bonuses
  • Nationalise the lot, dump in the billions we need to get it back to scratch again.

    Infrastructure always makes its money back in growth several times over, before anyone thinks of replying we should spend the money elsewhere

  • Train passengers face price hikes and fewer seats after HS2 cancellation
  • This was always known to be the result of cancelling by anyone that has been paying attention.

    HS2 is direly needed infrastructure work that we've needed since the 90s

    We are at capacity on the west coast mainline, this makes everything more expensive, not just rail, as it's an important freight route.

    Short sighted

  • Hundreds of Coffee Products Recalled Nationwide for Potential Botulism
  • This article is actually wild—did they even list a single one of the products being recalled in the actual article?

    I see links and the conglomerate company name, but zero of the actual products without clicking through to a PDF or something

  • Seagate opens an eBay store to sell refurbished hard drives — 22TB drives for $311
  • Yes, though it's not an assumption, it's based on the reputation of Seagate making new drives that fail quickly. I've made a point of emphasising this.

    Even if the drives were never used they've been shipped about a few places, so they will objectively not be as good as new drives, even movement is potential wear on spinning disks—the new drives that are already shit.

    I'm really sorry, but I'm not really sure how I can spell this out clearer than I already have.

  • SSH as a sudo replacement
  • ......I feel like openssh has a much larger attack surface than a simple binary.

    If you're going to this extent already, you may as well jump on the run0 approach systemd is introducing.

    oh no, I can hear rumbling

  • @[email protected]'s Comprehensive guide to drum & bass and jungle styles and subgenres Comprehensive guide to drum & bass and jungle styles and subgenres - Lemmy.World

    I originally posted it on Reddit a couple years back and people rated it a lot. I decided to share it here as well. - Jungle [early 90s-present] - the genre that predates dnb and laid foundations for the genre. It ranges between 160-168 BPM and focuses on rearranged and chopped breakbeats sampled fr...


    Carra: Arsenal can't win Premier League playing like this Jamie Carragher says Arsenal can't secure Premier League title without winning games more convincingly

    Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher explains why Arsenal wont win the Premier League on current evidence, despite topping the charts after 13 games played; the Gunners are one point ahead (30) of second-placed Manchester City (29) as it stands

    Jamie Carragher says Arsenal can't secure Premier League title without winning games more convincingly

    Wasps: One Year On. Getting There Club Announcements

    It has been 12 months since the administration event that saw WASPS relegated from the RFU - and that was the day that we planned our return. You will know our journey through the fit and proper process of the RFU and the difficulties we faced on funding and acceptance to enter the Championship.

    As someone who's been a wasps fan for decades, this is finally some positive news after what has felt like a very long silence!

    Now I wonder where the ground they mention is going to be


    What's everyone played this week?

    I've just started Return to the Obra Dinn, so far really liking the art style and the main game mechanics. I'm interested to see how the story unfolds as it seems to be taking a "memento" style reverse chronological approach to telling it.

    Also still playing Halls of Torment as ever since Vampire Survivors, one of these top down roguelite shoot-em-up games has been in my rotation.

    Oh and I nearly forgot, also started pizza tower, but only dipped my toe into that one so far. Really enjoy the art and platforming mechanics so far.


    Which is the best entry in the series?

    Let's kick off some slightly low effort content here:

    Which is your favourite game in the series?

    For me it will always be between Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert.

    I think the story of TD is what pulled me into the series in the first place, and RA on Westwood online is what cemented me as a fan


    Can't subscribe to a community

    Hey, I've been trying to subscribe to [email protected] for a couple of days now and know the drill about searching it first and waiting for it to sync, but it doesn't seem to be doing the job.

    It looks like other communities seem to work fine, but this one seems to stubbornly refuse to show up.

    Is there something I'm missing here?


    [UserScript] Simple old Lemmy community bar customisation (updated again)


    So I browse on the desktop using the mlmym/old.lemmy client (e.g. because old habits die hard.

    One of the many things I found myself missing from RES & Reddit was the ability to customise the community bar at the top of the page to contain some links to my favourite communities. I had a spare minute this morning to throw together a userscript for just that:

    Here's a pastebin with the script. Create a new userscript in tampermonkey (or whatever userscript plugin you use), drop the code in, change the array of communities at the top to be the ones you want prepending to the list, and you should be good.

    Make sure to add the server suffix to any communities from other instances and if you want to use this on another instance other than, just change the match rule in the userscript header comment.

    I didn't host on greasyfork as I'm probably not going to make any further changes, and I'd need to come up with something a bit more sophisticated than an array of communities. I'll update this post if I ever change my mind on that


    So I guess I wasn't happy with leaving it alone:

    Here it is on greasyfork

    I added localStorage and a simple config GUI to configure the list of favourites now, no reordering yet (without just removing and re-adding in a different order), but I imagine I'll end up adding that in time

    Update 2

    And another update:

    I've just updated GreasyFork with 0.3

    • Added reordering
    • Added background fade and background click to close
    • Added favourite/unfavourite button to the community sidebar