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[Help] Setting up your own e-mail/smtp for alerts?


I'm looking for some way to send my own alerts via e-mail in some way. Whenever I try to search for this, most docker images have a much grander goal, and I have a hard time understanding how to use them for my purpose.

What would I want? It'd be nice to have a docker running some smpt-server (I suppose), so that I can make my own python script that scrapes a website, looks at some metric, and e-mails me whenever whatever I'm looking for is found. I only want it to be available on and to receive mails from localhost, no dns, just forward e-mails to my personal one, no web-interface, etc.

I'm quite new to self-hosting, but I hope you still understand what I'm looking for. Is it possible? Should I look for another solution? Will this not work? Any help/input very much welcome.