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How to make a month go by as fast as possible other than sleeping
  • Paint a wall in a certain pattern, using multiple colors. It needs time for planning, time for buying tools, and time for execution.

    Fix something. Replace dying batteries for electronics, take a look around the house, anything you can find parts on ifixit for. It requires focus and skill, gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, and you benefit from your items longer. Also cheaper in the long run.

    Tinker around the house. There's always something broken or in a bad condition. Repaint stuff, reapply stuff.

    Build something with your hands. Try woodworking.

    Gardening unfortunately is usually done outside and during the day, but you could try indoors hydroponics or vertical gardening. Try to automatize it.

    Learn programming. Learn hobby electronics. Arduino is easy to learn and requires both. Could help with the automatization above. You can find cheap clones and parts. You mainly work with DC under 12V, so it's relatively safe.

    Be curious. Watch Youtube videos about any subject you might find interesting, learn how stuff works, no matter how familiar or not they are. A lot of times I don't have the patience to watch a show, but I find myself getting into a Youtube / Wikipedia rabbit hole about cryptography, programming, how games are made, how mechanical pinball machines work, lockpicking, painting, large buildings fails, quantum physics, astrophysics, photography.

    Watch Cosmos, presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  • Phishy
  • The lesson was "don't trust anybody, not even your own IT team"

  • Instagram locked my account and forced me to appeal and send a picture of my face, so I sent a picture of Shrek. They deleted my account
  • Instead of my ID, I submitted a picture of dolphins and the text "So long and thanks for all the fish!". And never came back.

  • Live Nation/Ticket Master won't give you your tickets unless you install their app
  • Jesus, what a bunch of needless "security". They're tickets to a concert, ffs. This is all for personal data mining.

  • Evidence that LLMs are reaching a point of diminishing returns - and what that might mean
  • But people keep expecting them to do their math homework, analyze contracts, and generate perfectly valid content

    People expect that because that's how they are marketed. The problem is that there's an uncontrolled hype going on with AI these days. To the point of a financial bubble, with companies investing a lot of time and money now, based on the promise that AI will save them time and money in the future. AI has become a cult. The author of the article does a good job in setting the right expectations.

  • the workshy generation.
  • Fuck Tom Harris in particular.

  • Why did they move the comments to the right
  • Hmm. Interesting extension. But for me, not being a heavy Youtube consumer, think I prefer to see the original title and clickbait thumbnail so I can avoid the over-the-top clickbaity stuff easier and not waste my time or give them bastards a view.

  • Top comment
  • I was told that you should blow the steam above the bowl so it clears up and make way for more steam to rise. You're not directly making the food colder, but it helps.

  • Issues and missing features

    So far I'm enjoying Liftoff, it's superior to Jerboa and the dev is a god moving so fast with its development.

    That being said, here are my thoughts so far:

    • There's a bug when sometimes when I hit back from a post, on the home tab the keyboard pops out
    • I miss the downvote count for posts and comments (yeah, I've found the "nerd" section, but it's just cumbersome) - it could be an interface option in the settings (I understand if some people don't want their feed cluttered with that info)
    • I miss the menu option to block a community directly from the 3 dots on a post in the home tab that Jerboa has. Currently I have to click the community in the post title. The quicker way would be appreciated especially in this Lemmy starting phase when a lot of new communities are created and we tailor our interests

    Yumi Arai - The Girl Is A Time Traveler / Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujyo

    Yumi Matsutoya (ๆพไปป่ฐท็”ฑๅฎŸ) / Yumi Arai by real name.


    Sub Rehab - See Where Reddit Communities have Relocated ยทย Find your next diving spot

    Find your next diving spot. A list of subreddit alternatives on different platforms.

    Found it on Reddit. It's most probably incomplete, but it has a "Suggest link" button.

    The rules for submitting a link are (as of recent):

    • No links to communities who break their service's ToS or share any illegal content (this should be self-explanatory).
    • Link must be an alternative to an existing subreddit. I don't see as a general fediverse directory (for now).
    • Community must have a minimal amount of activity. I am thinking - at least 3 posts that are not submitted by the community's moderator team. This does not apply for communities that are verified and proven as official replacements of the original subreddit

    Controller vs mouse in console games

    Am I the only one not being able to use a controller in first-person games that usually require a mouse to look around / shoot / etc?

    This is the reason I avoided buying and playing FPS games or ie Portal, BotW, etc. I find it clunky and first game I tried with sticks on the controller I dumped after the first 10 minutes and switched to playing on a PC, regretting spending the money.

    I just prefer scrollers or fixed-cam games for this reason.

    Maybe I'm old, but I don't get the 30-minus year-olds being so agile with it.

    Do you have any tips on improving myself on this?


    Yumi Arai - Hikล-ki Gumo

    I've learned of Yumi Matsutoya (ๆพไปป่ฐท็”ฑๅฎŸ) / Yumi Arai by real name from the anime The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu).

    I don't normally watch anime, but big studios like Gibli and directors like Hayao Miyazaki are the exception. A few songs from Yumi made to my playlist since then.


    Fishmans - Long Season | LIVE 1998.12.28 @่ตคๅ‚BLITZ

    Fishmans got me into Japanese music. This live especially is legendary - 42 minutes of continuous live play, just like the album.


    • lights out
    • eyes closed
    • headphones on
    • enjoy!

    More about Fishmans on Wikipedia if you are not afraid of falling into the rabbit hole.


    What's the best way to post a Youtube link on Lemmy?

    Given that

    • there is no auto-preview / download of youtube thumbnails for posts
    • the post URL must be the youtube link; uploading an image replaces the URL with the one if the image, so no bueno

    What is the format to embed the thumbnail of the youtube video (downloaded manually) in the body of the post and also link it to the video itself?

    The reason I'd like to include a preview is that I find it hard to find and click the external link for a post. Sometimes I don't even realize it's a post with a link (both in the listing or after opening the post) - Reddit apps (at least in the 3rd party Slide app that I used) made it clear what type of post it was by clearly specifying Video / Image / Link / Self.text etc


    Building an 8-bit computer on breadboards

    I highly recommend Ben Eater's channel. He's a good teacher, took his time and dedicated months to build quality content in video format, which is a rarity on Youtube these days.