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Ah, the true path to socialism!
  • No way, tankies would never do this /s

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    It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • But this is the whole point of the red fascists tankies

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Yesterday, by an accident, I made such a "generous" gesture. Thank god they did not use it.

  • Addiction is a scary thing
  • I wonder how Switzerland militia would deal with Russian tanks and rockets.

    Uhm…no army?

    After the Russian invasion do you really believe than all countries in the world will become peaceful and any of them will ever try to invade another?

  • Addiction is a scary thing
  • I am from Europe, from country invaded by nazi Germany so I know well what means an oppressive use of army. But could you give an alternative to the army?

  • Aerospace – If You Believe the Hype, We Should All Be Looking for Work If You Believe the Hype, Pilots Should All Be Looking for Work | AIN

    Convergent Performance's Chris Lutat explains why he believes pilots need to worry more about airmanship and less about being replaced by AI technologies.

    If You Believe the Hype, Pilots Should All Be Looking for Work | AIN
    Addiction is a scary thing
  • First, you try to defend your country. Then, you want to have some advantage for a safety margin. Then, bigger advantage "just in case". This military play is what is really addictive.

  • Addiction is a scary thing
  • We fucked, we need 60s back (with all the mindset).

  • Addiction is a scary thing
  • In a ideal word, sure, I'd too. But we live among fucking beasts.

  • Anon is vengeful
  • First I wrote something similar, now I see this. Fully agreed!

  • Anon is vengeful
  • Reporting such a crime is a good thing no matter what cuckolding has been done. Unless it was a harmless weed dealer, not some crack selling fucker.

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    Anon is a physicist
  • "The ancient wisdom."

  • Rudy Giuliani says earthquakes targeting "communist" US states
  • Has he always be so derranged or this is just old man's mental decline?

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  • Do you mean the communism's ideal or actually existing "communism" of "anti-imperialist" USSR? I read about both and live in a post-soviet country.

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  • If "in the sense being tankie" is not clear enough for you, I do not mean possible communism ideal, but I mean actually existing "communism", like in USSR, which, besides some social advantages, was a red authoritarism.

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  • It is because communism (in the sense being tankie) is far less radical than what we actually need. It is just imperialism with some red aesthetics. This is not the way, this is surrender.

  • Should Airships Make a Comeback?
  • I suppose so, if some heater would be placed to heat the helium.

  • Should Airships Make a Comeback?
  • I heard about this law several times, but I always forget whether it is 'yes' or 'no' 😂

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