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Kagi silently removed all references to Google's index from their website
  • Hi! Great post, good research with sources, great initiative, thank you. 🙏

  • List of countries that cannot make a PSN account, following the Helldivers 2 controversy.
  • Oh, I thought they wrote the *removed* text verbatim... My bad.

  • Why do people still eat beef when we know it's terrible for Earth?
  • So, OK, I'm willing to learn: please show me good brands then.

    They need to resist to mud (thick mud, the kind with a ton of suction that will keep your soles when you try and move), seawater, rocks and sand, and pretty dense vegetation.

    They also need to have steel toe caps, good soles (vibram or equivalent if possible) that don't slip, and that aren't too hard (wet stone is enough of a female dog as it is), and to go higher than my ankle.

    The best brand I tried so far was caterpillar, but they lasted only 3 years. That's a far cry from "a decade or more".

  • Why do people still eat beef when we know it's terrible for Earth?
  • Exactly. Nah, we just gotta have man made monoculture everywhere, or a desert, right? So that, in the end, it just amounts to deserts anyway. Yay. 😶

  • How many communities do you have blocked?
  • That, plus all the obvious propaganda, dogmatic echo chambers, and people who misspell stuff voluntarily, or make extremely basic mistakes ("your wrong", "its that", "there logic", etc) more than once.

  • Why do people still eat beef when we know it's terrible for Earth?
  • Yeah so, the amount of meals is correct. But that's about it. I mean, I can't say about the taste, to each their own, but one kg of cow meat needs two dozen kg of grain.

    That's about as inefficient as it gets.

    As for the leather, the industry doesn't like products that last a decade, so it isn't actually using the leather in such a way. Industrial leather boots last a year tops.

    Finally, pet food is made out of discarded cuts of meat, the uglies, etc. But also lots of cereals, and vegetables.

    So we could really afford eating less meat. It isn't good for anything. Not for us, not for the other species (certainly not for the cows, that get often half assed butchered in a hasty way because of quotas and profit), and absolutely not for the ecosystem.

    But I guess the taste is all that matters.

  • Star Wars is to woke - That's why I'm a Trekkie
  • I saw the image first. But as I checked the username, I already knew it was you.

    Quality meme, as always. 👌

  • Ebard rewe
  • Finally, a Scottish layout.

  • What would your last words be?
  • "I'm afraid that's not a choice..."

  • List of countries that cannot make a PSN account, following the Helldivers 2 controversy.
  • Yeah, ♡♡♡♡♡ian princes will be mad disappointed.

    BTW, cool meta-use of removed internet censorship to illustrate your point.

  • Bountysource Stole at Least $21,000 From Open Source Developers
  • It happens to the best of us 🙂

  • Bountysource Stole at Least $21,000 From Open Source Developers
  • Also, could you please update the title of your fediverse post? The article now says 21k 🙂

  • There's no place like `[::1]`
  • Glad to learn that HTTP/0.9 is still "in use globally" then. A bit surprising, but since it's all about stretching definitions past what is reasonable, for the sole purpose of having the last word, let's shoehorn anything into anything to the infinity and beyond!!! 🤡🚀

  • sudon't – blog by Tony Finch
  • If you need to provide tools that cross security boundaries then [...] a small web app is better [than sudo].

    A web app? Effin really!!? 🤨

  • [Solved] Now DDG also got AI features. Is it good or bad for Privacy?
  • It is one of the most private implementations of AI that I've seen though.

    Based on what information/criteria?

  • Basal metabolic rate calculation.
  • ((10 × 55) + (6.25 × 170) − (5 × 55)) − 161 = 1176.5

    ((10 × 59) + (6.25 × 170) − (5 × 55)) − 161 = 1216.5

    ((10 × 59) + (6.25 × 168) − (5 × 55)) − 161 = 1204

    66 "inches" is 167.64 cm. Maybe, at some point, let's stop using bullshit units. People are bad enough already at math without that...

  • A bot in Tekken 8 is demolishing players by only pressing one button over and over
  • So I was right. It is about the controller...

  • Exhale The Ash Magazine (Antifash Extreme Metal Zine)
  • So, the reason why the URL doesn't work is that the DNS record is deleted, and the httpd is no longer configured to serve this content (so the requests fail even if you spoof the DNS, especially since they use HSTS, with which most browsers won't let users add a certificate exception).

    This is because bibliogram is unmaintained (since end of 2022), and it is also unusable (blocked by meta) so even the instances that still have it can't work.

    There is another software that is meant as a frontend for Instagram (proxigram) but even if it isn't discontinued, none of the instances I could find work (they all return '403 - blocked" at best).

    The only info I could get from Instagram on this account was by using pixvox (another Instagram frontend, but this one is closed source, and seemingly rather dubious), and according to the information, the account is "on indefinite hiatus".

    However, I could also find a post on reddit, by u/king_ink777 where they posted the following image:


    According to the image, you can reach the people behind that magazine at "exhale the ash magazine" (without the spaces) on gmail.

  • meta 7heo

    I heard that images can't be deleted from Lemmy instances, due to bugs and various implementation details. Here is an image that has been deleted from the internet, to see if that fixes it.

    Edit: I was searching for a "meta" community, since this is a post on Lemmy about current Lemmy limitations... But it turns out that this might very well be off topic. I apologise if it is the case... I would gladly take suggestions on what community would be best for this post, BTW.

    Reddit 7heo



    A perfectly normal warning on Instagram. KOSA is going to be perfectly fine... 🔥🔥🐶☕🔥🔥



    SimpleX Chat v5.4 is released

    From the group chat:

    > Hello all! > > SimpleX Chat v5.4 is released - link mobile and desktop apps via secure quantum resistant protocol, and much better groups! > > Once you upgrade, join the new users' group via this link and find other groups in SimpleX directory > > Please read more in the announcement, and please upvote/share our posts to help spread the word: > > > > > >

    Posting here since they did not.


    Dr Ian Cutress's take on the current situation The Problem with Tech Media: Ego, Dogmatism, and Cult of Personality

    The rise of tech media on YouTube brings about new problems that have never widely occurred before in the tech media space. Steve from GN highlights a few, but I expose a few more, as well as give a detailed analysis on the words underlying the recent reports. This video is not monetized, but that's...

    The Problem with Tech Media: Ego, Dogmatism, and Cult of Personality

    Nobody posted it, I waited, but since this is pretty relevant, here it is.


    Madison on why she quit












    Some updates I got from threadreaderapp:

















    Link to the thread provided by @[email protected].


    SimpleX Chat

    Hello everyone,

    I have discovered SimpleX Chat (nothing to do with XChat or HexChat, or the favorite letter of some dumb billionaire), and it appears being a legit good effort at providing good privacy while retaining "mainstream" usability.

    And it has been audited (by one company so far, it seems).

    The only concern I have is with regards to battery life (given that it has to maintain roughly as many open connections as you have contacts, AFAICT).

    Has anyone here used it? Any opinion?

    shitposting 7heo

    I'm pretty sure the sum of elon's weight (in lbs) and IQ is indeed 342. However I'm willing to bet his real weight is closer to 187 kg than 187 lbs...

    shitposting 7heo

    New twitter logo just dropped. Let's call a spade a spade.

    Disclaimer: I know the flag looks like shit. I didn't really try and make a well done, symmetric n**i flag. The entire point is to illustrate the general intent, not to make a symmetric "asshole flag".

    Edit: the sample size isn't that big yet, but around 20% (19.51% as of this edit) of downvotes is definitely uncannily aligned with the average percentage of far right voters... (I'd show data from the US too, but you guys haven't yet learned how to count to three in politics... So data is severely lacking.)

    Reddit 7heo

    Infinity for Reddit's latest update...

    To each their own, but I find this decision really misguided.

    It's her money, not mine, so whatever, but l do not expect her to turn a profit in, rather the opposite.

    In my view, the cross section of "IfR" users and people willing to subscribe monthly is rather small (especially if the money mostly goes to reddit - assuming I could afford it, I, for instance, would rather fund an open system like Lemmy).

    And if Apollo's dev Christian Selig decided that it wasn't worth it with an already established paying user base, who already has a strong culture of subscriptions and exaggerated pricings, and one of the highest volume of users, at what probably was the peak usage of the platform; I don't see how a small app like IfR can survive.

    That, or Christian made a pretty expensive mistake...

    Reddit 7heo

    Reddit is claiming that Christian Selig (the Apollo dev) attempted to blackmail them

    From the tread on reddit:

    > ## Bizarre allegations by Reddit of Apollo "blackmailing" and "threatening" Reddit > > About 24 hours after that call with Reddit, I received this odd message on Mastodon: > >> "Can you please comment publicly about the internal Reddit claim that you tried to “blackmail” them for a $10,000,000 payout to “stay quiet”?" > > Then yesterday, moderators told me they were on a call with CEO Steve Huffman (spez), and he said the following per their transcript: > >> Steve: "Apollo threatened us, said they’ll “make it easy” if Reddit gave them $10 million." >> >> Steve: "This guy behind the scenes is coercing us. He's threatening us." > > Wow. Because my memory is that you didn't take it as a threat, and you even apologized profusely when you admitted you misheard it. It's very easy to take a single line and make it look bad by removing all the rest of the context, so let's look at the full context. > > I can only assume you didn't realize I was recording the call, because there's no way you'd be so blatantly lying if you did. > > As said, a common suggestion across the many threads on this topic was "If third-party apps are costing Reddit so much money, why don't they just buy them out like they did Alien Blue?" That was the point I brought up. If running Apollo as it stands now would cost you $20 million yearly as you quote, I suggested you cut a check to me to end Apollo. I said I'd even do it for half that or six months worth: $10 million, what a deal! > > The bizarre thing is - initially - on the call you interpreted that as a threat. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt that maybe my phrasing was confusing, I asked for you to elaborate on how you found what I said to be a threat, because I was incredibly confused how you interpreted it that way. You responded that I said "Hey, if you want this to go away…" Which is not at all what I said, so I reiterated that I said "If you want to Apollo to go quiet, as in it's quite loud in terms of API usage". > > What did you then say? > >> Me: "I said 'If you want Apollo to go quiet'. Like in terms of- I would say it's quite loud in terms of its API usage." >> >> Reddit: "Oh. Go quiet as in that. Okay, got it. Got it. Sorry." >> >> Reddit: "That's a complete misinterpretation on my end. I apologize. I apologize immediately." > > The admission that you mistook me, and the four subsequent apologies led me to believe that you acknowledged you mistook me and you were apologetic. The fact that you're pretending none of this happened (or was recorded), and instead espousing a different reality where instead of apologizing for taking it as a threat, you're instead going the complete opposite direction and saying "He threatened us!" is so low I almost don't believe it. > > But again, I've recorded all my calls with you just in case you tried something like this. > > Transcript of this part of the call: > > Audio of this part of the call: > > (If you take issue with the call being recorded please remember that I'm in Canada and so long as one participant in the call (me) consents to being recorded, it's legal. If anyone would like the recording of the full call, I'm happy to provide.) > > I bring this up for two reasons: > > - I don't want Reddit slandering me to internal employees or public people by saying I threatened them when they reality is that they immediately apologized for misunderstanding me. > - It shows why I've finally come to the conclusion that I don't think this situation is recoverable. If Reddit is willing to stoop to such deep lows as to slander individuals with blatant lies to try to get community favor back, I no longer have any faith they want this to work, or ever did.